What Is Silicon Beach? LA's Tech Hub

what is silicon beach
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What Is Silicon Beach? Los Angeles’s Tech Capital

Silicon Beach is the technology capital of Southern California. Spanning the Pacific Ocean to the Hollywood Hills, from Santa Monica to LAX, Silicon Beach is home to an innovative collection of tech companies in Los Angeles (LA).

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The region has attracted an estimated 500 tech companies, ranging from startups to established tech giants. Recognizable names, like Google and Facebook, are neighbors with buzzy startups, like Bird and Fair. In an analysis of over 175 local startups, Mediakix found Silicon Beach startups to be worth over an estimated $155 billion in valuation. This valuation will continue to grow as Silicon Beach expands, attracting more entrepreneurs and investors to the region.

Explore the region—check out the Silicon Beach map:

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What Is Silicon Beach? Southern California’s Capital For Tech Companies & Startups

Tech And Beyond: Types Of Industries Thriving In Silicon Beach

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In Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area tech companies tend to specialize in pure technology products (think SaaS, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence). Silicon Beach fosters more diversity in the types of industries it attracts. Los Angeles has the geographic space and population size to be uniquely situated for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, tourism, fashion, and adtech.

Entertainment & Media

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Entertainment is Los Angeles’ flagship industry, thus companies like Hulu and Beats by Dre are a natural fit because they link media and technology.

Other entertainment companies in Silicon Beach include:

  • Zefr, a video advertising company that specializes in contextual ad placements
  • WME, a star-studded talent agency which represents actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Stone
  • WITHIN, a virtual and augmented reality app with an emphasis on immersive storytelling

Health & Wellness


LA’s devotion to wellness trends also lends itself well to supporting wholesome consumer brands, including Dollar Shave Club, the Honest Company, Thrive Market, and goop.


Other LA health and wellness companies include:

  • Victorious, a virtual fitness studio that provides on-demand video workout classes
  • Brighter, a healthcare company that connects dentists, dental insurers, and patients
  • Puma Biotechnology, an international pharmaceutical company
  • Ritual, an Instagram-friendly vitamin startup for women



Angelenos know the struggle of round-the-clock gridlock traffic on the 405 freeway, so it’s unsurprising that transportation startups like TrueCar and Bird have all flourished.


Other transportation startups in the region are:

  • Fair, an ultra-flexible car ownership platform that allows drivers to lease a car with less commitment than a traditional lease
  • The Boring Company, an infrastructure construction company and passion project of Elon Musk
  • Surf Air, an airline startup that provides private flights in small jets through “all-you-can-fly” memberships



Los Angeles is known as the West Coast’s fashion capital. Many technology-focused clothing and apparel companies have blossomed here, including MeUndies and TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Many models and fashion influencers call LA home, thus trendy fashion lines have access to a stylish group of brand ambassadors.


Other notable Silicon Beach fashion brands include:

  • Tradesy, a virtual consignment marketplace for designer clothing, handbags, and shoes
  • The Black Tux, a suit and tuxedo rental e-commerce marketplace
  • GOAT, a niche marketplace for buying and selling sneakers

How Is Silicon Beach Impacting The Los Angeles Community?

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Like Silicon Valley, the analogous tech region in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Beach has brought about tremendous opportunity for venture capitalists to invest in early-stage startups. This economic growth generates both lucrative employment opportunities and a surge in housing costs.

This is particularly true in the coastal westside of LA County, comprising Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, and Marina Del Rey. In recent years, tech workers have flocked to these communities, which were already desirable due to their pristine weather, proximity to the beach, and hipster pedigree.

The influx of talent is causing a dramatic rise in demand for rentals and real estate in the area. Still, given the cultural influence and concentration of talent in LA, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs are skipping the saturated, hyper-competitive Silicon Valley to set up shop in breezy Silicon Beach.

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Many Silicon Beach startups feel quintessentially “Los Angeles,” like Grindr, the social dating app for gay men, and Headspace, an app that streams guided meditation sessions. Apps that provide services for dog owners, like Wag and Rover, play nicely with LA’s outdoor, dog-friendly atmosphere. The abundance of opportunity for enterprises makes Silicon Beach a winning destination for new ventures.

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Tech Giants: 10 Most Established Companies In Silicon Beach

Many large, established tech companies help to anchor the region as a tech hub. The 10 largest companies which are either headquartered in Silicon Beach or have an outpost in the region are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Spaces
  • Entertainment Arts (EA)
  • SpaceX
  • Snap, Inc.
  • Hulu
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Beats Electronics
  • TrueCar

What Cities Are In Silicon Beach?

Geographically speaking, there isn’t a clearly defined border that encompasses Silicon Beach. Silicon Beach is widely recognized to be the greater Los Angeles area. The buzziest tech startups tend to be headquartered in Venice, while tech giants can support more sprawling campuses in Playa Vista. So, Silicon Beach can be thought of Los Angeles regionally with a denser concentration of companies in Venice, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, and Hollywood.