What Attendees Can Expect At VidCon 2016

VidCon 2016 YouTubers Brand Marketing

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VidCon 2016: The Best Content Creators, YouTubers, Brands, & Events

Digital video is booming. According to Google, YouTube’s parent company, over 4 billion videos are viewed on the streaming platform every day, and one study predicts that digital video ad spending in the United States will see double-digit growth annually through the year 2020 (eMarketer). In the wake of this trend, 30,000 fans, content creators, and video marketers will descend on the Anaheim Convention Center this June to see the latest in digital video innovations, learn how to reach YouTube’s massive social audiences from experts, and connect with the platform’s top social media stars.

An Insider’s Guide To VidCon 2016

Since VidCon was created by “Vlog Brothers” Hank and John Greene in 2010, digital video content—both brand-sponsored and social media influencer-created—has evolved to suit changing viewer tastes and adapted to make way for technological innovations. At this year’s conference, attendees can expect to find booths, demonstrations, Q&As, and seminars pertaining to the latest digital video trends, including:

Gaming Content — Because top gaming influencers command the attention/engagement of millions, no digital video conference would be complete without an abundance of gaming-related events. In 2016, VidCon has promised to dedicate a large portion of the main floor to game enthusiasts. There, attendees can peruse sponsored booths from gaming brands like Best Buy, HTC Vive, and Hasbro, and listen to top gamers like Markiplier, OMGItsFireFoxx, Smosh, and IHasCupquake at panels and Q&As.

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Beauty & Lifestyle Content — Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos continue to be some of the most popular types of content on the platform. In addition to booths from HGTV, Nyx Cosmetics, Covergirl, and Variety, fans of Amanda Steele, Cassey Ho, Grace Helbig, Kandee Johnson, Lele Pons, and others can listen to tutorials, panels, and discussions from their favorite YouTube stars.

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Informative Seminars — For advertisers, marketers, and serious content creators, VidCon 2016 offers 22 master classes covering video marketing strategies and techniques proven to drive views, increase engagement, and get noticed on YouTube’s search engine.

Featured Content Creators At VidCon 2016

VidCon 2016 will offer brands and fans access to some of the top video content creators in the space, including:

  • Amanda Steele
  • Anthony Padilla (Smosh)
  • Casey Neistat
  • Cassey Ho
  • DeStorm
  • Devin Graham (Devin Supertramp)
  • Epic Meal Time
  • Grace Helbig
  • Ian Hecox (Smosh)
  • IHasCupquake
  • Ingrid Nilsen
  • JackSepticEye
  • Jenna Marbles
  • John Greene
  • Kandee Johnson
  • Lele Pons
  • Lilly Singh
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Louis Cole (FunForLouis)
  • Markiplier
  • Miranda Sings
  • OMGItsFirefoxx
  • Philip DeFranco
  • Rosanna Pansino
  • Shonduras
  • Thomas Sanders
  • Tyler Oakley
  • Zach King
  • And Many More!

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Brands Marketing At VidCon 2016

The majority of brands marketing at VidCon 2016 will do so through sponsorship opportunities. Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the “Title Sponsor” for the conference, and brands like Kia, Twix, Dove, Snickers, Fullscreen, YouNow, Twitter, and AwesomenessTV will sponsor various events, booths, and stages throughout VidCon 2016. Audiences can also expect to see a fair number of influencer marketing campaigns, including Snapchat Takeovers, sponsored Instagram posts, livestreaming campaigns, and influencer-attended activations.

For brand marketers, Vidcon 2016 also offers a variety of ways to stay informed about the latest trends, developments, innovations, and marketing strategies in a fast-evolving digital video industry. Visit the Official VidCon website for more information on attending Industry Track master marketing classes.

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