Top 5 Breakout Vine Stars


Top Breakout Vine Stars

Vine doesn’t have the user reach of Instagram and YouTube, but as of 2014, it reached a milestone of 40 million users and is creating buzz within the advertising and entertainment industry(dexmedia). Over 1 billion Vine loops are played daily and 12 million videos are uploaded to Twitter daily. Vine stars are creating content snips 6 seconds at a time and in the course, attracting the attention of audiences and advertisers alike. Brands have started playing in the Vine game (see our post on how brands are using Vine) with their own channels, but the leaders are still the Vine stars.

Top Vine stars and influencers share their comedy, music, acting, and more. These Vine stars are creative and innovative in ways of using this unique 5 second format. They’ve created a plethora of content and still continue to innovate with the format in ways that no studio or brand could have imagined or anticipated. Here are 5 of the top breakout Vine stars.

Us The Duo

Michael and Carissa Alvarado are the incredibly talented husband and wife behind Us the Duo, a folk-pop band that rose to prominence through Vine. When they first met, they were just two emerging solo artists. They gained traction on YouTube, but Vine is where they found their place in the spotlight and became some of the top Vine stars. Their #Us6SecondCovers of everyone from Destiny’s Child to Taylor Swift caught the attention of Buzzfeed and other publications. In March of 2014 they signed with Republic Records, becoming the first Vine stars to sign with a record label. They’ve since gone on to release a full length album and headline a tour with sold out dates. Us the Duo has over 4.5 million followers on Vine and over 600 million loops played.

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is acclaimed for his “Story Time with Thomas Sanders” Vine videos (most recent example above). He won Ryan Seacrest’s “Favorite Vine Celebrity” contest, and he’s reknowned for his Vines in which he walks around and narrates the lives of banal people in public. From his friends to complete strangers, he creates the perfect deep voiced narrations for every situation. Thomas has over 5.2 million followers and over 2.2 billion loop views.

Jerome Jarre

Jerome Jarre is a French Vine star and entrepreneur as well as one of the first Snapchat influencers (yes, that’s a thing now). In October he was detained by police after he attempted to film a Vine aboard a flight to Miami, wearing a Speedo and carrying a five-foot rubber duck (he got away with a similar video, above). His vines are all comedy based and he posted his first Vine the day the video app launched. Three months after creating his account, he had his first Vine go viral. It was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show twice and he has since gone on to be featured on other talk shows. Jerome has 8.1 million followers and over 1 billion loop views.  

Brittany Furlan

Brittany Furlan is one of Vine’s most popular stars and is using her Vine stardom to transfer her comedic musings to television and the big screen. She is currently developing a female-driven sketch with Seth Green who will executive produce. Brittany produces at least one Vine a day. She gets paid by advertisers as much as $7k to $20k per 6 second Vine snippet (The Wrap).

She came to Hollywood almost ten years ago to pursue comedy and acting, but it wasn’t until she joined Vine that she started gaining traction within the industry.She found Vine to be a faultless outlet for her comedy, and since joining three months after it’s inception, she’s worked with Benefit Cosmetics and other top brands. She currently has over 8.7 million followers and over 2.6 billion loop views.

Nash Grier

Seventeen-year-old Nash Grier is the most popular Vine star in the world. Along with his best friend and fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas, Grier accepted a leading role in a movie called Expelled, which stars a variety of Vine stars. Grier is known for more scripted Vines and has a second Vine account for more spontaneous short videos called Nash Grier 2.

In the past, Grier was criticized for being disparaging in his videos, but he has since apologized. Grier’s following largely consists of teenage girls and he has been featured on news outlets such as The View, Good Morning America, Fox News and more. Nash has over 11.2 million followers and over 2.3 billion loop views.