The Top 10 Pinterest Influencers Curating Content Online

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10 Pinterest Influencers Sparking Your Next DIY, Style, Or Home Improvement Project

Pinterest launched in 2010 and has since amassed 200M monthly active users. In the past year alone, the social media site has also reportedly grown 40%. Pinterest is a platform where users connect based on their interest in particular products and topics. Users create “boards” that pertain to a specific topic, like interior design, and curate images and products sourced from across the internet.

On YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites certain users have amassed millions of followers, and Pinterest is no different. The top 10 Pinterest influencers today have followers in the multi-millions and have used their online success to partner with brands and start businesses.

The Best Pinterest Influencers Guiding Trends Online

Top Pinterest influencers demonstrate a strong sense of style and can guide product trends. Here we’ve gathered the top users on the platform today who are inspiring audiences and sharing their latest interests with millions.

1. Joy Cho / Oh Joy! – 13 Million Followers


Graphic designer Joy Cho boasts an astonishing 13 million followers on Pinterest. She got her start as a blogger, and then expanded to other social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cho creates Pinterest boards on the topics of interior design, cooking, style, and more. She has used her online success to start her own graphic design studio, publish 3 books, and create a line of original homeware products in partnership with Target.

2. Maryann Rizzo – 9 Million Followers


Maryann Rizzo is an American interior designer that runs the Pinterest account of the same name. Though she remains relatively anonymous, Rizzo curates Pinterest content focused exclusively on interior design.

Her most followed board is called “Everything” and includes furniture, artwork, and holiday specific decorations. Rizzo also manages the Tumblr page Curated Style, which is an extension of her interior design interests.

3. Bekka Palmer – 8.5 Million Followers


Photographer and textile artist Bekka Palmer hails from Brooklyn, New York. Images of interior design, clothes/accessories, and artwork can be found on her Pinterest.

In addition to Pinterest, Palmer runs a website where fans can purchase her textile artwork and original photography prints. She also blogs about her recent travels and current interests.

4. Poppytalk – 8.1 Million Followers


The Pinterest page Poppytalk is run by Vancouver B.C. creatives Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson. The pair created a lifestyle blog specializing in interior design and cooking, and use Pinterest to gather inspiration and share ideas.

In 2014, Poppytalk collaborated with Target to create an original product line that includes tableware, water bottles, and more. Halvarson and Einarson have also leveraged their success as Pinterest influencers to partner with Tiffany & Co., Roots Canada, and Staples.

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5. Cathie Hong – 8 Million Followers


Designer Cathie Hong lives in San Jose, California with her husband Steven and two children, and pins on the topics of interior design and style. Her Pinterest board “Fashion & Style” has more than 3 million followers.

Hong also has a knack for calligraphy and penmanship. In 2010, she launched her own online stamp store, which sells handmade and custom stamps that she creates.

6. Jane Wang – 7.7 Million Followers

Little is known about Pinterest star Jane Wang, who describes herself as a Chinstrap Penguin from Antarctica on her profile. Nevertheless, she has accumulated more than 7.7M followers and her board “Delicious,” a collection of recipes, has more than 6 million followers alone.

Wang pins on a variety of topics including animals, books, DIY projects, and yoga. Her boards are wide ranging and feature something for everyone.

7. Bonnie Tsang – 7.7 Million Followers


Los Angeles based editorial and commercial photographer Bonnie Tsang runs the Pinterest account Bonnie Tsang. Her page is clean cut and features interior design, style, travel, and food images.

Offline Tsang has used her photography skills to assist clients such as Sephora, Gap, Warby Parker, and Barneys New York. She also provides brand consulting in the areas of art direction and social strategy.

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8. Evelyn – 6.8 Million Followers


Evelyn is a Pinterest influencer from Arkansas who curates travel photography, recipe ideas, books, and more. Her board “Nature’s Windows” is one of her most popular and includes stunning landscape images.

Evelyn curates content for those seeking travel inspiration or looking for humorous content. She also has boards dedicated to memes, adorable animals, and inspiring quotes, which makes for an eclectic and diverse account.

9. Molly Pickering – 6.8 Million Followers


Molly Pickering started on Pinterest in 2011 and has since amassed more than 6.8 million followers. The San Antonio, Texas native has a passion for cinema and fashion and maintains popular boards on both topics.

Pickering’s Pinterest is clean and organized. Some of her other boards focus on interior design, pets, and travel, and she creates clever board names such as “Teh-lay-vee-see-own.” and “Dropping knowledge.”

10. Pejper // Anna K. – 6.8 Million Followers


Sophia and Anna K. started the Pinterest account Pejper // Anna K. as an extension of their blog Pejper. The Swedish bloggers pin on the topics of interior design, cooking, and fashion.

The pair has an eye for modern and minimalistic design, which is a continuing theme across all of their Pinterest boards. One of their popular boards, “Out and about” maintains over 93,000 followers and showcases restaurant and cafe design.

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