How Travel Instagrammers Are Shaping Our Wanderlust

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See How The Best Travel Instagrammers Influence Our Wanderlust On Social Media

700 million users take to Instagram each month for entertainment, inspiration, news, and the latest and best aspirational and lifestyle content. In 2016, travel and tourism yielded over $2 trillion and global hospitality revenue was over $500 billion (2015). $1 billion is presently spent advertising with Instagrammers – this figure is projected to double in the next few years.

As travel, tourism, and hospitality brands increasingly partner with social media influencers on Instagram, we take a look at the top travel dream destinations of 2017, different ways travel content may be posted or discovered on Instagram, and how travel Instagrammers are inspiring audiences worldwide to experience new locations far and wide.

How Audiences Discover Their Next Dream Travel Destinations

Business Insider recently shared a map of 2017’s top dream travel destinations (contrasted from previous years):

travel Instagrammers dream destinations

According to PromoCodesForYou‘s search data (an analysis of the most searched travel destinations broken down by state), the top six travel dream destinations for the U.S. include:

top travel Instagrammers destination

While search data presents travel interest in one way (and only for the States here), Instagram paints different travel “Stories” for a global audience. Here’s how the above travel destinations rank according to the number of hashtagged posts on Instagram:

  1. Italy – 65,800,000
  2. The UK – 28,900,000
  3. Brazil – 21,800,000
  4. Jamaica – 5,700,000
  5. Bahamas – 3,200,000
  6. Cayman Islands – 400,000

Hashtagged content (and how/why people hashtag content) is not a direct comparison to search data, however, as time spent on social media increases with each generation and younger demographics, it’s important for travel, tourism, and hospitality marketers to consider how today’s audiences are most likely surfacing, discovering, and making decisions on their next travel escape.

How Travel Instagrammers Share Their Globetrotting Adventures To Millions

Within the last few years, Instagram has rolled out and continues to innovate with several new features attractive to audiences, marketers, and influencers alike. Instagram Stories (an “improved” Snapchat Stories for many) and Instagram Live (live video streaming) are among two of the top additions driving rapid and sustained growth on Instagram. In addition to these, audiences

In addition to these, audiences can search inspiration for their next travels through both top hashtags and Instagram Stories aggregated by location:

travel Instagrammers marketing

Instagram’s new algorithm may promote content receiving the most amount of engagement (likes, comments, tags, etc.); this may further result and aid in top Instagram influencers’ content served at the top of news feeds and searches. Here are a few ways travel Instagrammers are helping travel, tourism, and hospitality brands message and inspire global audiences:

Top Travel Instagrammer Murad Osmann + Airbnb

#followmeto Novodevichy convent park with @natalyosmann. #ad Together with Airbnb we are creating the first guidebook made by the locals – write about your fav locations in Moscow and StP! Do you know what my fav place in Moscow is? Novodevichy convent park. It’s a special place for Nataly and me, we love to get lost here… Write posts with #lovethislivethere hashtag and tag @airbnb – they will not only consider your place but advice a similar place somewhere in the world that you will probably love! Keep up with the news in @natalyosmann and @followmeto #следуйзамной в Новодевичий парк вместе с @natalyosmann. Друзья, вместе с Airbnb мы выпускаем первый путеводитель по Москве и Санкт-Петербургу, написанный людьми, живущими в этих городах! #ad Вы часто спрашиваете, какое мое любимое место в Москве? Отвечаю: это Новодевичий парк. Для нас с Наташей это особенное место. Здесь мы забываем обо всем и отдыхаем по-настоящему… Кстати, вы можете опубликовать фотографию своего любимого места с хэштегом #lovethislivethere, отметить @airbnb, а в ответ вам предложат похожее по атмосфере место в другой стране, где вам непременно стоит побывать! Новостей по этому проекту будет еще больше – следите за ними в аккаунтах @natalyosmann и @followmeto

A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

Widely-recognized photographer and creator of the popular #followmeto Instagram photo series Murad Osmann partners with online marketplace and hospitality service Airbnb to promote their social media campaign, #lovethislivethere, where Osmann asked his 4.6 million Instagram followers to create posts sharing their favorite place using the campaign hashtag and tagging @airbnb. In return, participants received dream travel suggestions from Airbnb. Related Post: Our Exclusive Feature Interview With Top Travel Instagrammer, Murad Osmann

Tourism Board Visit Dubai’s Instagram Campaigns With Instagram Influencers


Tourism board Visit Dubai markets around the year on Instagram with many of the top social media influencers. Visit Dubai’s strategy includes identifying and partnering with popular Instagrammers consistently at scale allowing Visit Dubai to remain relevant and top of mind for millions of Instagram users.

Hospitality Brand Fairmont Hotels + Travel Adventurer, FunForLouis

Daily vlogger and popular Instagrammer, Louis Cole, showcased one of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts marquee locations in Banff. As part of a yearlong campaign, Cole traveled to several Fairmont locations to feature and highlight the hospitality brand’s distinguishing amenities and experiences. FunForLouis’s content was shared cross-social to audiences on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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