Mother's Day Edition: The Best Mom Bloggers, Instagrammers, & YouTubers

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Celebrating The Best Mommy Bloggers, Instagrammers, & YouTube Channels

Mothers are powerful figures, both as the matriarchs of our families and as engaging bloggers and top social media influencers who use their platforms (traditional blogs, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, or a combination of platforms, networks, and apps) to give advice to and influence the decisions of millions of other family-oriented social media users. Because mothers tend to make the majority of household purchasing decisions—in 2015, eMarketer reported that moms make around 80% of purchasing decisions, accounting for $3.1 trillion in spending—collaborating with the best mommy bloggers and family-focused social media influencers provides the best way for brands to reach this 85-million-strong consumer demographic (Pew Research).

To explore the influential power of blogs and social media accounts dedicated to motherhood and recognize the most important women in our lives, we’ve compiled a list of just a few of our favorite mommy bloggers, Instagram parents, and family-focused YouTubers. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

How Mommy Bloggers & Social Media Influencers Have Changed Digital Marketing

While many mom/family bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers turn to social media as a way to share their experiences and engage with a like-minded digital community, others look to social media platforms and blogs for advice about what products to buy, what services to invest in, and where to take their children for medical checkups, birthday parties, and countless other activities. According to a survey by BlogHer, Inc., a network and publisher for women, 90% of mothers polled trusted the recommendations of “mommy bloggers,” and 64% of mothers said they would purchase a product based on the recommendation of a social media influencer or blogger.

For brands, collaborating with the best mommy bloggers, family-focused Instagrammers, and parenting YouTubers is an extremely effective way to reach each social media star’s engaged audience while leveraging the trust that mothers have earned from years of publishing and interacting with readers/followers/subscribers.

The Best Mommy Blogs

Best Mommy Bloggers - Love Taza - Mediakix Influencer Marketing

Love Taza

Naomi Davis started her blog, Love Taza, in the summer of 2007 to document her newlywed life in Washington, D.C. and New York City for her friends and family. By sharing pieces about her love for motherhood, family, and traveling, Davis has attracted thousands of new readers and engaged followers along the way.

Best Mommy Blogger - Cup Of Jo - Mediakix Influencer Marketing

Cup of Jo

Founded in January 2007, Cup of Jo, Joanna Goddard’s family-focused blog, receives an impressive 5.5 million monthly page views. From the blog’s refined articles on beauty and relationships to Goddard’s authentic take on motherhood, Cup of Jo covers a variety of interests and attracts approximately 1 million unique visitors every month.

Popular Instagram Moms To Follow

Staying up past bedtime in pajamas for the sunset last night ? #Ireland #castlerockbeach #bfbtravel

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Barefoot Blonde

Self-proclaimed “braid-obsessed blogger,” Amber Fillerup Clark boasts an impressive 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her colorful and lighthearted posts give her loyal followers a window into her cuddly relationship with her little ones and a glimpse into her endearing marriage.

Pink Peonies

Stylish mom Rach Parcell features her two loves, fashion and her adorable baby, Isla Rose, on her popular Instagram account. To date, Pink Peonies has earned over 700,00 followers who regularly engage with the popular Instagrammer to see photos of her cheerful baby and luxurious accessories.

Best YouTube Mommy Vloggers & Channels

It’s Judy’s Life

YouTuber Judy Travis engages her subscribers by sharing vlogs that highlight her everyday life. She documents everything from her journey through pregnancy to family trips to running errands, but it is Travis’ willingness to show her 1.3 million subscribers life’s highs and lows that makes this YouTuber truly relatable.

Ellie and Jared

Ellie and Jared Mecham began vlogging in 2011 to document their infertility journey. Now, with two babies and over 600,000 subscribers, the couple engages followers with an ever-changing family dynamic as their young children grow up in front of the camera.

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