What Is A Let's Play On YouTube?

What Is A YouTube Lets Play Gaming Video

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What Is A YouTube Let’s Play Gaming Video?

Let’s Plays have been a part of the gaming culture long before it became one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. With the world’s biggest video platform and network, YouTube Let’s Plays have become so popular with YouTubers and audiences that both gaming brands and creators have begun to tailor content specifically for this type of YouTube gaming video.

See what is a YouTube Let’s Play, popular  Let’s Play examples from top YouTubers, and why Let’s Plays are one of the most viewed videos on YouTube here:

Definition of a YouTube Let’s Play Video

A YouTube Let’s Play is a video screen recording of a user playing a game while providing voice-over commentary. Compared to other popular YouTube video gaming formats, Let’s Plays emphasize the individualized playing experience alongside both gaming and non-gaming commentary. Although there can be a few variations, Let’s Plays essentially follow a YouTuber playing a game. Let’s Plays typically consist of video screen grabs, running commentary (oftentimes humorous in nature), and can either be casual (with no set intent or objective) or more planned with editing to maintain a degree of quality. Let’s Plays can feature one or more users playing a game and/or offering commentary. Let’s Plays are not specifically intended to help the viewer learn or progress through games.

For a brief history and timeline of how Let’s Plays were invented and who invented them, check out Kotaku’s article here. For more information on popular types of YouTube gaming videos (including walkthroughs, machinima, and more), check out our article here.

Popular YouTube Let’s Play Video Examples

According to Business Insider, more than half of the world’s top YouTubers, produce Let’s Play-style YouTube gaming videos. Here are popular YouTube Let’s Play examples from top YouTuber channels, GameGrumps, Chuggaconroy, and PewDiePie.

The GameGrumps’ YouTube Let’s Play for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Pokéman Let’s Play From YouTuber gamer, Chuggaaconroy 

PewDiePie’s Let’s Play for Undertale

Let’s Play Popularity For Gamers, Fans, & Brands

For YouTube, many top YouTubers, gamers, and gaming enthusiasts create Let’s Plays that receive millions of views, thousands of engaged comments, and are shared across other social platforms and networks. Top YouTubers and gaming channels can receive ad revenue for their Let’s Play videos oftentimes amounting to thousands of dollars each month. Fans, audiences, and viewers enjoy Let’s Plays because it allows them to informally experience the game and be entertained by their favorite gaming personalities and YouTubers.

Due to the popularity and engagement of Let’s Plays, many gaming and non-gaming brands are finding new ways to advertise or sponsor top YouTubers and gaming channels. Sponsored YouTube videos with popular channels and YouTubers provide an effective advertising channel for brands due to their high visibility, engaged audiences, and propensity to be watched time and time again.

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