3 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy With Influencers

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3 Best Ways To Boost Your Brand’s YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the most useful platforms for modern marketers. According to published YouTube statistics, the amount of people who utilize YouTube’s homepage similar to turning on a TV is up 300% year upon year. Add to this the rising popularity of YouTubers like PewDiePie and his contemporaries, and it becomes clear that brands have a large future in marketing via the ever-growing video network.

Knowing how to develop a YouTube marketing strategy holds a great deal of importance for brands and advertisers looking to find success with online video marketing. Here are three best ways to improve, boost, and develop a brand’s YouTube marketing strategy: 

Find The Right Niche & Appropriate Video Format

What started as a video publishing network for miscellaneous cat videos and gaming walkthroughs has quickly evolved into the world’s second largest search engine (Entrepreneur). Though YouTube gaming videos are still a major content category (second only behind YouTube searches for music), the decade-old video platform now offers an almost unlimited variety of content niches.

From gaming to fashion and everything in-between, there are a variety of different spaces to choose from when logging onto YouTube, and finding the one that best fits what a brand does is the first step towards a smart, successful YouTube marketing strategy on this platform. Selecting the proper video format matters, too, as YouTube unboxing videos could be largely more successful than “Q & A” style videos depending upon the brand, product, service, or event being marketed and the audience involved.

Publish Compelling Content

One of the overarching trends of brands developing a successful YouTube marketing strategy is a marked deviation from the traditional advertising techniques. The best branded and sponsored content on YouTube provides value and entertains —videos and creative content that viewers actually want to watch.

As illustrated by Social Media Examiner, “create content that addresses your audience’s needs. Your goal should be to create videos that are helpful, valuable and compelling to your prospects and clients.” If what’s being created doesn’t serve an important purpose, it shouldn’t be published.

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Partner with the Right YouTube Creator

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in advertising, and for good reason—when properly approached, it works. According to Search Engine Watch, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers find watching videos helpful on the path to purchase.  

Partnering with top YouTubers can build brand’s build awareness, engagement, and drive conversions very quickly. Top YouTubers can provide brands with immense visibility and profitable consumer action, but brands must choose the right influencers to be successful, though, and this can be a challenge. An influencer must like/respect the brand and also be able to align the interests of the sponsoring brand alongside the interests of his or her own audience. Finding this symbiosis isn’t always easy, but selecting the right influencers is a critical component of an effective YouTube marketing strategy.

These are the mistakes brands must avoid when reaching out to YouTubers.

With the unveiling of YouTube Red (YouTube’s first-ever subscription service), the coming months and years will no doubt bring interesting changes to the landscape of  video marketing. No matter what, though, the above 3 best tips will continue to help brands make the most of their YouTube marketing strategy.

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