Why Brands Work With The Best Instagram Influencer Agencies

What Is An Instagram Influencer Agency

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What Is An Instagram Influencer Agency?

With over 500 million active users and the highest engagement rates of any social media platform, Instagram has become a bonafide cultural phenomenon, replete with its own terminology, norms, and celebrities (called “Instagrammers“). To help companies market to the platform’s massive user base and leverage the popularity of Instagram’s digital stars, Instagram influencer agencies now provide brands with expertise, professional connections, and exclusive, in-depth industry knowledge.

What An Instagram Influencer Agency Does

Simply stated, Instagram influencer agencies help connect brands with Instagrammers and facilitate the creation, implementation, measuring, and promotion of brand sponsored advertising campaigns on Instagram. Some of an Instagram influencer agency’s most notable responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining positive working relationships with top Instagram influencers
  • Selecting Instagrammer(s) that will help companies achieve their campaign goals
  • Developing influencer agreements that stipulate deliverables, payments, rights, and more
  • Communicating brand messaging and copy points to influencers
  • Creating engaging Instagram content by coordinating with both brand and influencer
  • Promoting campaign content across multiple social media platforms and networks
  • Closely monitoring campaigns to ensure all brand requirements are met
  • Ensuring content/campaigns adhere to FTC regulations
  • Measuring campaign success against predetermined KPIs
  • Making revisions to campaign and communicating changes to Instagrammer(s)

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How Instagram Influencer Agencies Differ From Other Firms

Because Instagram influencer agencies have experience working directly with Instagram’s biggest digital stars, these companies are adept at creating engaging campaigns, leveraging influencer marketing tools, and effectively communicating with Instagrammers to help brands achieve their marketing goals and enjoy high campaign ROIs.

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Unlike traditional advertising agencies, PR firms, and other digital marketing companies, Instagram influencer agencies maintain long-standing relationships with top Instagrammers and know which social influencer (or group of influencers) will help brands reach their goals. Today’s best influencer agencies are also flexible and keep up-to-date with Instagram’s most recent changes, innovations, trends, and anything else that may favorably or unfavorably affect campaign success.

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How Instagram Influencer Agencies Help Brands Reach Audiences

Instagram influencers not only command the attention of millions of social media users, their content—be it aspirational, inspirational, informative, or simply just sincere—also has the ability to sway purchasing decisions and drive consumers to take a specific action. By partnering with social media stars to create sponsored content, brands gain access to an influencer’s followers, increase overall exposure, and establish a positive brand identity in the eyes of social media audiences.

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Because Instagram influencer agencies are well-versed in social media advertising methods and knowledgeable when it comes to working with top Instagrammers, these companies function as a vital link between brands and influencers.

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