Celebrity YouTuber Ends 18 Month Vlogging Spree

Casey Neistat YouTube Star Quits Daily Vlogging

YouTube Superstar Casey Neistat Quits His Daily Vlog Ending An 18-Month, 604 Day Streak

While all good things may not always come to an end, YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat is putting his hugely popular daily vlog series to rest. The then single father who lived in a trailer home and worked as a dishwasher originally aspired to make TV shows. Neistat then took to conquering YouTube after his shows were picked up by HBO.

Now, as one of the world’s top YouTube influencers, it seems Neistat has eclipsed his latest goal and is at the onset of pivoting to his next reincarnation. See how Casey Neistat pioneered the world of daily vlogging, how his YouTube fans reacted at the news, why he quit vlogging, and more here:

What Is A Vlog & How Is It Different Than Daily Vlogging?

A vlog (short for video blog) is one of the 13 most popular types of YouTube videos. A vlog features the vlogger (short for video blogger) who shoots themselves in close proximity to the camera (format, filming style) while narrating recent events in their lives (topic, nature). Vlogging is the act of creating (filming and editing) a vlog. Many vloggers will often choose or follow a vlogging cadence whether it be sharing a vlog each day, week, or random.

Daily vlogging is the practice of creating a vlog and sharing it each and every day. Top daily vloggers (both current and past) include Casey Neistat, Fun For Louis, and Shay Carl.

How People Are Reacting To The Death Of Casey Neistat’s Daily Vlogs

For those who have followed Neistat’s daily vlogging journey from the onset, Neistat’s decision to end his daily video series is akin to a favorite TV series abruptly ending mid-season. His swan-song video (below) is nearing 6M views in a matter of days with over 100K comments and 80K+ “thumbs down.” Here’s how audiences on Neistat’s 6M subscriber YouTube channel are reacting:

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Casey Neistat Quits Daily Vlogging On YouTube Reactions

Why Did Casey Neistat Quit His Highly Successful YouTube Vlog Series?

Neistat achieved his own self-imposed challenge of vlogging every day for over a year. Like many greats who achieve career milestones, Neistat is ready for the next challenge and it’s not nearly enough for the prolific content creator to be complacent.

Neistat is living out the same philosophy he’s espoused across several of his most viral videos (e.g. his Nike PR stunt)—never settle and make it count. Since daily vlogging has become easy for the talented Neistat, he’s pulling the plug on easy and discovering the next milestone that’ll inspire and challenge his everyday.

What’s Next For YouTube Celebrity Casey Neistat?

Neistat is explicit about his continuing efforts with both YouTube and filmmaking (i.e. he’s not quitting YouTube altogether, just daily vlogging). While there’s speculation on Neistat’s next venture(s), audiences can be assured that the Connecticuter will challenge himself to even greater heights. For a content creator who eschews complacency and lives for an everyday challenge, there’s no telling what epic adventure lies ahead for YouTube superstar, Casey Neistat.

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