Triller Influencer Marketing Case Study: Pepsi's Social Media Music Competition

Triller Influencer Marketing Case Study Pepsi

How Pepsi Does Triller Marketing With Influencers

Pepsi is hosting a competition for budding musicians to get discovered using the hashtag #YourWildestDreams on Triller, a TikTok rival. As a brand deeply rooted in the music industry, they are perhaps the perfect candidate to reap the benefits of a music-friendly platform.

Over a six-week period, participants are chosen by a panel of judges and given the opportunity to perform at the Triller house in downtown Atlanta. As icing on the cake, the winner also receives mentorship from some of the top artists in the industry and a placement in the Wild Cherry Pepsi commercial.

This virtual competition may remind you of similar major music competitions such as American Idol and America’s got Talent centered around the idea that anyone can start from nothing and make it to fame. Pepsi leverages this as part of their campaign strategy and to also stay at the forefront of music, pop culture and social media.

See how Pepsi partners with influencers in our Triller marketing case study here:

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Pepsi’s Influencer Marketing Campaign Drives Engagement With Triller Competition


  • Awareness: A combined effort from over 20 hip-hop influencers ranging from nano to macro influencer tiers.
  • Engagement: Influencers promoted and prompted participants to make their own music for the opportunity to meet industry celebrities, win a livestream performance on Triller, and be featured in a Pepsi Wild Cherry commercial.


  • Channel: Triller
  • Influencers: Broad range of nano influencers and mid-tier influencers on Triller — many of which are well-known on other social media platforms.


The campaigns varied widely with some influencers focusing on information, while others are seen lip-syncing and dancing. Hip-hop plays the largest role in the campaign and is the main thread tying all of them together.

Each influencer is using the hashtags #PepsiWildCherry and #YourWildestDreams, prompting the audience to join the competition and become the next music star.

Music Artist Jufu Brings Upbeat Energy with His Trending Song ‘Who R U’

Triller statistics

The tune is not only catchy, but highly shareable as it has garnered nearly 500,000 posts using the sound on TikTok. Pepsi is leveraging shareable content, which is critical in the effort to organically reach new audiences. On Triller, users have the ability to view the sponsored post but also interact with the selected music for their own creative purpose. For every piece of user-generated content, Pepsi is essentially receiving free advertising.

Montana Tucker Dances Across Hollywood Boulevard to ‘Body’ by Megan Thee Stallion

triller influencer marketing example 2

Appearing in national commercials since the age of 8, Montana Tucker is an experienced pro at designing the perfect sponsored post. She uses a wildly popular song, ‘Body’ by Megan Thee Stallion, as she dances across Hollywood Boulevard with a shining stack of Pepsi in her arms. A strategic move by Pepsi, incorporating influencers that have followings across multiple channels in order to bring attention to the budding app Triller. In addition to Montana’s efforts on Triller, she posted an Instagram Reel which garnered 42,000 likes from her 2.4 million following.

Pepsi’s Triller Case Study Results & Takeaways 

Combined Social Reach:

  • Total number of sponsored posts: 56
  • Triller followers targeted: 1,464,206


  • Likes: 20,636
  • Comments: 1,012
  • Engagement rate (overall average): 0.13%
  • Views: 16,720,400
  • Total Hashtag Views: 74.4 million
  • Hashtags used: #YourWildestDreams #PepsiWildCherry


While the hashtag #YourWildestDreams generated a substantial amount of views with 74.4 million, further analysis shares some of the successes and shortcomings of the campaign.

Engagement rates vary widely across the broad range of influencers used in the campaign suggesting the posts were either a hit or miss. In an effort to fight against this, influencers posted multiple times increasing their odds of success.

Out of many top trending posts under the hashtag #YourWildestDreams were some of the participants’ posts — suggesting a very real impact on the ground level. On such a new app such as Triller, smaller artists are able to rise to the top of the hashtag if they produce compelling content. If, for example, the same competition was done on a platform such as Instagram smaller artists may have been lost in the cracks on such a saturated platform.


  • Brands can creatively utilize competitions, giveaways, and/or sweepstakes to drive marketing objectives.
  • Triller can be leveraged advantageously as a smaller platform with less competition to generate meaningful engagement.
  • Using trending music within a sponsored post can be an effective way to reach new audiences on Triller.