Why Instagrammers Are The New Bloggers

Why Instagrammers Are The New Bloggers Love Taza Naomi Instagram

Instagrammers Are Now “Blogging” On Instagram

In New York Magazine’s recent post “Why Instagram Captions Are The New Blogging,” author Kyle Chayka illustrates how even the most unlikely characters and personas (e.g. The Rock) are apt to post “lengthy” in-depth captions and stories on Instagram. Instagram, which began in 2010 as a simple photo-sharing app, now has over 400 million active users and with its 2,200 character limit for each photo, many Instagrammers are beginning to share lengthier captions in a similar fashion to personal blog sites.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram with its ample caption limit effectively allows for both and with its massive adoption rate among many key demographics, Instagramming may just be the new form of blogging for today’s social influencers to authentically share both words and pictures.

Read our post to see examples and why Instagrammers are today’s new bloggers:

Setting up Instagram on your phone is a simple and somewhat intuitive process. Within a few minutes, most people are able to set up an account and begin posting/editing pictures complete with captions. Due to the relative ease and convenience of setting up an Instagram account, many Instagrammers (especially those without dedicated blog sites) are captioning their curated photo moments with in-depth posts detailing the event.

Since most users primarily access Instagram on their mobile device, the act of captioning on Instagram is akin to texting (as opposed to composing blog posts on a desktop). Contrary to Facebook (which in many ways functions much more like a Rolodex), Instagram allows the user to build a highly curated newsfeed much like subscribing to a blog site’s RSS feed. For top Instagrammers who have massive amounts of dedicated followers, writing lengthier captions or “blogging” on Instagram allows for these social media stars to easily engage with their audience providing relevance/context, a running storyline, or behind-the-shot info to each picture. Many top Instagrammers may not maintain a dedicated blog site, but given the high engagement rate and ease of Instagramming, these social media stars have taken to the platform to write dedicated posts for each picture.

Check out these examples and see why Instagrammers may be today’s new bloggers:

Why Instagrammers Are The New Bloggers The Rock Instagram

via The Rock

Why Instagrammers Are The New Bloggers Paige Hathaway Instagram

via Paige Hathaway

Why Instagrammers Are The New Bloggers Love Taza Instagram

via Love Taza


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