The Top 10 Teenage YouTubers Setting Trends On Social Media


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10 Teenage YouTubers That Have Become Mainstream Celebrities

Having grown up with social media, teenage YouTubers appeal to a demographic, Generation Z, that loves online video. On average Generation Z members, those born in the early 2000s, spend 17 hours a day looking at screens. Compared to only 52% of Millennials who report visiting YouTube every day, 72% of Gen Z members do so.

Popular teenage YouTubers ages 13-19 are constantly creating videos for their highly engaged peers and reaching out to their viewers. Marketers should take note of these YouTubers and their access to the newest consumers.

Here we’ve broken down the top 10 teenage YouTubers in descending order of subscribers.

10 Most Popular Teen YouTube Stars—Top Teenage YouTubers

1. MattyBRaps — 10.4 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTubers

15-year-old Matthew Morris, better known as MattyBRaps, is a children’s singer hailing from Georgia. Morris primarily creates song covers and remixes that he posts each week. His most viewed video to date is a music video of the popular song, “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Glass Hereos, which has garnered over 239 million views.

Morris has also transformed his online success into mainstream musical stardom. His original music is available on Spotify and other streaming services. He shows little signs of slowing down and maintains a cumulative social reach of over 23.4 million.

2. Its JoJo Siwa — 6.8 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

JoJo Siwa is a 15-year-old dancer, singer, and YouTube personality currently living in Los Angeles. Siwa posts music videos, dance tutorials, challenge videos, and collaborations with other top YouTubers each week.

Outside of YouTube, Siwa has reached mainstream success and appeared in two seasons of the Lifetime television series Dance Moms. Her original music can also be found on Spotify. She collaborated with retailer J.C. Penney to release a line of bedroom decor, accessories, and a JoJo doll. 

3. Brooklyn and Bailey — 5.2 Million Subscribers

Teenage YouTuber Brooklyn and Bailey

Identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight make up the YouTube channel Brooklyn and Bailey. Based in Texas, the two 18-year-old sisters are budding singers and recently embarked on a United States tour.

Brooklyn and Bailey regularly post music videos, vlogs, and challenges. Since starting on YouTube in 2010, they have amassed more than 5.2 million subscribers and 786 million video views. The twins run an online shop selling their exclusive Lash Next Store mascara and hair scrunchies. 

4. Johnny Orlando — 3.2 Million Subscribers

Teenage YouTuber Johnny Orlando

15-year-old star and YouTuber Johnny Orlando is a musical pop star. In the six years since he published his first cover on YouTube, he’s accumulated millions of followers, and is now best known for his boyish good looks and swoon-worthy originals.

Johnny is being hailed as the next Justin Bieber, the fellow Canadian-native has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2016.

5. Jacob Sartorius — 3 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

Rolf Jacob Sartorius, better known as Jacob Sartorius, is a 15-year-old singer and internet personality. His YouTube channel consists of lyric videos and music videos that showcase his original music. Cumulatively, Sartorius maintains an enormous social reach of over 30 million.

In November 2017, Sartorius will embark on a multi-country musical tour that includes Mexico, Canada, and the United States. His EP “Left Me Hangin” is currently available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify.

6. Baby Ariel — 3 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

Internet personality and singer Ariel Martin, known by the name Baby Ariel, is a 17-year-old hailing from Florida. She regularly shares challenges, vlogs, and other lifestyle videos with her 3 million subscribers.

Martin’s mainstream popularity can be largely accredited to, the video sharing mobile app on which she maintains over 28 million fans. In 2017, Time Magazine deemed her one of the 25 most influential people online worldwide.

7. Annie LeBlanc — 3 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber Annie LeBlanc

13-year-old Annie LeBlanc is a member of the widely popular Bratayley family vlog channel, which is run by her father Billy and also features her sister Hayley and mother Katie. In 2008, Annie’s own YouTube channel launched and has since grown to over 3 million subscribers.

Annie posts gymnastics videos, challenges, and other lifestyle content. She also stars in the YouTube red series We Are Savvy and is pursuing a career as a singer.

8. Jaclyn and Casey — 2.8 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

Sisters and best friends Jaclyn and Casey are the stars of the 2.8 million subscriber YouTube channel JacyandKacy. As trendsetting crafters, Jaclyn and Casey experiment with the internet’s challenges and recreate the newest products.

Even more, the pair act as teen lifestyle gurus. Their affordable lifestyle and enthusiasm about life make them characters that audiences can easily relate to.

9. All4tubekids — 2.8 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

Sisters Brittany (19), Brianna (16), and Katelynn (7) make up the YouTube channel All4tubekids alongside their father Roland. The family of four posts pranks, challenges, and vlogs multiple times a week.

Whether performing a prank or being pranked themselves, the sisters bring personality and lightheartedness to the camera. To date, they have amassed 2.8 million subscribers and over 906 million video views.

10. Kitties Mama — 2.3 Million Subscribers

Top Teenage YouTuber

The phenomenally family-friendly and fun YouTube channel KittiesMama is owned by a family of five, and is commanded by three spunky and silly kids, Noah, Jonah, and Emma. Their videos feature toy demonstrations, unboxings, family vlogs, challenges, tutorials, and more.

They aim to set an example for other families and 2.3 million YouTube viewers who look to run their own households.