What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing Definition Examples

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Instagram Influencer Marketing: Definitions, Benefits, & Examples

Consumers increasingly look to social media platforms like Instagram for social cues and advice about where to eat, what to wear, and how to enjoy their vacations. According to Social Media Today, 71% of people now make purchasing decisions based on social media referrals, but with many social media platforms now inundated with content—Instagram’s 400 million users post over 80 million photos and videos every day—reaching interested audiences on Instagram is becoming more challenging for brands. Instagram influencer marketing with top Instagrammers helps companies create engaging content designed to rise to the top of Instagram feeds and increase brand exposure to millions of consumers.

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What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Instagram Influencer marketing is when a brand collaborates with a popular Instagrammer to create, publish, and promote brand-sponsored photos or videos with the goal of expanding brand awareness and/or developing a positive brand identity for the influencer’s large, engaged audience. Because top social media influencers (Instagrammers included) have spent years developing relationships with and cultivating the trust of their followers, recommendations from Instagrammers have the ability to sway the purchasing decisions and drive audiences to take a specific action.

To illustrate the influential power of Instagrammers, a recent article in Social Media Times found that over half of young Instagram users (aged 13–24) rely on the platform to help define themselves—this includes discovering new interests, products, brands, and services through the app’s discovery feature, social sharing, and of course, via Instagram influencer marketing campaigns.

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How Companies Are Partnering With Instagram Influencers

Simply, Instagram influencer marketing campaigns involve working with a social media star to creatively integrate a brand’s product, service, event, or brand message into an Instagrammer’s content. Often, Instagram influencer marketing campaigns take the form of product placements (which feature the Instagrammer promoting a product or using a brand’s services), hashtag campaigns (which serve to generate momentum for a specific marketing campaign), event appearances, and creative campaigns, though it’s important that companies allow social media influencers to create content that will be most appealing for their followers.

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Why Brands Are Using Instagram Influencer Marketing To Reach Audiences

While the massive audiences of Instagram influencers represent the potential reach for Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, the platform’s high levels of engagement guarantees that brand-sponsored content will be seen, liked, and shared by an Instagrammer’s audience. An annual study by Forrester Research again found that Instagram’s engagement rate-per-follower (2.3%) was significantly higher than all other social media platforms.

Also, because recent changes in Instagram’s algorithm makes it more difficult for a company’s owned content to reach audiences, influencer marketing partnerships are now one of the best ways for brands to produce content that will likely be seen by thousands or millions of interested consumers.

Examples Of Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The following are some of the best examples of Instagram influencer marketing from today’s most innovative brands:

Aspyn Ovard Ferris Beautifully Showcases Aeropostale’s Merchandise

With over 1.5 million Instagram followers, lifestyle vlogger and Instagrammer Aspyn Ovard Ferris has the ability to drive sales simply by styling an outfit in an Instagram post. For Aeropostale’s #inaero Instagram influencer marketing campaign, the retailer partnered with some of today’s most popular Instagrammers (including Meghan Rienks and Suede Brooks) to showcase their summer offerings.

Jack Morris (DoYouTravel) Promotes Tugu Hotels, Spas, & Restaurants With Captivating Photos

To appeal to Jack Morris’ 1.1 million travel-focused followers, Asian hospitality brand Tugu partnered with the travel Instagrammer to create aspirational content aimed at inspiring consumers to visit the hotel’s breathtaking locales. The above brand-sponsored waterfall photo was an undeniable win for Tugu, receiving over 40,000 likes in just 2 weeks. For more examples of how hospitality brands are collaborating with Instagram influencers, see our post here.

12 hours at #coachella and my waters still ❄️ w/ @corkcicle #corkcicle

A photo posted by Hannah Stocking (@hannahstocking) on

Corksicle Leverages Hannah Stocking’s 1.7 Million Followers

To appeal to Hannah Stocking’s immense health- and fitness-conscious audience and leverage the popularity of Coachella content, stylish canteen-maker Corksicle partnered with the social media star to create an engaging campaign that provided consumers (especially thirty festival-goers) with a valuable brand recommendation. To see how other big-name brands were marketing on Instagram for Coachella, see our article here.

Brent Rivera Shares Prom Experience Through Men’s Warehouse Campaign

Crossover social media star Brent Rivera commands the attention of over 3 million Instagram followers, making him an ideal partner for an Instagram influencer marketing campaign with top fashion outfitter Men’s Warehouse. The campaign, which told the story (through Instagram posts) of Rivera’s trip to prom, has garnered over 12,000 likes to date.

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