Top YouTube Stars + Terminator Genisys In YouTube Chronicle Series

top youtube stars collaborate with schwarzenegger

Top YouTube Stars Featured In Paramount & YouTube Space LA/NY Collab

Paramount Pictures enlisted the help of several top YouTube stars in a targeted effort to reach millions and ultimately drive sales to their movie, Terminator Genisys. Paramount is one of many brands leveraging both the reach and engagement of top YouTube stars in order to successfully market a service, brand a product, or drive awareness to an event.

As a major part of Paramount’s promotional advertising strategy, Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed at YouTube’s Space LA/NY (a dedicated production studio for YouTube content creators with over 10K subscribers) with several top YouTube stars including Lilly Singh “IISuperwomanII,” Toby Turner “Tobuscus,” the MCN Machinima. Many more top YouTube channels created related content to support the the YouTube hosted series (i.e. Epic Rap Battles’ “Terminator vs. Robocop” video).

Check out the entire 3-part series here and see how well known brands like Paramount Pictures are collaborating with top YouTubers to create exceptionally well-branded creative content as a part of their targeted advertising strategy:

Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles

Part I

Why Was This Effective?

Paramount’s integration of top YouTube stars represents a standout and unprecedented branded content approach to digital marketing. Instead of wholly relying on a traditional YouTube trailer video, Paramount sponsored an inventive and original short-form web series tying in Terminator storylines, themes, and set props directly into YouTuber content.

Furthermore, Paramount was cognizant of the prodigious social media marketing value of instituting a YouTuber campaign and integrating familiar YouTuber fan favorite themes. Here, the Terminator utters YouTuber Toby Turner’s catchphrase, “bless your face” as an climactic part of the YouTube Chronicle.

The YouTubers were veritably excited to be an integral part of Terminator culture and creating content alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a result, the YouTubers themselves naturally shared insider content through the entire process fueling additional movie promotion.

YouTuber Olga Kay Tweets About Terminator

Brand Advertising Strategy With Top YouTube Stars

The YouTube Chronicles epitomizes how major brands are recognizing the far-reaching effects of marketing and cross-promoting with top YouTube stars in order to conspicuously raise brand awareness with targeted consumers. Castrol featured major tech review YouTuber Austin Evans for a behind-the-scenes look at their global #VirtualDrift YouTube ad. Nike, J. Crew, and Mercedes-Benz leveraged the filmmaking skills of YouTuber Casey Neistat to boost brand affinity and integrated marketing efforts. The popular Los Angeles Smashbox cosmetics brand recently launched a studio venture program dedicated to YouTuber beauty and fashion content creation.

Today’s consumers identify much more closely with YouTubers like Lily Singh and Tobuscus than mainstream celebrities Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. Paramount’s Terminator Genisys YouTube Chronicles precisely illustrates how today’s relevant brands recognize the compelling advantages of creating branded content alongside top YouTube stars as one of the most effective ROI strategies for exposure, high-reach, and consumer engagement.

Part II

Part III (Final)