Top Vine Stars Dish On The Platform's Death

Top Vine Stars Tell All On Twitter Rants

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Top Vine Stars Take To Twitter To Voice Their Final Thoughts

Many of today’s most recognizable social media stars got their start on Twitter’s 2013 $30M purchase, Vine. While Twitter officially canned its 6-second looping social video platform on October 27, 2016, Vine not only paved the way for dozens of top Viners (who subsequently found fame and better monetary compensation elsewhere) but also for its direct competitors who were able to translate the novelty of Vine’s social video foray into viable marketing channels (i.e. Instagram, Snapchat, and now Facebook Video/Live).

Piques Top Vine Star Twitter RIPVine

via top Vine star, Piques who lead “The Secret Vine Meeting” with Marcus Johns and nearly two dozen Viners

As audiences, publishers, and marketers speculate on Vine’s history and demise, its top creators, Vine stars, took to Twitter to share their candid thoughts on exactly what happened and how they felt (both good, bitter, reminiscent, and more):

Many Top Vine Stars Were Grateful & Nostalgic

Top Vine Star The Gabbie Show Hanna Tweets RIPVine Death

Top Vine star Gabbie Hanna shared heartfelt candid thoughts on Twitter after learning of the 6-second looping video platform’s death. Like many other content creators, Hanna took to social media channels (in her instance, Vine) during a dark spot in her life and found/built a vibrant audience who resonate with her each day.

While Others Felt Vine’s End Was Bittersweet

Vine Star Zach King RIPVine Tweet

Top Viner Zach King who creatively used Vine’s original quick 6-second looping format to showcase his magic “digital sleight of hand,” felt bittersweet about Vine’s end. Stemming from his breakout Vine career, King has since migrated his success to several other social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube.

King recently was featured in Forbes for teaching fellow creators how to also craft entertaining and highly shareable content.

Some Top Vine Stars Were Their Humorous Selves

Top Viner King Bach Andrew Bachelor Tweet RIPVine

Vine’s most-followed influencer, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, made light of the social video platform’s death by doing what he does best: well-timed humor playing off of pop culture idioms. Fellow top Vine star Jerry Purpdrank did the same:

Jerry Purpdrank Top Viner Vine Death Tweet

One Top Viner Even Got a Tattoo?

Curtis Lepore Vine Death Tattoo Video Twitter

These Vine Creators Let Everyone Know They’re On YouTube

Lele Pons Top Vine Star On YouTube Vine Death Tweet

Award-winning social media influencer Lele Pons took to Twitter to let all of her fans know that while Vine may be ending (the Venezuelan top Viner holds the record for most “loops” on her Vine channel videos), audiences will be able to continue enjoying her content on both Instagram and YouTube.

Fellow top Viner Thomas Sanders also shared similar sentiments. Many of Vine’s top influencers began migrating their content and audiences over to other platforms long before Twitter officially shut Vine down.

Thomas Sanders Top Viner Star RIP Vine Tweet

And These Top Viners Told You So

Several Viners felt Vine’s end was inevitable. Many of these top Vine stars had met with the platform’s execs in an effort to propose significant changes to the platform they felt would have altered Vine’s course. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful and when Vine’s time came to an end last week, a few top Viners Tweeted:

Top Vine Star Jerry Purpdrank RIPVine Twitter

Destorm Power Top Vine Star Tweet RIPVine

Additionally, DeStorm Power offered the following explainer video “Why Vine Died” with his nearly 2M YouTube subscribers shedding light on the reasons leading to Vine’s death.

“Vine died because they didn’t give a shit about their creators. They were selfish and they were arrogant. They were the hardest people to reach…they didn’t pay us. Third party companies did. We changed pop culture. We had every celebrity on the app. We controlled what was funny and what songs were hot. We molded the Millennials.

Vine didn’t die, people. Vine committed suicide…I can clearly say, Vine was the worst-run platform I’ve ever witnessed. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, see they’ve got it all figured out: respect your creators…rest in pieces, Vine.”

Lastly, There Was Some Bad Blood Left

Karyn Spencer Vine Creator Development Lead Piques Tweet

via Jon Paul Piques Tweet and Vine’s Creator Development Lead, Karyn Spencer

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