YouTube AdBlitz, YouTubers, & 2016 Super Bowl 50

YouTube AdBlitz Top YouTubers 2016 Super Bowl 50

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How YouTube AdBlitz, YouTubers Are Increasing Brand Reach For Super Bowl 50

Last year, 840 million minutes of Super Bowl ads were watched on YouTube (more than double the amount from the year prior) with more than 300,000 hours of Super Bowl ads watched on YouTube during the actual game. Brands who released their ads on YouTube prior to the big game received an average of 2.2 times more views than those who posted an ad on game day.

Read on to find out what is YouTube AdBlitz and how brands are partnering with top YouTubers for 2016 Super Bowl 50:

What Is YouTube AdBlitz?

What Is YouTube AdBlitz

YouTube AdBlitz and its dedicated YouTube channel provides a centralized hub where audiences can watch, vote, and share their favorite ads from 2016 Super Bowl 50. With more and more viewers turning to YouTube’s homepage to consume content they love, YouTube’s AdBlitz platform help brands showcase their pre- and game day ads to billions before, during, and long after the Super Bowl.

According to Wired, audiences watched 1,600 years of Super Bowl ads on YouTube just last year. “Nearly 40 percent of that viewing time happened before game day, and another 300,000 hours of ads were watched during the game, itself.” For brands seeking to drive the most engagement and reach surrounding the big game, YouTube’s AdBlitz has positioned itself well to receive viewers’ traffic surrounding everyone’s favorite Super Bowl ads. When asked about the game day ad platform, Google’s managing director of agency sales replied, “all of us are following what consumers are already doing — consumers have already migrated in almost everything to a second-screen experience.”

YouTube AdBlitz (and its adjoining YouTube channel) presents Super Bowl ad content in 3 categories: Teaser ads (ads run prior to the Super Bowl), Game Day ads, and original content. During the game’s halftime, several top YouTubers (YouTube “vloggers,” video bloggers) and YouTuber channels including Epic Meal Time, will host a YouTube show driving brand lift for brands including Mercedes-Benz,, Snickers, and Bud Light (Adweek).

DiGiorno’s TV Ad Campaign With 3 Top YouTubers

As game day approaches, many viewers will buy and prep their Super Bowl food and snacks in the week(s) before. For DiGiorno (a frozen-pizza Nestle brand), this means driving awareness and engagement prior to the big game.

To accomplish this, DiGiorno has partnered with 3 top YouTubers, Ray William Johnson (“The Equals Three Show”), Colleen Ballinger, and DeStorm Power (also a top Viner). Collectively, these top YouTubers have over 18 million subscribers across just their main YouTube channel (many top YouTubers also have large adjoining social media accounts across several platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, Twitter). Across all social influencer channels, Johnson, Ballinger, and Power have over 50 million followers (WSJ).

DiGiorno decided on making their Super Bowl TV ad #MakeTheRightCall with top YouTubers as a result of high social media engagement from a prior online campaign. Increasingly more brands are partnering with top social media influencers because of their ability to drive social media engagement. For DiGiorno’s YouTube channel, the brand’s video ads featuring YouTubers experience the highest amounts of engagement with some videos seeing over 1 million views in 3 weeks.

Why Brands Are Partnering With YouTube Stars

YouTube AdBlitz Features YouTube Stars For Super Bowl 50

A few of YouTube AdBlitz’s featured YouTubers. To see a list of top YouTubers, see our Quick Resource Guide here.

Just like DiGiorno, many brands are partnering with top YouTube stars for their reach and ability to drive engagement across multiple social media platforms. With stronger audience affinity and relatability than traditional celebrities, many key demographics are much more apt to purchase products and services with an endorsement from a top YouTuber. To see how social media stars are changing brand marketing strategy, see our post here. Additional, see 3 creative ways brands can work with social media influencers.

For an exhaustive list of this year’s Super Bowl ad commercials, check out Adweek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker here.

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