YouTube Advertising Bests Facebook For Top Brands

YouTube Advertising Facebook vs YouTube

YouTube Advertising: Infographic Shows YouTube Outperforming Facebook 20X For Engagement

Do you remember how excessively you used Myspace in 2006? Then, do you remember switching over to Facebook and never looking back in 2008 because it was suddenly cooler? Well, if you are looking for the social platform with the most engagement for your brand, it looks like YouTube is the new Facebook.

Brendan Gahan found that YouTube subscriptions are 20 times more valuable and drive more engagement to your brand than Facebook after two weeks of research. Ironically, you’ll notice most companies have more likes on Facebook then subscriptions to their channel. There was a time when Facebook’s page was an advertiser’s dream. Facebook brand pages seem to have no limit to growth and engagement. Every brand had to be on Facebook, but then something happened. The algorithm changed and engagement plummeted. Facebook was guilty of it’s own success: recent posts show that the average user has over 1,500 individual items running through their news feed. Furthermore, many brands have reported huge drops in engagement.

With Facebook, brands are reaching approximately 6% of their audience. A study released in March of this year noted that there has been an incredible decline in organic reach on Facebook since October and looking into the future, Facebook projects there will be a day when organic reach is zero. The Facebook free ride will be over for brands, suggesting that brands will need to reach out to their audiences in different ways.

YouTube Advertising vs. Facebook Advertising: A Clear Winner Emerges

Gahan took the top five brands in both spaces to find who really gets the most engagement per follower/subscriber. Surprisingly, brands with a presence on YouTube that also created great branded content showed spectacular engagement on the platform. For brands looking to maximize awareness, engagement, and ROI, it’s clear that YouTube advertising comes out on top. His findings are documented in his infographic below.

Video content is obviously much harder to create than sharing a viral dog photo on your brand’s Facebook page, but that’s exactly the point. How are audiences associating a generic Facebook status update  (i.e. “What are your plans for the weekend”) with brands? Perhaps the extra effort devoted to creating a video for YouTube advertising will force brands to truly produce content that drives the right type of engagement.

youtube vs facebook infographic

Some of our favorite branded YouTube channels are Old Spice, GoPro, Blendtec, Dove, and Dermablend.

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