The Top 10 LGBTQ YouTubers & Social Media Influencers To Follow Right Now

Top LGBTQ youtubers social media influencers
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The Top 10 LGBTQ YouTubers & Social Media Influencers Have An Impact On The World By Being True To Themselves

June is Pride Month, which means that social media is full of rainbow flags, pictures from Pride celebrations, and messages of acceptance and equality. Some of the biggest creators and influencers are prominent members of the LGBTQ community, and their visibility in online communities has helped countless fans come to love and accept themselves.

These influencers have created moving coming out videos, lent their talents to charitable causes, and made themselves a beacon for anyone in the LGBTQ community that felt unseen or unconsidered. Influencers have the power to make a real difference, and these top 10 LGBTQ social media influencers are proof that being true to yourself can have a real impact.

1. Shane Dawson

shane dawson top lgbtq youtuber

Shane Dawson has been creating videos on YouTube for nearly ten years, singing, acting, and parodying his way to fame. Dawson came out as bisexual to his millions of followers in a candid and emotional video in 2015, and it’s since been viewed over 8 million times.

2. Tyler Oakley

tyler oakley youtuber lgbt infuencer

One of YouTube’s top creators, Tyler Oakley’s known for his energetic and positive personality. Oakley is one of the most influential figures in the LGBTQ community and outside of his YouTube fame, Oakley’s an author and major activist supporting organizations like The Trevor Project.

3. Eva Gutowski

eva gutowski mylifeaseva top youtuber fashion

Eva Gutowski is MyLifeAsEva on YouTube, and she specializes in fashion, lifestyle content, and comedy. Gutowski creates skits, vlogs, how-to videos, music videos, and she even has her own YouTube Red original series. Gutowski came out as bisexual on Twitter in 2016.

4. Joey Graceffa

joey graceffa youtube influencer music vlogger

Joey Graceffa has spent a decade on YouTube connecting with his fans through singing, acting, vlogging, and gaming. Graceffa came out on YouTube through a music video called “Don’t Wait,” which has been viewed nearly 30 million times since it was released in 2015.

5. Connor Franta

connor franta vlogging youtube channel

Connor Franta creates vlogs, humorous sketches, and short films on his popular YouTube channel. Franta came out in a YouTube video in a 2014 video that’s been viewed over 11.5 million times, and since then he’s become an author, activist, and successful entrepreneur.

6. Troye Sivan

troye sivan musician top lgbt youtuber

Before he was topping charts, Troye Sivan was an Australian YouTuber. He did frequent collaborations with other popular YouTubers, and now he’s one of the world’s top out celebrities and musicians. Sivan came out in a video in 2013, and it’s been seen nearly 7.5 million times.

7. Ingrid Nilsen

ingrid nilsen top youtuber LGBTQ community

Ingrid Nilsen is one of social media’s top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. Two year ago, Nilsen came out in an emotional video and spoke words that became a rallying cry: “We all deserve our best chance.” Since 2015, Nilsen’s video has been viewed over 16 million times.

8. Kingsley

kingsley lgbtq community pop culture commentary

YouTuber Kingsley is well-known for his pop culture commentary and humor, and he’s also one of the most top creators in the YouTube LGBTQ community. Kingsley’s “Things I Hate” video went viral, and he’s spawned many a meme. He’s openly gay and does a wide variety of comedic content.

9. Gigi Gorgeous

gigi gorgeous transgender makeup relationships influencer

Transgender beauty YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous creates videos focused on makeup, life, and relationships. She’s been creating videos on YouTube since 2008, and the YouTube Red film and official Sundance selection This Is Everything is an impassioned documentary that tells her story.

10. Hannah Hart

hannah hart top lgbt vlogger food kitchen

Hannah Hart took YouTube by storm when My Drunk Kitchen went viral in 2011. Her channel grew quickly, and Hart started creating vlogs, collaborations, Q&As, and more. She’s created several successful books and films and is now a prominent and positive figure in the LGBTQ community.

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