Top YouTube Beauty Gurus To Watch

Top YouTube Beauty Gurus

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7 Breakout YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Need To Be On Your Radar

It should be no surprise that YouTube changed the beauty industry in a big way—and vice versa. When Michelle Phan began posting beauty tutorials on the site in 2007, she was actually building an entirely new profession: the YouTube beauty guru. Phan is credited as one of the first YouTube influencers, and she has built a booming business empire out of the online beauty sphere she helped create. Though Phan’s YouTube channel is still going strong, she now divides her time between her channel and other endeavors like ipsy, the beauty subscription service she runs.

There is, of course, no shortage of talent on YouTube. A whole new generation of top YouTube beauty gurus or beauty vloggers is following in her footsteps by contributing to YouTube’s flourishing beauty community and creating some of the most popular YouTube beauty and makeup videos today.

Read on to find out our 7 favorite breakout YouTube beauty gurus:

YouTube Beauty Guru, Fleur DeForce

Fleur DeForce is rapidly moving up in the ranks of YouTube beauty gurus. Taking a cue from other massive beauty stars such as Zoella, DeForce released her own beauty line late last year. Her channel features beauty hauls and tutorials, along with more personality-driven vlogs (most notably chronicling her wedding). She has collaborated with major beauty brands like Neutrogena and The Body Shop. The British vlogger already has a solid following of 1.3 million subscribers, which is sure to continue to grow.

Eleventh Gorgeous, A Beauty YouTuber Sister Duo 

Eleventh Gorgeous (1.3 million subscribers) is made up of sister duo Tracy and Stefanie. Their videos cover the hauls, tutorials, and reviews common to beauty channels, along with their popular beauty subscription unboxing videos (including their popular “Birchbox vs. Ipsy” monthly series). The channel’s focus on affordable beauty looks and the sisters’ bubbly personalities are popular with a young audience—many of whom also follow their home decor channel, Cheap and Chic, and their personal vlog channel, TeeAndEss.

YouTube Beauty Vlogger, ItsMyRayeRaye

In her bio, ItsMyRayeRaye (1 million subscribers) discloses up front: “I’M NOT A GURU.” This is part of what makes her channel so fun and accessible. Her channel focuses on doable looks for regular people. In addition to her colorful 90s-inspired tutorials, Raye vlogs about affordable fashion and traveling. So far, the British YouTube beauty vlogger has an audience of 1 million subscribers. After being featured on popular lifestyle blog Refinery29 and receiving more much-deserved attention lately for her creativity in the beauty space, we anticipate that number to swell.

Siena Mirabella, YouTube Makeup Artist

In an interview with Tubefilter, Siena Mirabella credits Elle and Blair Fowler as early YouTube beauty gurus who fueled her interest in beauty at the age of 12. Since then, Mirabella has followed in their footsteps, gaining an audience of 1 million subscribers. Her California-style lends itself to the natural looks that she explains in her easy-to-follow tutorials. Mirabella’s channel is also peppered with Q&As, advice, and personal vlogs, making her relatable for a high-school aged audience.

RachhLoves, YouTuber Beauty Mom 

Rachel Cooper, a.k.a RachhLoves, is a self-described “YouTuber, wife, mom & adorer of all things girly”. Along with beauty videos, her channel covers fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. She also vlogs frequently about her family and children which contributes to her approachable persona. Her casual style and bright, colorful videos have gained an audience of 840,000 subscribers to date.

Emily Noel, Former News Anchor Turned YouTube vlogger

As a former news anchor, it is no surprise that Emily Noel‘s on-camera presence is polished and eloquent. Her videos focus on frugal beauty and practical style, and have found an audience of 776,000 subscribers so far. Emily also maintains a blog and is active on Instagram and Twitter, where she frequently posts about her family life—making her a likable influencer for busy women.

Rising YouTube Influencer, Amanda Ensing

Amanda Ensing‘s style is super glamorous, but you would never know from her warm and down-to-earth YouTube persona. Ensing breaks complicated beauty techniques like contouring down for viewers in a simple and thoughtful way. In addition to her monthly favorites, fashion videos, and beauty vlogs, Ensing posts frequent Q&As and uplifting messages to her viewers. With 567,000 subscribers and counting, Ensing shows no signs of stopping.

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