The Top 25 Lifestyle Bloggers To Know On Instagram

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25 Top Lifestyle Bloggers That Are Sharing To Millions Around The World

UPDATE February 11, 2020 — Lifestyle bloggers are known by millions across the world for their impeccable taste and their eye for all that is beautiful in the world. The most renowned lifestyle bloggers share and inspire audiences worldwide on a wide range of topics, including home, travel, family, food, fashion, and beauty.

By sharing blog posts inspired by their everyday lives and interests, they are able to appeal to diverse audiences, and come across as relatable and genuine. For these reasons, top lifestyle bloggers have become central components of many brands’ influencer marketing campaigns.

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most influential, top lifestyle bloggers of Instagram that all marketers should be aware of. We have also added five up and coming lifestyle Instagrammers with recent sponsored campaigns that have caught our attention. 

zoe sugg top lifestyle influencers

Zoe Sugg of the YouTube channel ‘Zoella’ specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. The success of her lifestyle blog has led her to create her own range of beauty products appropriately named ‘Zoella Beauty.’ She creates videos of all types typically longer than 30 minutes each and garners view counts in the millions.

While her presence on YouTube quickly launched her as one of the top lifestyle influencers, today she is primarily active on Instagram. She has two Instagram accounts, Zoe Sugg and Zoella and together they total 10.8 million followers.

lauren conrad top lifestyle bloggers

While not a native Instagram Influencer, Reality star Lauren Conrad is considered one of the top lifestyle influencers due to her social media skills, relatability, and of course her enviable Instagram feed. The savvy businesswoman has multiple clothing lines, bestselling books and her own lifestyle brand. Her uniform and elegant Instagram feeds, (she has one personal, two lifestyle, and one non-profit) inspire her almost 9 million followers.

sincerely jules top lifestyle bloggers

Julie Sarinana is best known for her lifestyle and fashion blog, Sincerely Jules, which features her chic California style. She has toured in over 13 countries sharing her travels and fashion tips to her millions of engaged fans. Her Instagram regularly features sponsored posts from high end fashion labels, and editorial style photography capturing her day to day. Julie Sarinana has an accessories line at Target, Sincerely Scunci, and has partnered with brands like Nordstrom, Revolve and Billabong just to name a few.


top lifestyle bloggers doyoutravel

One of the top travel influencers, English Instagram star Jack Morris left his 9-5 job at age 22 to pursue social media stardom. His photos are set across the globe, from Cambodia to Finland. His long-form captions reveal exciting discoveries and stories about the local communities of the countries he visits.

Over the past 7 years, his stunning images and relatable storytelling have led to many sponsored partnerships with brands across all verticals such as Tiffany & Co, American Express, and BeatsbyDre. His exotic travels have also brought him to find his girlfriend and fellow travel influencer Lauren Bullen.

aspyn ovard top lifestyle bloggers

Aspyn Ovard Ferris is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based out of Utah where she lives with her newborn daughter Cove and her Youtube Star husband Parker Ferris. She started her influencing career on Youtube and maintains a slightly larger following on her personal Youtube channel with 3.2 million followers than her 2.1 million follower Instagram account.

Her pastel-toned feed averages an impressive 10% engagement rate and regularly features lifestyle content and well-known brands such as Olay, EOS, Hollister, Barilla, and Shutterfly.

amber fillerup top lifestyle bloggers

Barefoot Blonde creator Amber Fillerup Clark lives in Arizona with her husband and three children. Clark inspires millions of readers with stylish looks and shares advice on things she loves most—hair, beauty, fashion, fitness, interior design, and traveling with her family.

galmeetsglam top lifestyle bloggers

Charleston-based Julia Engel is the face behind lifestyle blog Gal Meets Glam that encourages readers to add a little glamor to their everyday lives. Julia’s relatable sense of style and innate ability to curate content has made her one of the most influential publishers.

meghan rienks top lifestyle bloggers

Meghan Rienks is an author, actress and spunky social media personality who is not afraid to be vulnerable and blunt with her fans. As a lifestyle influencer, she writes about self-love, various life hardships, her love of baking, and uses her diary-style captions as an outlet of expression to her followers. Brands have noticed her authentic approach to social media and she has teamed up with Neutrogena, KIND, equinox, and Jergens for Instagram campaigns.

hellofashion top lifestyle bloggers

Christine founded her blog Hello Fashion in 2011 as a way to show off her chic and casual style. Once rejected from FIDM, the Utah-based top fashion blogger has been featured in Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List and Who What Wear. Her feed is filled with heart-warming family photos, aspirational travel spots, and stylish everyday fashion. She’s a highly active influencer, partnering with brands like Volvo, Google, HP, Saks, Shutterfly, and Amazon.

rachparcell top lifestyle bloggers

Rachel Parcell is a blogger and jewelry designer living outside of Salt Lake City with her adorable family. She started Pink Peonies as a place to document the things that she loved, and it’s become a creative outlet where she shares style through daily outfits, beauty tips, and home style.

cmcoving top lifestyle bloggers

Caitlin Covington, creator of blog Southern Curls and Pearls, is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle hailing from Charleston, North Carolina. Her Instagram profile recently went viral in August after a joking tweet about her picturesque fall outfits. Whether or not you are a fan of her fall outfits, she sure knows how to create engagement as she averages 700 comments per post. Nordstrom, Tree Hut, Ulta, and Aveeno are a handful of brands she has recently scored deals with.

