The Top 10 Travel Vloggers Bringing Adventure To YouTube

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The Top Travel Vloggers On YouTube Are Transporting Audiences All Over The Planet

The best travel vloggers on YouTube are taking audiences on exciting adventures to all corners of the world. From arctic landscapes to exotic beaches, YouTube’s top travel influencers are vlogging (that is blogging in video form) to share their experiences, travel tips, sightseeing guides, routines, and more. Their videos are filled with gorgeous views and thrilling stunts that keep millions of fans coming back for more.

The top travel vloggers on YouTube are bringing some of the most beautiful travel content to the platform. See how these travelers are using YouTube to revolutionize the guide books, gurus, and cookie cutter tours that once dominated the tourism industry.

1. DevinSuperTramp – 4.6 Million YouTube Subscribers

Devin Graham travels the world to create and produce incredible action and adventure videos. His channel features adventures like extreme bungee jumping in New Zealand, cliff jumping in Hawaii, and Assassin’s Creed parkour in Paris, France.

2. Exploring With Josh – 2.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

Exploring With Josh brings more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers along as he explores abandoned nuclear power plants, ice caves, ghost towns and more. Josh’s discoveries are often breathtaking and eerie in equal measure.

3. FunForLouis – 1.9 Million YouTube Subscribers

British filmmaker and adventurer Louis Cole shares his everyday adventures with his fans. Whether he’s taking in new cities or exploring canyons and waterfalls, his nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers are always along for the ride.

4. SawyerHartman – 1.7 Million YouTube Subscribers

Sawyer Hartman’s travel vlog gives audiences the opportunity to see the world through his eyes. He often travels with his girlfriend and his professional videos invite viewers to get a closer look at the most amazing places on the planet.

5. Jon Olsson – 870K YouTube Subscribers

Professional Swedish freeskier Jon Olsson gives his more than 850,000 fans on YouTube an inside look at his life and travels. Olsson shares his love of cars, boats, drones, and more as he visits exotic locales and shares a glimpse of the VIP lifestyle.

6. Mr. Ben Brown – 690K YouTube Subscribers

Filmmaker Ben Brown takes his fans on thrill rides through Australia, Botswana, South Africa, and more. He shares his unique perspective on his adventures and creates stunning films documenting the world through his “Visual Vibes” series.

7. Vagabrothers – 418K YouTube Subscribers

The Vagabrothers are working to inspire others to travel the world. Self-described “globally-engaged storytellers,” they’re documenting their experiences everywhere from Ireland to Thailand and a host of places in between.

8. High On Life – 360K YouTube Subscribers

High On Life is a motivational travel guide for a new era. With videos covering travel techniques, tips and city guides, High On Life enlightens viewers to show them how traveling the right way can inspire people to reach their full potential.

9. Hey Nadine – 350K YouTube Subscribers

Nadine Sykora brings travel tips, personal experiences, and comedy together on her one of a kind YouTube channel. Visiting the Czech Republic, Chile, Scotland, and more, Nadine shares a wide variety of content, including videos on her morning routine and learning falconry.

10. Sailing La Vagabonde – 330K YouTube Subscribers

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu started their journey not knowing how to sail but turned their dream of sailing the world into a profession. They’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles on their sailboat, La Vagabonde, sharing stories and lessons along the way.

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