Smashbox Studios: How Brands Are Innovating With YouTube Content Creators

YouTubers Content Creators at Smashbox Studios
Top YouTubers, like Cassey Ho of Blogilates and Monica Church, partaking in new digital program “Made at Smashbox.”

Smashbox Studios To Collaborate With Top YouTube Content Creators

Smashbox Studios debuted their “Made at Smashbox” digital program specifically for YouTube content creators in conjunction with their recent 25,000 square foot studio facility relaunch. This program epitomizes how established brands like Smashbox and other companies are tactically integrating top YouTubers into their core business operations.

The beauty, fashion, and lifestyle video blog (vlogger) niche is one of the most competitive spaces with hundreds of brands vying for the attention and product promotion for these YouTube content creators. Brands are looking for ingenious ways to connect with content creators and their audiences through YouTube, but outside of strict sponsored videos. Programs, like “Made at Smashbox” offer YouTubers professional services in exchange for massive brand exposure to their consumer audiences, fans, and followers.

How Smashbox’s New Digital Program Works

YouTubers are invited to create branded video content at Smashbox‘s newly redesigned studio. Their new program, in partnership with Collective Digital Studio (CDS), creates value for YouTube content creators by providing a professional studio space to collaborate with MUAs, stylists, and offering a variety of photography and videography services. In turn, the Smashbox brand benefits from the direct value exposure to each YouTuber’s channel and contiguous social media networks. Traditionally, beauty and make-up YouTubers film their video tutorials within their bedroom settings. As more and more content creators saturate the space, some of the top YouTubers have sought out professional studios and video services like Smashbox’s new digital program in order to differentiate themselves. See our post here on the rise of top fashion bloggers.

YouTuber Content Creator Lustrelux Made at Smashbox Studios
YouTuber Lustrelux promoting a Smashbox giveaway to her nearly 1M channel followers

Potential Drawbacks To “Made At Smashbox”

Smashbox Studios’ “Made at Smashbox” digital program does have it’s risks including high costs with unclear, difficult-to-measure ROI. Additionally, YouTubers and other content creators simply may not use the space (as much as intended) preferring the ease of their own familiar home setup, or opt to use YouTube’s own studio, YouTube Space LA. Much of the audience appeal for many digital content creators and their consumer fans lies in the “amateur,” un-polished look of their videos; Smashbox Studios’ digitally advanced technology may mitigate that appeal for some audiences. Nevertheless, Smashbox Studios creates an experimental way to feature their products, inaugurate relationships with top lifestyle bloggers, YouTube content creators, and engage with their audiences in new and novel ways.

The founders of Smashbox Studios (originally opened in 1990) have built an iconic Los Angeles facility: first with photography, then beauty, fashion and cosmetics, and now they plan to make history once more by incorporating YouTubers and digital content creators into their subsequent business venture.

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