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About Mediakix - The Leading Influencer Agency + Platform

Established in 2011, Mediakix is the leading influencer marketing agency. We create and build high impact and high reach sponsorships for brands and advertisers with influencers, YouTube channels, blogs, Instagrammers, and social channels. Our clients include: Birchbox, Blue Apron, David Yurman, Indiegogo, NatureBox, Nordstrom, Oyster Books, Participant Media, and many more. With a network of thousands of social influencers and a reach of millions, our campaigns have been among the highest performing marketing channels for our clients. Mediakix is vertically integrated into the hottest in-demand categories and channels including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, men's, tech, gaming, and more!

Mediakix facilitates every step of the process by creating and building the most impactful influencer marketing campaigns for your brand. From strategizing, to choosing top influencers, to executing campaigns and reporting, Mediakix continually optimizes the entire process in order to ensure the absolute best campaign for driving the highest reach and best engagement.

To see how influencer marketing can drive KPI's for your brand, contact us today for a free evaluation with one of our influencer marketing specialists.