The Rise Of YouTube Unboxing Videos

YouTube Unboxing Videos

YouTube Unboxing Videos May Hold Secrets To Viral Video Marketing

Launched just in time for Q4 2015 on September 29, YouTube’s new Shoppable Ads rollout proves that the video-sharing hub is shaking things up as the holiday season approaches. Central to this shift for how influential YouTube content creators are connecting worldwide audiences with brands is the rise of a very particular type of video — the unboxing video. It’s taking the site by storm and is a prime example of the type of video that YouTube is focusing on.

What Is A YouTube Unboxing Video?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, the popularity of YouTube unboxing videos may come as a fairly large surprise.

In a typical unboxing video, the YouTube content creator or “YouTuber” will focus on a specific product, with the goal of unpacking the boxed-up, shrinkwrapped item to show the entirety of its contents. Often, “unboxers” go further by putting what’s inside the box together and demonstrating how the product works. Though unboxing may have started with YouTube content creators bragging about their latest purchases, it has evolved into an entire genre of its own. According to The Guardian, “its origins lie in the gadget and fashion world, where “vloggers” unbox everything from Xboxes to video games, phones, clothing, trainers, coffee machines or Uggs, so consumers can get a preview of what they’re buying.”

Read on to see some of the best unboxing examples and how brands succeed big time with YouTube unboxing videos.

YouTube Unboxing Videos Make Money For Brands And Influencers

Why are YouTube content creators creating YouTube unboxing videos? The answer is simple: there’s a lot of money in unboxing.

For reasons that are difficult to pinpoint and would have been even harder to predict years ago, unboxing is a cultural phenomenon that entices audiences of all kinds to click the ‘play’ button. Kids get to live out what it might be like to own every toy in the world by watching unboxing videos of the latest products to hit toy stores. The tech-savvy can salivate over $4k televisions and top-of-the-line gaming systems without having to spend a single dollar.

Unboxing videos stimulate a part of the brain that brings pleasure to many who watch them, which means more money in the pockets of top YouTube influencers from advertising and brand sponsorships. For brand advertisers, working with YouTubers on unboxing videos can ultimately drive up profitable action (sales, sign-ups, shares) and result in increased brand engagement.

Top Examples Of YouTube Unboxing Videos

This video sponsored by Target features top YouTuber EvanTubeHD unboxing the latest new Star Wars toys

EvanTubeHD (and his second channel EvanTubeRawtakes a family approach to unboxing some of the biggest children’s toys on the market. There’s a reason why people are finding mass appeal here, and it comes down to the visceral joy of opening up a new toy for the first time—something that people of all ages can relate to.

This video sponsored by Squarespace features the iPhone 6 unboxing with close to 3M views from YouTuber, Unbox Therapy.

Unbox Therapy gets it right in its name alone, offering “netizens” some comfort in feeling like they, too, own some of the hottest, most expensive products on the internet—just by watching short YouTube unboxing videos.

As one of the top tech review YouTubers, Jonathan Morrison of TLD Today presents the above video sponsored in part by Leesa. TLD Today’s video is YouTube’s first organic search result for “Best Home Tech 2015” and second for “Best Home Tech” (his Epidsode 2 ranks 1st).

YouTube unboxing videos as a genre may be popular at the moment, but it’s still in its infancy. According to ThinkWithGoogle, however, YouTube unboxing videos have seen a 57% growth in the past year alone. Both brands and YouTube content creators are getting in on the action making more and more money each year as demand for these YouTube unboxing videos increase. As time progresses, there’s no question as to whether or not YouTube unboxing videos will become a mainstay in marketing, native advertising, and product placement promotion.

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