Best YouTube Sponsorship Examples From Tech Giant, Samsung

YouTube Sponsorships Samsung YouTubers Channels

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Here’s How Samsung Creates YouTube Sponsorships With Top YouTubers

With over 1 billion active users, YouTube is well-positioned for immense growth and to receive traffic, audiences, and time spend from TV. In the later half of 2015, Bloomberg reported that Americans now spend more time on social apps and watching mobile video than TV. As such, many advertisers, brands, and publishers are seeking to market on the world’s biggest mobile video platform, YouTube.

On YouTube, top YouTube influencers and YouTuber channels command a vast share of YouTube’s core demographics. With millions of subscribers each and billions of video views, brands are eager to partner with top YouTubers to create relevant content that espouses brand messaging and is shared among fans. See how top tech brand Samsung creates standout YouTube sponsorships with top YouTube stars here:

How Brands Are Leveraging Unboxing Videos With YouTubers

As a recent phenomenon stemming from YouTube’s ecosystem, YouTube unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube driving immense views and engagement for new brands, products, and services. Views for YouTube unboxing videos have increased substantially year upon year. According to Think With Google, Google’s marketing insight and data repository, YouTube unboxing video views increased 57% from prior years. YouTube launched their Shoppable Ad technology to further maximize conversions for YouTubers and brands on popular unboxing videos.

YouTube unboxing videos, where the YouTuber creates a video capturing themselves opening or experiencing the new product, are often edited to provide helpful voiceover commentary. For brands, unboxing videos present a prime opportunity to organically integrate strategic copy and brand messaging that’s shared with each YouTuber’s subscriber audience. For Samsung, top YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, takes his nearly 4 million channel subscribers through an exclusive sneak peak look at the brand’s latest product, the Galaxy S6.

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Top YouTuber Gamer W2S Samsung Sponsored Video

Top comedic gamer, Harry Lewis, better known from his YouTuber handle “W2S,” creates a novel video integration for sponsor, Samsung. W2S’s video, with over 9.5 million views, features the gamer’s trip to a trampoline park to adventurously showcase Samsung’s durability and versatility. The entire video was filmed with Samsung’s tech. W2S’s YouTube sponsorship with Samsung masterfully integrates the brand’s specs into a video that’s fun for all audiences to watch.

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How RocketJump Features Samsung Tech In YouTube Sponsorship Video

RocketJump, featuring its top YouTuber creator Freddie Wong, is one of the top channels on YouTube featuring original movies and TV shows. For their YouTube sponsorship with Samsung, RocketJump creates an evergreen asset: a YouTube video announcing their film school channel. As many aspiring YouTubers, filmmakers, and budding YouTube content creators turn to Freddie Wong and RocketJump for best tips and advice on the industry, RocketJump’s announcement of their new film school and adjoining YouTube channel elicits both strong audience interest and views.

For the sponsoring brand, RocketJump’s video announcement nets Samsung with a continuous stream of recurring views, exposure, and targeted audience engagement for their new camera. Coincidentally, Viewers desiring to learn more about film and making content on YouTube are also Samsung’s target audience for their tech gear. In addition to a well-integrated YouTube sponsorship, RocketJump includes Samsung’s gear link in the video description box below and features a well-done YouTube end card to further boost viewer engagement.

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