The Top 10 Twitch Stats That Marketers Must Know

Twitch Statistics Live Streaming Gaming Platform

The Top Twitch Stats Prove That It’s One Of The Primary Homes For Livestreaming

The video game community was one of the first corners of the content market to adapt to and adopt livestreaming in earnest. With a community that’s ultra-engaged and an interest that lends itself to a shared experience (even with those who aren’t playing), livestreaming has become a massive part of the gaming world.

Twitch is the primary home for many broadcasters and viewers with gaming interests, but its offers extend beyond gaming, too. In order to outpace its rival, YouTube, Twitch has taken the gaming and livestreaming world by storm. With an audience of 15 million daily, Twitch presents an incredible opportunity for engagement with a different kind of influencer operating in a different space and connecting to a different audience.

Below is a roundup of the top Twitch stats that marketers need to know:

  1. Twitch users consume 71 million hours of content on a daily basis.
  2. Twitch sees an average of 15 million daily active users (DAUs).
  3. Over 2.2 million Twitch creators broadcast their games live on Twitch monthly.
  4. Twitch’s Partner Program has grown by 68% since 2017.
  5. Twitch viewers consumed 18.6 billion hours of streamed video content in 2020.
  6. Twitch’s peak viewership sits at 6.5 million views.
  7. Twitch has 140 million unique monthly visitors.
  8. Twitch has 9.2 million monthly active streamers.
  9. Daily active users spend an average of 95 minutes on Twitch.
  10. Twitch’s core demographic consists of 65% male users, 73% of which are under 35.

Twitch Stats: Top Streaming Video Game Statistics For Marketers

Though it has its share of competitors with the livestreaming offerings on Facebook and YouTube, Twitch has a firm hold on a major portion of the gaming community. Its users are deeply engaged and loyal, with millions of them spending upwards of 20 hours per week on the platform. There’s incredible opportunity for advertising with Twitch, particularly for advertisers looking to reach Gen-Z males. Here are the key Twitch stats that marketers need to know.

1. Twitch Users Consume 71 Million Hours of Content on a Daily Basis

While Twitch receives about 7% of YouTube’s monthly active users, Twitch users are consuming much more content on a per session basis. The average mobile viewing session on YouTube is 40 minutes, while Twitch boasts more than 2x that amount with 95 minutes per session. In total, Twitch users are consuming 71 million hours of content, about 14% of YouTube.

2. On Average, Twitch Sees 15 Million Daily Active Users

According to Twitch, the platform draws in 15 million daily active users. In addition to this, they have 3 million monthly broadcasters. Creators on the platform are a considerable percentage of users compared to other platforms. 

3. Over 2.2 Million Users Broadcast Streams Each Month

Twitch Statistics Live Streaming Gaming Platform

In an effort to continue boosting viewership and inspire viewers to interact and discover new games, over 2.2 million broadcasters share their games live each month on Twitch.

A pivotal part of Twitch’s success is its creators. Each month, over 2 million streamers create live content for viewers. Twitch is the foremost platform for gamers and gaming culture, but not all of the livestreamed content on the platform is gaming focused. There are streams for everything from artists painting and illustrating to musicians putting on live-streamed shows.

4. Twitch’s Partner Program Has Grown by 68% Since 2017 

Twitch Statistics Live Streaming Gaming Platform

Since 2017, the number of Twitch Partners has increased 68% from 27,000 to 45,365. Twitch’s Partner Program is made up of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters and is the avenue through which broadcasters can start monetizing their streams. Partners have the opportunity to share in advertising revenue and make all or part of their streams open to paying subscribers. There’s also an opportunity for Partners to create and sell merchandise through Twitch’s “Teespring Program.”

5. Twitch Viewers Consumed 18.6 Billion Hours of Streamed Video Content in 2020

In 2020, Twitch viewers watched 18.6 billion hours of streamed content, a significant surge from previous years. Since its founding, Twitch has been able to generate consistent growth year over year and its future continues to look bright. Twitch’s best year to date is 2020, where they saw a 70% increase in consumed content.

6. Twitch’s Peak Viewership Sits at 6.5 Million Views

We know that Twitch draws almost 15 million active users every day, but drawing them at the same time is another matter entirely. Twitch’s record for viewers tuning in at the same time (albeit to different streams and content) is over 6.5 million. That’s more live streams than Super Bowl 51.

7. Twitch Has 140 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

With steady growth year-over-year, Twitch has climbed up to 140 million unique monthly average users, nearly 7% of YouTube’s monthly average users. In the last few years, Twitch has entered into the ballpark of many of the largest social media platforms we know today such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Today, Twitch sits at 14% of Instagram’s MAU, 14% of TikTok’s MAU, and 7% of YouTube’s MAU.

8. Twitch Has 9.2 Million Monthly Active Streamers

The growth of monthly active streamers closely resembles the growth of the number of active users on the platform. In 2020, the number of monthly active streamers jumped from 3.9 million to 9.2 million —  nearly a 135% increase.

9. Twitch’s Daily Active Users Spend an Average Of 95 Minutes on the Platform Watching Live Gaming Daily

More recent numbers suggest that Twitch’s users spend a little over an hour and a half consuming video content each day. The average 95 minutes a day that Twitch daily active users spend watching live gaming contributes to the highly interactive network of gamers and spectators.

Twitch’s users are super engaged and spend a lot of time on Twitch, with almost half of them spending 20 hours or more on the platform every week. According to Nielsen, the average American watches 4.3 hours of television per week, meaning that among its most dedicated users, Twitch nearly surpasses time spent watching TV.

10. Twitch’s Core Demographic Consists of 65% Male Users, 73% of Which Are Under 35.

Twitch’s core demographic is largely male under the age of 35, while this majority has been shrinking over time. Twitch’s predominantly gen-z audience makes the platform an enticing advertising avenue. Since Twitch’s users are so engaged and a considerable amount of time on the platform, there’s a massive opportunity for advertisers looking to communicate with such a young audience.