WTF is Vine and How are Brands Using it

What is Vine?

In the past few years countless new social media outlets have exploded in usage or come onto the scene such as, Instagram, SnapChat, Keek, YouTube, and Vine (see our post on YouTube channels you should be working with). With Instagram and SnapChat in the media forefront, many are left wondering, what is Vine? Vine allows you to see and share life in motion. You can create short, beautiful, looping videos (maximum of 6 seconds in length) in a simple and fun way for friends, family, and even large brand audiences to see. Vine has over 400 million users and over 1 billion Vine loops are played daily (Vine statistics). Today, brands are utilizing Vine to engage their audiences through short, imaginative and at time ingenious clips and videos. Below are 5 brands employing Vine as a marketing strategy (also see our spotlight on how Dermablend utilized YouTube for it’s marketing strategy).


Disney uses Vine to engage its audience through nostalgic Disney clips, classic shots like its castle and fireworks, and by asking its audience to communicate back through contests such as the Halloween contest above. Disney has over 112.9k followers on Vine and almost 8 million loops played.


Sony used their Vine to play with electronics in unique ways. They’ve done inception videos and the above video is a great example of how they showcase their new electronics in a delightful light. Sony has over 14.5 k followers and over 6.3 million loops viewed.


Oreo utilizes their Vine to engage their audience into playing with their food. Oreo shows you new ways to use Oreos, like turning them into sprinkles (above), doing Oreo magic tricks, and turning Oreos into arts and crafts. They have over 40.3k followers and over 2.5 million loop views.


Dove carries their mission of exemplifying body love over to their Vine channel flawlessly. They engage with users, share body love stories, and create inspiration for their audience. The Vine above is one of many where they share reasons why their audience is perfect just the way they are. Dove has over 6.4k followers and over 254k loop views.


Lowe’s is another prime example of a brands who uses their Vine channel to encourage people to utilize their products. In the Vine above, Lowe’s created a perfect loop for turning a cutting board into a chalkboard. This five second loop turns an otherwise daunting DIY project into an easy task. Lowe’s has over 27.7k followers and almost 34 million loop views.