Top 20 Latina YouTubers Influencing Online Video

Top Latina YouTubers

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The Top 20 Latina YouTubers Boast 86 Million Total Subscribers

The influencer marketing industry has boomed over the past 5 years and is expected to reach $5-10 billion by 2020. The growth of social networking sites has provided a platform for connection, sparking a massive shift in marketing tactics. Through social media, influencers can connect directly to their audience, providing a substantial advantage over traditional advertising methods. Online social media influencers are simply more relatable than actors in a TV commercial.

Influencer marketing still shares the same basic principles of other marketing methods. When selecting an influencer, it’s imperative that brands choose someone who appeals to and influences their target market. In the US, there are currently around 57 million people of Hispanic descent, with over 14 million in California alone. Hispanics now make up a majority of the population in California at 39%, compared to 37% who identify as white.

With this shift in demographics, advertisers must evolve as well. Some TV commercials have made alternatives in Spanish, for example, and Hulu has begun to include similar ads. This inclusiveness is positive for the community and necessary for brands who want to make the most of rising Hispanic buying power. Fortunately, there are countless Latina influencers who carry clout.

Together, the top 20 Latina YouTubers boast a remarkable 86 million subscribers. Many of them have a primarily female audience, posting on beauty, cosmetics, health, and other female-driven topics. See our list below of the top 20 Latina YouTubers in order of YouTube subscribers.

Latina YouTubers: Most Popular Hispanic Female YouTube Creators

1.  Yuya

Mariand Castrejón Castañeda is a Mexican beauty vlogger and YouTuber known as Yuya. Yuya has the 32nd most-subscribed YouTube channel worldwide. She’s also the second-most popular YouTuber in all of Mexico and the most popular in the style category.

2. CaELiKe

Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López is a Mexican fashion and beauty Youtuber. She ventured into the world of acting at a young age and still works on a few Mexican TV channels.

3. Lele Pons

Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese is a Venezuelan-American internet personality, actress, singer, dancer, and TV host. She found fame on Vine, and now creates comedy sketches on YouTube.

4. Bethany Mota

Bethany Noel “Beth” Mota is an American video blogger of Mexican and Portuguese descent. She rose to fame with her YouTube channel, Macbarbie07, which showcases her online fashion and style purchases.

5. iHasCupquake

Tiffany Michelle Herrera, known online as Cupquake or iHasCupquake, is a YouTube personality specializing in video gaming, DIYs, and cosplays.

6. Amara Que Linda

Amara Leguízamon Pascagaza is a 15-year-old Colombian YouTuber. She was nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award Colombia for Favorite Female YouTube Star.

7. Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is Los Angeles-based latina beauty, hair, and makeup YouTuber with Mexican, Spanish, and Native American roots.

8. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole is a makeup and beauty guru of Italian and Argentinian descent. In 2013, she was named Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru.

9. Luisa Fernanda W

Luisa Fernanda W is a social media megastar, sharing humorous videos and engaging Instagram posts. Her appeal earned her the title of the third top female Instagram star, behind only Shakira and Sofia Vergara.  Her fame attracted the attention of Coca-Cola, Jean Book Notebooks, and Admiss Nail Polish. She was also featured in Colombia’s popular magazine, Revista TU and participated in LatinWE’s “Hispanic Influencer Summit 2015″, a conference for the top 50 social media influencers in the area.

10. Dulce Candy Ruiz

Dulce Candy is a beauty and fashion Youtuber born in Mexico. Her popular YouTube channel, DulceCandy87, focuses on DIYs and tutorials. She has a second channel called DulceCandyTV featuring her life and family.

11. Ana Mojica

Ana Mojica is a Latina YouTuber hailing from Mexico. With her family, she creates videos on healthy living, exercise, and bodybuilding.

12. Alba Ramos

Alba Ramos is an organic beauty and lifestyle vlogger with Dominican heritage. She uses her experience as a parent to help other women lead healthier lives.

13. Irishcel507

Iris Beilin is a freelance makeup artist and YouTuber from Panama. Her humor and helpful tutorials have earned her thousands of social media followers. She was also voted number one in Cosmopolitan’s 8 Best Latina Makeup Artists on Instagram for 2014.

14. Rawvana

Yovana Mendoza is a Latina YouTuber known for her brand Rawvana. In both English and Spanish, she blogs about her raw vegan diet and shares recipes and tips.

15. Sccastaneda

Sonia Castaneda is a YouTube beauty vlogger known for her makeup tutorials and vlog entries featuring her young family. She’s worked with major brands including Target and L’Oréal Paris.

16. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness model, bodybuilder, and YouTube star. She has appeared on over 30 magazine covers including Playboy.

17. Montoya Twinz

18-year-old twins Myka and Mya Montoya are Latina social media influencers. Raised in Texas, the duo has worked with the Univision Creator Network and built a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram. They were also featured by American Latino.

18. Vegas Nay

Naomi Giannopoulos, better known online as Vegas Nay, studied art and fashion in preparation for a 20-year long career as a makeup artist. She freelanced at weddings and high-end photoshoots and continued her training at an elite fashion school before she began blogging. Her stunning makeup designs have gained the most attention on Instagram. She also has an impressive following on YouTube for her makeup tutorials.

19. Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez, a Toronto-based athlete and fitness trainer, has been nicknamed “the Kim Kardashian of Fitness”. She founded a popular exercise program called “Hour Glass Workout” and uses her expertise to inspire her many Instagram and YouTube followers. She was also recently listed as one of the top 10 fitness influencers by Forbes magazine.

20. Crafty Chica

Kathy Cano-Murillo is an author, artist, and social media creator. She founded, a Latina-themed DIY crafts site. Her bright and eye-catching style caught the attention of Disney, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, Big Lots, and Michaels. She’s also made appearances on HGTV, DIY Network, and Lifetime TV. Her creations have been sold in over 300 stores including Target and Bloomingdale’s.