theskinnyconfidential top bloggers lifestyle

Lauryn Evarts is the influencer behind style, beauty, fitness, and food blog The Skinny Confidential. In addition to being a top lifestyle blogger, Lauryn has launched a book, a fitness and nutrition eBook, a podcast series, a YouTube channel, and her own app.

chelsea kauai top lifestyle blogger

Chelsea Yamase, best known on Instagram as Chelsea Kauai, didn’t set out to be a travel and lifestyle influencer. Her background in photography, design, and a degree in journalism, was an early advantage in growing her account on the aesthetically-based social platform. Her magnetic photography and gift of storytelling has landed her brand deals across all categories such as Hyundai, Canon, Four Seasons, Citibank and more. Her mission is to lead a more purposeful and less stagnant life by documenting her purest intentions.

abeautiful mess top lifestyle bloggers

Created by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, A Beautiful Mess shares DIY home decor projects, delicious recipes, craft ideas, beauty tips, and engaging stories about life in the Midwest. Larson & Chapman have also developed and released two best-selling apps and a book.

color me courtney top lifestyle bloggers

The self proclaimed “NYC Color Queen,” Courtney Quinn, Courtney promises to add color to her followers’ worlds as she showcases her vibrant fashion and DIY outfit tips. She even includes an “explore by color” option on her blog. Her distinct feed  and growing platform of over 570,000 followers has brands such as Amazon Fashion, CandyCrushSaga and Lyft adding Courtneys’ signature rainbow of color to their influencer rosters.

16. Alpha M

alpha m top lifestyle bloggers

Aaron Marino launched his I Am Alpha M brand in 2006 after noticing a lack of opinion leaders in the men’s lifestyle space. His blog discusses real life men’s topics, style, fitness and grooming. Marino is an macro-influencer on Instagram with over 569K users tuning in to learn style tips, relationship advice and more. He harbors an engaged male community with comments averaging around 460 per post.

cupcakes and cashmere top lifestyle bloggers

After a high-profile career working for Condé Nast publications, Emily Schuman launched her hugely popular personal blog, Cupcakes & Cashmere. Schuman is also a published author and carries her own line of clothing at Nordstrom.

18. Love Taza

love taza top lifestyle bloggers

Naomi Davis, also known as Taza, is the creator behind popular lifestyle and family blog Love Taza. Based in the heart of New York City, Naomi loves documenting her family’s adventures, outfits, & activities. On her blog, Naomi celebrates motherhood, travel, good food, and life’s simple joys.

19. Happy Grey Lucky

happygreylucky top lifestyle bloggers

Sina, the mastermind behind Happy Grey Lucky, is a mom blogger from Toronto. She shares her affinity for monochromatic, Scandinavian design on both Instagram and her own personal blog. She is known on Instagram for her unique digital editing aesthetic where she posts sweet family shots, family-focused tutorials, and inspiration.

20. Steffy

steffyprosandcons top lifestyle bloggers

The orange-obsessed influencer shares quirky fashion photos, life hacks, home tips, and more with her tribe of 350,000 followers. Steffy is very active on the app, posting at least one curated piece of content on her cohesive feed daily. Burt’s Bees, JCPenny, Dunkin’, and San Pellegrino, are a few of the companies who have held brand activations with the rising lifestyle influencer.

Up & Coming Lifestyle Influencers To Follow

1. Aww Sam

Sam Ushiro is a Brooklyn-based blogger and industrial designer. Sam shares a range of home decor, DIY, party planning, and baking projects in the technicolor theme of her Instagram feed. Her blog, ‘Aww Sam’, features detailed tutorials on all of her vibrant projects in addition to travel guides and life updates. Her creative motif allows her to partner with many diverse brands. As an exceptionally active influencer, her most recent brand activations include Amazon, HP, Old Navy, Dole, and M&M’s.

28-year-old Olivia Rink is an American blogger currently living in New York. On her blog, she shares personal stories and experiences, plus seasonal style and fashion recommendations. Her feed is full of lively high quality photos featuring the blonde in charming and sometimes almost magical backdrops.

Standing at only 4’11” her height was the driving factor that inspired her to post about petite-friendly brands. Though she has a YouTube channel, Instagram remains her social media site of choice.

Brian Sacawa is the face behind the 7-year-old menswear blog, He Spoke Style. He created his blog as a way to offer practical style advice to regular men after he noticed a lack of men’s styling inspiration. His blog and social accounts have since become leading destinations for men’s lifestyle content.

Meet Tommy Lei, creator of “My Belonging,” a self-expression blog featuring men’s lifestyle content, and editorial photography. As a male lifestyle blogger, the self-claimed “styleteller” has worked with many notable brands on influencer marketing campaigns like Coach, Calvin Klein, Lexus, HP, and Louis Vuitton. 

Taralynn McNitt is a front-runner in both blogging categories of women’s fitness and healthy eating. She frequently posts new workouts, new recipes and life updates. She also shares her latest activewear finds and intimate stories about her personal fitness journey. While Taralynn has been blogging for over ten years on her aptly named blog, Simply Taralynn, her Instagram continues to see growth as a supplemental influencer channel.