Victorious Launches for YouTube Influencers

YouTube Influencers Get Their Own Content Creation And Distribution App From Victorious

Online digital multimedia has emerged as a booming entertainment field. Many content creators are making sizable income by simply posting creative content relevant to both their lives and those of their fans and followers. The availability of multiple social platforms to follow these digital influencers is advantageous. Fans and followers can experience a variety of content delivery formats and engage in different conversations. However, for the digital influencer, having so many different places to post creative content and check “fan mail” can quickly become a digital content overload. Victorious has seen the opportunity to jump in and is helping creators form a single location for all of their content management.

How Victorious Works

Victorious is a platform for creating and launching custom mobile apps for digital influencers and online superstars. They work with each creator to make an app that not only reflects who they are, but allows them to shape the relationship they have with their most avid fans. Pioneering each app hand-in-hand with the digital creator, substantially helps the YouTube influencer control the relationships they build with their audience to develop new ways to reach a larger fan base. Bing Chen, co-founder of Victorious and chief creative officer states, “You don’t come to YouTube for YouTube, you come to watch videos from your favorite creators.” This is the nexus idea behind Victorious and their app design company. They aim to make it easier for fans to connect with creators, and easier for the creators to develop and engage with their audience.

Big Name YouTubers Signed Up

Victorious has already helped Ryan Higa and The Young Turks release apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. Some additional stars and YouTube influencers slated to release their own apps through Victorious include: Jenna Marbles, Michelle Phan, Freddie Wong, Jukin Media, DeStorm Power, and Geek & Sundry just to name a few.

How Victorious App Benefits Top YouTube Influencers

Not only will digital content creators be given the freedom to develop their Victorious app to their personal taste, but Victorious allows YouTube influencers to directly manage their community audience base and engage with fans. Victorious app gives each dedicated audience member a centralized location to access and interact with the YouTube influencer, as opposed to frequenting a wide array of social media platforms separately. Furthermore, the Victorious app will give YouTube influencers key ROI metrics and various ways to commercialize their digital content creation, either through ads or in-app purchases. This ability gives the Victorious app a leg up in monetization over other competing content creation and distribution app developers.

Plans for Growth

The plan is simple: To help creators form a centralized hub for their creative outlets and let them reach out to their fans in a fun, easy, and direct way. Victorious can develop its influencer marketing strategy simply by working closely with YouTubers, helping them express themselves and continually optimizing the user experience along the way.

For the ambitious creator out there who is finding it difficult to manage all of their online presences and keep their audiences thoroughly engaged, Victorious apps may seem like a blessing. Victorious has an accomplished team, many of which have had direct experience with platforms such as YouTube and Vine. As a result, they understand the positive aspects and drawbacks of each platform, and are continually developing Victorious apps to allow any creator the artistic freedom to show the world who they are like never before. More and more established influencers are turning to Victorious to help them develop their own apps, and there’s no mistaking why.