Drive ROI With Data-Driven YouTube Influencer Marketing

Drive exceptional results with YouTube video promotions. Clients say we’re indispensable because of our:

  • Mastery of generating conversions, engagement, and impressions
  • Results-driven approach that uses metrics to inform strategy
  • Insightful reporting that proves the impact of your investment

Create Engaging, Creative YouTube Content

We’re an award-winning creative force for YouTube influencer marketing. Clients value our ability to produce compelling, high-quality sponsored video content.

Launch a custom YouTube video campaign featuring:

  • Innovative video content by top YouTube influencers
  • Sponsored video promos with up-and-coming creators and YouTube celebrities
  • Product demos, reviews, and integrations using top-notch production
YouTube influencer marketing service

Reporting and Analytics

Clients value us for our:
Proven strategy based on past campaign metrics
Detailed reporting to showcase performance and insights
Outstanding YouTube influencer programs optimized for ROI

Scale Your Brand’s YouTube Influencer Program

Let our experienced team handle the process:

  • Identify, vet, and collaborate with YouTube creators
  • Negotiate influencer contracts and fees so you don’t have to
  • Leverage our relationships with YouTubers across all categories
Actors in Zombie makeup attacking on Anwar Jibawi & Lele Pons
Mediakix has been a joy to work with whether it’s been about getting one of the hottests YouTubers to put together a zombie dance-off video, or enlisting an army of geeky gamers to play through the latest update.
Jonas Virtanen Marketing Director, Next Games

FAQ: YouTube Influencer Marketing

Mediakix is the industry-leading creative and strategic partner to drive brand awareness, ROI and conversions through influencer marketing. We offer years of experience in a highly-nuanced industry.

Our proven track record will guide your brand through the challenging, yet rewarding, YouTube influencer marketing space.

Partnering with an established YouTube agency will:

  • Provide access to performance data from 15,000+ sponsored YouTube placements to build an ROI-generating campaign for any industry vertical and any campaign goal.
  • Structure a YouTube influencer program that drives conversions for your business
  • Free up your in-house team to focus on big-picture strategy (while we navigate influencer timelines, contracts, and all communication)

Our clients range from fast-growth startups to Fortune Global 100 companies. We work with brands in industries like fashion, travel, gaming, beauty, and consumer electronics.

Sony Pictures, Blue Apron, Fairmont Hotels, ExxonMobil, Nordstrom, and Tencent represent a handful of our wide array of clients.

YouTube influencer marketing has been demonstrated to be effective with a huge range of brands and industry verticals. In our industry 2019 survey:

  • 80% of marketers found influencer marketing effective
  • 89% of marketers said that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other channels

We tailor our YouTube influencer recommendations and strategy depending on your brand marketing goals. Mediakix works with companies of many sizes, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. Our client portfolio includes companies from the US, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Each campaign YouTube influencer marketing program is tailored to your brand’s goals, so pricing varies. Our goal is to develop a cost-effective influencer marketing program to achieve the highest possible impact. Your investment includes end-to-end influencer marketing campaign management, content creation costs, and influencer fees.

Contact us to discuss further.

We partner with YouTube influencers from many categories including:

  • Tech
  • Lifestyle
  • Comedy, Entertainment, & Music
  • Science & Education
  • Family-Friendly
  • Gaming
  • Food & Cooking
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness
  • Sports
  • Multilingual & International

From emerging creators to established stars—we’ll bring together a diverse set of YouTube influencers to make your campaign a success.