The 10 Top Travel Instagram Influencers Whose Journeys You Should Follow In 2019

top travel instagram influencers

Top Travel Instagrammers Embark On Wild Adventures

Many have made it their new year’s resolution to travel more in 2019. With 195 countries to explore across the globe, it can be difficult knowing where to start. But with the help of Instagram and its well-traveled influencers, people can find inspiration and seek knowledge about popular travel destinations. As a rising photo-sharing platform, Instagram offers one of the best avenues for top travel influencers to post striking shots of their trips abroad and document stories of their wandering adventures.

On top of documenting the places they’ve visited by dropping pins and sharing wondrous images, but top travel Instagram influencers also explore different cultures, lifestyles, food and more. From being self-taught photographers to leaving their 9-to-5 job, these Instagram influencers have created a travel community and even started social movements.

With a fresh start to a new year, we’ve identified travelers who are embarking on unique and authentic journeys—ones definitely worth following this year. Join these top 10 travel Instagram influencers to inspire your wanderlust in 2019 and beyond.

Top 10 Travel Instagrammers To Follow

1. Murad Osmann – 4.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Murad Osmann travels the world with his wife, Nataly, and has a powerful reputation in the travel influencer industry. His content can be easily identified—a woman pulling his hand towards the destination. In 2011, his fame sprouted when one of his photos blew up on social media. Not only is Osmann known for his stunning images around the world, but most notably for initiating a movement called #followmeto.

2. Chris Burkard – 3.3M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Chris Burkard is a phenomenal travel influencer on Instagram, one who taught himself photography and travel skills. Born and raised in California, he was a freelance photographer for many brands, such as Volcom, Apple Inc., and American Airlines. Burkard continued to thrive in his career, including shooting the album art for Justin Bieber, publishing eight books, winning 15 awards, and partaking in four exhibits. He currently works as a senior staff photographer at Surfer Magazine while traveling the world. His content has been described as “unreal, mind-blowingly beautiful, and mesmerizing.”

3. Jack Morris – 2.8M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

From traveling to Finland to Indonesia to Portugal, Jack Morris has explored the corners of the earth. He specializes in shooting remarkable images that capture various cultures and natural wonders. He also features his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), another travel influencer with 2 million followers on Instagram. Together, the power couple has traveled over 20 countries together and has struck partnerships with Airbnb, Uber, Royal Caribbean, Air NZ, and more.

4. Jennifer Tuffen – 2.7M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Born in England and raised in a small town outside of Amsterdam, Jennifer Tuffen is a British creator and writer who started her travel blog six years ago. During her childhood, she attended international schools and befriended many peers of different cultures and religions. Her international upbringing can be seen through her vibrant work and high-spirited personality. Tuffen even created a photo-editing app, izkiz Cam, to help her fans create their own amazing travel images.

5. Jessica Stein – 2.5M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Jessica Stein is an Australian travel blogger and a proud mommy as of April 2017. Her content is simply raw and authentic, featuring vintage and designer clothes while she trots around the globe. named her one of the most influential style bloggers in 2013. Stein’s adventures tug at our heartstrings as her work centers around her daughter who is diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 3—an extremely rare chromosome disorder. She uses Instagram as a platform to inspire mothers and bring awareness to chromosome disorders, creating a community of fellow mothers and explorers.

6. The Bucket List Family – 1.6M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

This loving family of five sold and traded everything to travel the world. Jessica and Garrett Gee met in Vladivostok, Russia during a mission for church. Once they started dating, Garrett sold his software to Snapchat for $54 million—the launch of their escapade. Along with their three children, they traveled for three years and visited 65 countries. The Gee family has since settled down in Hawaii, but continues to chase dreams abroad.

7. Louis Cole – 1.4M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Unlike the other travel influencers featured on our list, Louis Cole—who goes by the alias FunforLouis—thrives on risk-taking. This adrenaline junkie will go anywhere in search of activities most of us would be too frightened to watch. Originally from England, Cole made his big break when he posted videos of him eating unorthodox foods, such as scorpions and goldfish. Then, he started vlogging travel content and was recognized by Forbes as one of the top 10 world travel influencers in 2017. Cole continues to build his fan base through positivity and an unmatched willingness to try new things.

8. Tara Whiteman – 1.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Tara Whiteman, also known as Tara Milk Tea, is well-known for her beautiful and vibrant content. From Sydney, Australia, she started traveling at a young age. She states that her “images [are] portrayed through a kaleidoscope of color” as she sets out to discover the brightest and most alluring places all over the world. She attributes her creative flair to her degree and career in the digital space, working full-time on projects with clients while managing her blog and Instagram.

9. Keira Rumble – 478K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

While sharing gorgeous shots of her worldly travels, Kiera promotes a healthy lifestyle as a foodie and nutritionist. She previously struggled with her weight and a close call with diabetes, spurring Rumble to make lifestyle changes. So, she created healthy food alternatives and began sharing her recipes online. Her wholesome and natural snacks (@krumbledfoods) are available on her online shop, and she continues to leverage Instagram to promote a healthy life full of travel.

10. Melissa Hie – 396K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

After receiving her degree in San Diego, California, Melissa Hie spontaneously moved to Singapore without knowing a single person. This leap introduced a new love for travel back in 2014. Her content highlights the exquisite places she encounters while weaving in her passion for food. Melissa claims that she pursues food with a curious and tasty nature first, then shares the location: “Usually it’s just local food with an iconic location, since I like to tell a story about the place I visited through food or the location itself.”