YouTube Trends From Robert Kyncl's CES 2016 Keynote

YouTube Trends Statistics Digital Video CES 2016

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The 10 Biggest YouTube Trends & Digital Video Stats From Robert Kyncl’s CES 2016 Speech

In his CES 2016 keynote speech, YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl presents both statistics and upcoming trends for both YouTube and the digital video industry. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual consumer electronics and technology tradeshow held in Vegas. While CES 2016 (January 6-9) featured everything from single-seater drone copters to smart fridges to 8K TVs, Kyncl’s keynote presents a critical, one-of-a-kind, forecast for marketers and brands complete with the latest YouTube trends and stats.

Read here to see the biggest YouTube trends from CES 2016 and what lies ahead for the digital video industry:

1. By 2019, 90% of all internet traffic will be from video.

Kyncl notes that his previous 2012 CES prediction (by 2020, 90% of all internet traffic was going to be video traffic) will be reached one year ahead according to Cisco Systems.

2. Top YouTubers continue to demonstrate immense channel growth.

Kyncl cites top YouTuber Michelle Phan‘s channel growth (up to 7 million from 2 million in a 4-year span) and $500 million brand-business success as evidence of top YouTube stars’ popularity with today’s audience. Kyncl also cites the ability of popular YouTubers (e.g. Lilly Singh and PewDiePie) to resonate and engage with audiences in a much more relevant way than traditional celebrities. He notes,

“For the second year in a row, the most popular entertainers amongst American high schoolers weren’t film actors or musicians, they were YouTube stars.”

3. Millennials spend more time watching online video than TV.

According to a recent Nielsen study, TV viewership peaked in 2009. As a record, 600,000 people cut TV subscriptions in Q2 2015. Conversely, digital video continues to grow rapidly. When it comes to millennial viewing habits, Kyncl states that “[digital video] has now overtaken social media as their top online activity.”

4. Time spent watching digital video is growing by roughly 25% each year.

At the present linear rate, only 60% of all video will be accessed by the internet in 2020. However, Kyncl believes digital video will grow at an exponential rate and therefore predicts that 75% of all video will be accessed online by 2020.

5. By 2020, digital video will overtake TV. YouTube will lead this shift.

Kyncl points to four main trends spearheading the shift from TV to digital: 1) better mobile technology facilitating mobile video consumption, 2) YouTube’s “diversity” of user-generated content and original programming, 3) the marriage of music and digital video driving YouTube’s platform growth, and 4) digital video provides users a more immersive and interactive experience than TV.

6. 400 hours of video are shared on YouTube every 60 seconds.

As “the number one home for mobile video,” YouTube’s Chief Business Officer attributes the growth of this trend to improved mobile tech making it easier to share and consume videos online.

7. 18 to 34 year-olds are spending 48% more time on YouTube.

In contrast, TV consumption fell 9% in 2015 for the same demographic. For this age group, mobile video consumption contributed most to YouTube’s growth.

8. Mobile time spent watching YouTube is up 50% year/year.

People now spend an average of 40 minutes each day watching YouTube on their mobile devices.

9. Top YouTubers to offer original content on subscription service, YouTube Red.

Kyncl likens the development and forthcoming growth of YouTube’s original programming to the start of cable. “As these networks [MTV, AMC, Food Network, CNN, ESPN] grew in size, they evolved to offer original content you couldn’t find anywhere else.”

10. Increasingly more YouTube music videos are seeing 1 billion views.

With the growth of YouTube’s platform, artists both well-known and (previously) unknown are experiencing immense search visibility with more and more of their videos reaching 1 billion views.

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