Most Popular Types Of YouTube Makeup Videos

YouTube Makeup Videos Most Popular Types

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10 Most Popular Types Of Fashion & YouTube Makeup Videos

The beauty and fashion space has given rise to some of the most successful YouTubers, boasting big names like Zoella and Bethany Mota. Out of a fickle industry, these top YouTubers, fashion, and beauty influencers have emerged as trusted sources of information about what to wear for millions of consumers.

Recent studies show that Millennials trust top YouTubers and vloggers to provide real, unbiased information about new consumer goods. This is especially true in the beauty and fashion world, where trends shift continuously and new brands/services/products are constantly available. As YouTube turned 10 this year, several types of YouTube fashion and beauty videos have emerged as mainstays for popular video formats.

Here are the 10 most popular types of fashion and YouTube makeup videos:

1. Fashion or Makeup Collection Videos

In the world of beauty and fashion vlogging, collection videos are a fan favorite. Most vloggers gain subscribers by conveying a strong sense of personal style, so it should be no surprise that fans want to check out the types of products and garments that are in their personal collections. These videos give viewers a glimpse into how YouTube stars achieve their signature looks.

2. YouTube DIY Videos

It is common for beauty and fashion vloggers to occasionally branch out by creating lifestyle or crafting videos. DIY videos show influencers crafting—often jewelry, gifts, decor—and are an opportunity to engage viewers in an activity.

3. “Favorites” Videos

Vloggers will often create “Favorites” videos on a monthly basis. These videos feature the products that the influencer most enjoyed over the course of the month. Viewers tune in for new beauty, fashion, and sometimes entertainment recommendations.

4. Get Ready With Me Videos

“Get Ready With Me” videos are so beloved in fashion and beauty that they have earned their own acronym: “GRWM.” The videos usually show the influencer going through all the steps of getting ready for a big event. Since vloggers are depicted as perfectly polished all of the time, viewers appreciate the opportunity to take a glimpse into a vloggers’ beauty and fashion regimen.

5. Fashion & Makeup Haul Videos

Beauty and fashion are driven by curation, and haul videos are an opportunity for YouTubers to do just that. In haul videos, vloggers show off their newest wares. This is where many vloggers really shine.

6. Style Guide & Lookbook Videos

Lookbook videos are analogous to the “outfit of the day” (OOTD) posts that are popular on blogs and Instagram. Usually, a vlogger will put together one or more outfits based on a theme or event to show off their personal style.

7. “First Impressions” Videos

Similar to unboxing and review videos, “First Impressions” show vloggers using new beauty products for the first time. Vloggers provide swatches of or test various products on screen. Viewers watch for vlogger reactions and feedback to new items.

8. YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Recent studies show that Millennials take their cues more frequently from YouTubers than from traditional celebrities. This is especially true in the beauty space, where YouTubers have taken to filming tutorial videos demonstrating polished and trendy make-up looks.

9. YouTube Unboxing Videos

In recent years, subscription services have become immensely popular with the online beauty community. Companies like Birchbox, Boxycharm, and Ipsy (founded by YouTuber Michelle Phan) ship customized packages of new beauty goods to their subscribers. In response to this trend, many YouTubers have started creating Unboxing videos to record the products and their reactions.

10. What’s In My Bag Videos

“What’s In My Bag” videos are yet another type of beauty/fashion-specific YouTube video. Vloggers empty their handbags on-screen to show their recent on-the-go essentials. While the items featured are usually cosmetics, “What’s In My Bag” videos provide an opportunity for all types of portable products to be featured.

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