The Top 10 Creators Doing YouTube Product Reviews

Top YouTube Product Review Channels Influencers
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The Top YouTube Product Review Channels Are Changing One Of The Internet’s Newest Genres

YouTube has democratized video creation and sharing, and in doing so, it’s popularized new kinds of digital video. React videos, Let’s Plays, Get Ready With Me videos, and more have joined the world of online content through the ingenuity and curiosity of YouTube creators and audiences.

Though relatively straightforward, product reviews and “unboxing” videos — videos where creators literally open packages to give viewers a detailed look at what’s inside — are some of the most popular videos on YouTube.

10 Top YouTube Product Review Channels & Creators

YouTube product review videos have paved the way for a new wave of influencers who aren’t necessarily beauty experts or daily vloggers, but who have trusted voices and opinions on toys, technology, and more. Here are some of the top product reviewers who are making viewers’ purchasing decisions a little bit easier by shining a light on a product’s every detail.

1. Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review – 9.4 Million Subscribers

Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review unboxes toys, many from Disney and Pixar, and keeps everything about her identity hidden except her hands and voice. With over 9 million subscribers, she is the most popular toy “unboxer” on YouTube.

Top Creator Reviews Play Doh

2. Ryan ToysReview – 8.9 Million Subscribers

On Ryan ToysReview, youngster Ryan entertains over 8 million subscribers as he plays with his favorite toys. Viewers get to see how he responds to specific toys, which helps them make the best decisions when it comes time to buy new toys for themselves or their kids. His top video has more than 800 million views.

Top Creator Reviews Toys

3. Unbox Therapy – 8.5 Million Subscribers

Unbox Therapy doesn’t just unbox and review the hottest tech gadgets on the planet, he has fun using them, too. He dives into the finer points of products, analyzing and testing their features to uncover hidden secrets, tips, and tricks for his millions of viewers.

Top Creator Reviews IPhone Plus Bend Test

4. Blu Toys Club Surprise – 5.6 Million Subscribers

Blu Toys Club Surprise specializes in toy car unboxings, but also includes reviews for popular toys and playsets. Set to thematic music, these videos provide over 5.6 million subscribers with comprehensive demonstrations of the most popular toys on the market.

Top Creator Reviews Disney Baby

5. Marques Brownlee – 4.9 Million Subscribers

Marques Brownlee is one of the most well-known tech enthusiasts whose knowledge shines in his hands-on product unboxings. Brownlee started uploading videos in 2009 and has since become known for his detailed reviews and access to new and exclusive products.

Top Creator Reviews Parents Favorite Toy

6. Matthias – 4.1 Million Subscribers

Matthias makes comedic unboxings covering the most compelling wares available, from $500 selfie drones to robot chimps. With an engaging personality and stellar sense of humor, he brings nearly 4 million subscribers reviews of the most outrageous products money can buy.

Top Creator Reviews iPhone 7

7. Vat19 – 3.9 Million Subscribers

Vat19 is an online gift store with an eccentric YouTube channel befitting its wacky, “curiously awesome” products. Vat19’s videos are far more entertaining than typical commercials and include stunts, challenges, and more. From giant catapults to untippable mugs, Vat19 always keeps viewers on their toes.

Top Creator Reviews Disney

8. Austin Evans – 2.4 Million Subscribers

Austin Evans brings the best technology to over 2 million subscribers, showcasing, testing, and reviewing products old and new. On his hit series “Building the Ultimate” he attempts to build better versions of popular gadgets already on the market.

Top Creator Reviews Austin Evans

9. ToysReviewToys – 1.5 Million Subscribers

ToysReviewToys is a kid-friendly channel built around toys that come to life. In addition to toy unboxings and reviews, viewers enjoy original videos with amusing tales starring hit characters from DC Comics, Disney, Paw Patrol, LEGO, and more.

Top Creator Reviews Mickey Mouse

10. UrAvgConsumer – 1.3 Million Subscribers

UrAvgConsumer makes videos for the ordinary tech consumer. He eases tough purchasing decisions with key insight and his “Dope or Nope” series wherein he reviews products in layman’s terms and focuses only on what’s important to average users.

Top Creator Reviews Uravconsumer

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