The Top 15 Pet Influencers Whose Instagram Followings Speak for Themselves

Top Pet Influencers Instagram
Top Pet Influencers Instagram

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The Top 15 Pet Influencers Delight 22 Million Total Followers

The influencer space has expanded from fashion, travel, and fitness to pets. The “pet influencer” title is not just for cats and dogs—in the past few years, the subgroup has evolved to welcome hedgehogs, hamsters, horses, and plenty more. Despite the obvious differences in communication, top pet influencers have engagement rates, sponsorships, and audience followings very comparable to their human influencer predecessors. With devoted parents to help share their stories, these animal influencers have the unique ability to reach animal lovers of all ages—and melt their hearts.

Here we’ve compiled the top 10 pet influencers based on their uniqueness, followings, and charm. Their influence is undeniable with a combined following of 22 million. This diverse bunch of critters is making wags in the social media space and they prove that influencers come in many shapes, sizes, breeds, and species.

Pet Influencers: Most Popular Animals On Instagram

1. Jiff Pom – 8.9M Followers

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Summer campin’⛺️with @Target #TargetStyle #ad

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This list would not be complete without the most followed animal influencer of them all—Jiff Pom. With 28 million followers across all social media channels, this brown Pomeranian reigns as the top pet influencer and has a book deal, calendar, and an online store to prove it. The cuddly pup loves hanging out with his famous friends, doing handstands, and creating content for brands like Target and Nature’s Recipe.

2. Nala The Cat – 3.7M Followers

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Boop my nose ?

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The Siamese and Tabby mix holds a Guinness World Record for her extraordinary 3.7 million Instagram followers. Her feed consists of playful videos and close-up shots of her big, round eyes. She is an ambassador for Halopets and CbdMD, and is a member of the Wayfair Pet Squad. Nala’s owner shared with us in an interview that Nala likely rose to fame due to being one of the first cat accounts to post consistent content in an animal’s voice.

3. Doug The Pug – 3.6M Followers


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“It’s how I roll” -Doug • My bucket list? Ride in a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. What’s urs? #ad

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The most famous pug in the world, Doug spends the majority of his time creating pug-themed home video spoofs and playing dress up for his 3.6 million Instagram followers. Along with acting, modeling, and spending time with his celebrity YouTuber friends, he sells his own merch on Etsy and manages a YouTube account of 200,000 subscribers. In 2017 Doug won a Shorty award for “Instagrammer of the Year.” He has most recently collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and Claire’s.

4. Juniper The Fox – 2.5M Followers

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The worst documented shark attack of 2018.

A post shared by J U N I P E R & F I G (@juniperfoxx) on

The “happiest fox” shares Instagram fame with her brother Fig. Juniper is typically seen terrorizing Fig, snoozing, or guarding her human’s bed. In our interview with Juniper’s owner Jessika, she reveals some of Juniper’s favorite things—marshmallows and ear rubs.

5. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong The Marmosets – 1M Followers

The “most famous monkeys in the world” were featured in LADBible’s video that garnered over 23,600,00 views in 2016. The Miami-raised best friends have a following of just over a million and have worked with businesses like Two Hats Beer Company and The Klique App.

6. Jill The Squirrel – 610K Followers


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A post shared by Jill The Squirrel (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel) on

Jill is a six-year-old rescued squirrel who loves dressing up and taking naps. She has over 610,000 followers and has a feature video on The Dodo’s Facebook page with over 79 million views and 1,466,994 shares. Jill is an influencer in her own right with sponsored deals from Squawk Box, Tribe Socks, and Popyourpup.

7. Bodhi The Menswear Dog – 365K Followers

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Mensweardog Fall/ Winter 2018 collection just dropped ⚡️ Get yours: ? link in bio ?

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Bodhi, more commonly known as the menswear dog, is the most fashionable dog in the world, with 365,000 Instagram followers who look towards him for the latest trends in dog, human, and human-dog fashion. The Shiba Inu has been featured in GQ, Time Magazine, and The New York Times. The Instagram fashion superstar recently launched his own FW18 Mensweardog clothing line.

8. Hamlet The Pig – 345K Followers


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SURPRISE! We’ve partnered up with @discfamily for their #PicsforTreats Contest! Head over to the link in our BIO to learn how you can participate! #Ad

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This little pig with big dreams hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and has an Instagram following of 345,000. The verified influencer has her own Etsy shop and works as a therapy pig on the side.

9. Popeye The Mutt – 327K Followers


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Takes dinner planning very seriously… . . . #popeyethefoodie #cravings2

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Popeye is a rescue mutt turned LA food blogger with 327,000 fans on Instagram. The pup is normally seen smiling (tongue wagging) in front of a large table full of delicious food at a trendy pet-friendly restaurant. The verified pup has created content for the movie Alpha, and brands like, Pup-Peroni and Fiat among others.

10. Jax The Siberian Husky – 161K Followers


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What the fluff?!? 〰️ Try this with your pet. Post it, tag me and add #WhatTheFluffChallenge / #WhatTheFluff I’ll be sharing my favourite ones This is where the challenge and hashtag started

A post shared by ★ J A X ★ (@siberianhusky_jax) on

Competing with a large number of Instagram huskies, Jax holds his own. With 161,000 followers and an average engagement rate of 12.01%, Jax and his owner Sandra create freshly entertaining and adorable content. Most recently they are credited with creating the viral “What The Fluff Challenge” which has generated over 60,518 posts to date of pet users attempting the magic-trick challenge. Subtitled videos and picture posts documenting daily shenanigans showcase Jax’s loveable and animated personality.

11. Lionel The Hog – 134K Followers

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Just a little #Monday reminder that you are a STAR ?

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Joining the likes of Instagram favorites Mr. Pokee and Darcy & Matthew is little Lionel from Charleston, South Carolina. With 134,000 Instagram followers, Lionel has already secured a coveted spot in Wayfair’s Pet Squad and it’s not hard to see why. Lionel’s feed consistently captures self-portraits with aesthetically pleasing backdrops. Lionel’s exquisite interior design taste and appreciation for neighborhood landscapes show why he is a perfect long-term brand ambassador for the home goods company’s pet line.

12. Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla – 107K Followers

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Caption this! #MrBagel #chinchilla #snacktime

A post shared by Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla (@chinnybuddy) on

Mr. Bagel has made a name for himself on Instagram and it’s not solely due to being white and fluffy. Typically holding appropriately-sized miniature props, the adorable pet is an advocate against animal testing and the fur industry. He even partnered with The Body Shop in their ongoing “Forever Against Animal Testing” campaign to ban animal testing globally by 2020.

13. Teddy The Shetland Pony – 106K Followers

Teddy has more hobbies than most three-year-olds. He spends most of his time modeling, swimming, and volunteering as a therapy pony. With 105,000 Instagram followers and an average of over 130 comments per post, this adorable Shetland has landed sponsorships with companies like Amazon and Puffin Books UK.

14. Boris The Chameleon – 66K Followers

Top Pet Influencer

Boris has one of the most popular reptile accounts on Instagram with over 66,400 supportive followers. This vibrant reptile is typically captured playing with his devoted mom Emily, and climbing all over her colorful socks. He also has a hashtag #FriendsOfBorisTheChameleon with 4,161 posts and counting.

15. Tito The Raccoon – 55K Followers

Tito, a rescued raccoon is a micro-influencer set for success with over 55,000 Instagram followers and around 70,000 YouTube followers. He has already had several brand deals due to his following and intelligent personality. He enjoys swimming, hiking, and even painting!

Other Notable Animal Influencers On Instagram