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Viral Video Marketing With Top YouTubers Colgate Smile Show

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How The Best Brands Create Standout YouTube Video Marketing Campaigns With YouTubers

For this week’s installment of how brands are marketing with YouTubers (check out last week’s with online learning service, we take a look at three well-known brands: Coca-Cola, Casper, and Colgate. While these three brands represent advertisers from different categories, all brands created effective YouTube video marketing with the aid of top YouTubers for their respective advertising campaigns.

Although standout or “viral” videos are the result of a wide variety of factors, partnering and collaborating alongside popular YouTubers and experienced YouTube influencer agencies can greatly increase your brand’s chance of success. Oftentimes, top Youtubers are innately adept at creating content that travels and is shareable or “viral” in nature. Similarly, long-established YouTube influencer agencies have years of experience orchestrating the best video marketing strategies with both YouTube content creators and major brands (see our video post here for “How Brands Should Not Engage With Social Media Stars”).

To see how these big brands are creating strategic YouTube video marketing campaigns with popular YouTubers, check out these brand-sponsored examples here:

Colgate’s Smile Show Marketing Campaign With Top YouTubers

For Colgate’s online video marketing campaign, the brand partnered with two top YouTubers, Andrea Brooks (AndreasChoice) and Blair Fowler (juicystar07) for a combined audience reach of over 5+ million subscribers. The brand sponsored video here above with over 9+ million views, features a popular how-to style video format and topic.

Beyond each YouTuber’s big existing reach, Colgate’s advertising campaign featured a variety of popular video formats (including a “Smile Show” branded playlist with tips) and collaboration videos between each top YouTuber to make this campaign especially effective.

Casper’s YouTube Video Marketing With HouseholdHacker

As “the Macgyver of YouTube,” the HouseholdHacker’s sponsored Casper video presents the brand integration in a novel, engaging, and organic way with a great interest topic: sleep hacks. With well over 2.5+ million views, YouTube’s 1 billion count viewer base looking for the latest in sleep hacks will find HouseholdHacker’s simple tip video along with engagement and awareness for Casper.

The success of this YouTube video marketing campaign stems from the YouTuber’s ability to organically integrate the brand sponsored content into their own recurring themes and niche (hacks, tips, tricks, DIYs). Because the sponsored video occurs in the channel’s usual content format, audiences are especially receptive to Caspar’s video with HouseholdHacker as evinced by its millions of views.

Coca-Cola’s YouTuber Marketing Campaign “Choose Happiness”

Reaction videos are a popular YouTube video format. As part of Coca Cola’s Happiness Week campaign, top British vlogger Joe Sugg of YouTube channel ThatcherJoe skillfully executes a reaction video on the brand’s campaign theme by surprising his fans and followers by appearing live on the livestream video app platform, YouNow. The audience’s reactions, captured in Coca Cola’s sponsored video, not only serve to promote Coke’s theme, but also is presented in such a way that is creative and fun: exactly the type of content audiences love to watch and share. ThatcherJoe’s creative integration on Coke’s advertising theme is what makes it especially effective.

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