How Top YouTuber Devin Super Tramp Helped LG Reach 5.4M Users

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YouTube Case Study: How LG’s “Seriously Professional” Campaign Reached 5M

In January 2016, leading electronics brand LG announced a plan to triple the sales of HD televisions and computer monitors in an effort to capture a larger share of the $286B United States consumer electronics market (International Business TimesConsumer Technology Association). To help the brand achieve this goal, LG partnered with top YouTube influencer Devin Graham (Devin Super Tramp) to create a series of engaging YouTube videos, editing tutorials, and Instagram content designed to appeal to ordinary social media users and professionals in the editing, music, and graphic design industries.

YouTube Case Study Campaign Overview

To introduce and promote the brand’s new UltaWide 21:9 computer monitors, LG worked with YouTube content creator Devin Graham to create the “Seriously Professional” campaign. The collaboration led to a brand-sponsored YouTube video entitled “Pogo Freestyle! World’s Best Pogo Tricks!” (which is filmed and edited in Devin Super Tramp’s signature style) as well as a series of editing tutorials featuring Graham using LG’s products to create his engaging YouTube content.

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  • Primary Goal: Boost brand exposure to U.S. consumers and increase sales of LG products.
  • Secondary Goal: Establish LG as a leader in the electronics market.
  • Tertiary Goal: Engage industry professionals by creatively highlighting LG’s new product features.
  • LG partnered with high-reach YouTuber Devin Graham (Devin Super Tramp) to create content that would engage the digital star’s 5.4 million social media followers.
  • To target professional editors, graphic designers, and musicians, LG worked with Graham to create a series of editing tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage about the making of the “Pogo Freestyle” YouTube video and other content.
  • LG maximized the impact of their campaign by asking Graham to promote the campaign on other social media channels and distributing content on the brand’s own YouTube channel, Instagram account, and website.
  • LG’s “Seriously Professional” campaign reached 5.4M social media users across all social media networks and generated 1.6M YouTube video views.
  • LG significantly increased exposure in crucial American markets by partnering with one of the U.S.’s top YouTubers for an extended, cross channel influencer marketing campaign.
  • The electronics manufacturer targeted industry professionals by highlighting notable features on their new products and creating a series of “behind-the-scenes’ videos and tutorials.

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YouTube Case Study Takeaway: What Brands Can Learn From LG

By collaborating with Graham to create engaging content and promoting the videos across multiple social media channels, LG was able to gain access to over 5 million social media users and garner over 1.6 million video views. More importantly, LG’s partnership with one of YouTube’s leading content creators helped establish the brand as a leader in the field, showcase, and expose its product’s features to many other industry professionals.

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