The Top 10 Patreon Statistics Marketers Need To Know

Patreon Statistics
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The Top Patreon Statistics Prove That It’s Changing Influencer And Creative Communities

Since launching in 2013, Patreon has undergone dramatic growth. There are more fans pledging more money to artists on the platform than ever, and it’s having a demonstrable impact on creative and influencer communities. As creators find more ways to monetize, their content and ability to connect with audiences grow stronger. Patreon is helping creators make a living while they create and, in doing so, is fundamentally altering the way creators work and interact with fans.

From Simone Giertz to Hank Green and host of creatives in between, Patreon creators are redefining what it means to make a living in art. Patreon’s success paints a picture of a robust network of fans who are active and engaged in communities surrounding creative work. These statistics prove that top influencers and creatives are drawing big crowds who are invested in their work and success.

See the top 10 stats that prove that Patreon’s creating fostering a supportive and devoted community of patrons and fans.

1. Patreon has over 1 million patrons and 50,000 creators on its platform

The platform has seen incredible growth in the last year, doubling the number of patrons and creators using Patreon. These patrons have paid creators millions and engage with them regularly. As a result, more creators are using the platform as another way to monetize their work. With over 1 million patrons and 50,000 creators, the platform is stronger than ever.

2. Patreon is estimated to pay creators $150 million in 2017

In 2016, Patreon crossed the threshold of $100 million paid to creators. 2017 is poised to pass that mark by a wide margin. Patreon estimates that it will pay creators $150 million this year as the number of patrons and creators continues to grow.

3. The top 35 creators earned over $150,000 in 2016

Patreon’s platform is designed around the idea that it’s for everyone — from the webcomic creators with 10 supporters to the ultra popular creators that are supported by thousands of patrons every month. In 2016, 35 of the top creators earned over $150,000, with most earning between $150,000-$200,000 and some earning more than $450,000.

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4. Patrons pay an average of $12 to creators each month

Patrons on Patreon can pledge whatever they’d like to creators on a monthly or per creation basis, depending on how a creator’s page is set up. Patrons can also set up a monthly threshold to ensure that they’re never surpassing their budget if creators put out a number of projects in a month. Between per project and monthly payments, patrons pay creators $12 per month on average.

5. 55% of creators’ patrons are new to Patreon when they pledge

A clear indicator of Patreon’s growth is the number of creators’ patrons who are new users. Fifty-five percent of creators’ patrons are using Patreon for the first time when they pledge, meaning that the platform is consistently drawing new users to creator causes and building its community.

6. The number of creators making at least $100/month increased 200x each year from May 2013 to 2016

Patreon launched in May 2013, and since then it’s seen steady and impressive growth. There were only a handful of creators making $100 or more per month when Patreon launched, but as of May 2016, that number’s climbed to nearly 8,000. As more creators find ways to use Patreon to support their art, Patreon will likely continue to be a gathering place for the world’s most influential creators in today’s world.

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7. Creators net 92% of money they’re paid by patrons

Patreon charges a 5% fee and standard payment processing fees, but creators take home over 90% of the money that patrons pledge to their work. The 5% fee is relatively standard — Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe implement similar percentage fees.

8. Over 6,000 patrons support ten or more creators

Though many patrons are first-time users, Patreon’s community is full of extremely supportive fans. More than 6,000 of those fans support ten or more creators. Patreon isn’t just home to people who are fans of a single project or creation. Many Patreon users are fans of a variety of works, and many of them are backing a number of projects and artists.

9. The average amount patrons contribute per pledge is $6.70

Creators on Patreon have the option of setting up their creator pages for monthly or per-project pledges. Pledges come in different tiers (i.e. $1, $3, $5, $10, etc.) and come with corresponding perks — things like monthly livestreams, Google Hangouts, exclusive content, and more. Fans are paying an average of $12 to creators per month, but the average pledge on Patreon is $6.70, meaning that a large number of patrons contribute per project.

10. 45% of creators decided to launch Patreon pages due to a recommendation from another creator on social media

Patreon’s supporter community is strong, but so is its creator community. When polled by Patreon, 45% of creators said that they decided to try Patreon based on a recommendation from another creator through social media. Votes of confidence from creators themselves have driven growth on Patreon and helped foster a positive, supportive community.

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