How 7 Top Brands Used Instagram Micro-Influencer Campaigns

micro influencer campaign examples
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These Top Brands Used Instagram Micro-Influencers To Reach Large And Diverse Audiences

As influencer marketing grows, brands are finding more ways to partner with influencers to produce the best results. An emerging trend in influencer marketing is partnering with micro-influencers — influencers who have sizable followings but aren’t among the upper (and more expensive) echelons of social media fame.

Though it’s not true in every instance, micro-influencers sometimes see higher engagement rates on content, and 82% of consumers report that they would follow the recommendations of a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers can be powerful partners for brands because they provide unique opportunities for reaching, engaging, and communicating with audiences.

Learn more about some of the best examples of recent Instagram micro-influencer campaigns to find out why these brands partnered with micro-influencers and why their efforts were successful.

Banana Republic Promotes Its Seasonal Lines

banana republic micro-influencer campaign

In its influencer marketing campaign, Banana Republic partnered with men and women behind accounts large and small. These influencers modeled Banana Republic clothing in a variety of settings, tagged Banana Republic’s official account in the photo, and included a number of hashtags in their posts. The #itsbanana is a common hashtag among Banana Republic campaigns, but influencers also included seasonal and campaign-specific hashtags like #brmovesyou, #brmakeitmatter, and #brholiday.

Banana Republic used micro-influencer marketing tactics to promote its clothes to audiences who followed influencers that are revered for their sense of style. These influencers were largely fashion and lifestyle-focused influencers, which helped Banana Republic reach a large and targeted audience of consumers.

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Bumble Throws A #Winterbumbleland Party In The Desert At Coachella

bumble micro-influencer marketing campaign

Dating app Bumble promoted itself with micro-influencers through a branded party at Coachella. The company hosted a number of influencers (many of them micro-influencers) who posted photos to Instagram with #winterbumbleland and tagged Bumble’s official Instagram account in the post. The photos suggested that the party was everything one might expect from Coachella: beautiful people, hip decor, food, drinks, and even some fake snow in the desert.

For its #winterbumbleland campaign, Bumble partnered with an array of influencers to tap different audiences, and in tying its influencer marketing campaign to its party at Coachella, Bumble captured some of the excitement and aspirational aesthetic that comes with the festival. Partnering with influencers at Coachella helped Bumble fit right in with the young, hip vibe of the festival.

Daniel Wellington Embraces Variety In Influencers

daniel wellington instagram mico influencer campaign

Daniel Wellington does a lot of work with influencers on social media, and one of its recent successful campaigns featured micro-influencers posting photos with Daniel Wellington watches. Many of these influencers were fashion and lifestyle-centric, but that wasn’t the case for all.

For example, Daniel Wellington partnered with popular pet account Scuba and Shadow to promote its watches with an account-specific discount code. Other micro-influencer accounts involved in the effort also had their own discount codes, making the campaign personal and drawing new customers with incentives.

Using a large number of influencers with different personal brands and styles, Daniel Wellington was able to reach an audience full of different consumers. What’s more, partnering with accounts outside of the fashion and lifestyle world likely helped Daniel Wellington garner interest from new demographics.

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Frank Body Has Everyone Feeling Good (And Looking Dirty)

frank body laurissawillems instagram micro-influencer example

Australian skincare company Frank Body creates beauty products by focusing on how they make people feel. It’s most recognizable product — a scrub that’s made with coffee — has appeared all over Instagram, and it makes coffee scrub devotees look like they’re covered in dirt. Frank Body recently partnered with micro-influencers to promote products like its Coffee Scrubs (particularly dynamic for photos), Body Balms, and Glow Masks.

Most of the micro-influencers posting content with Frank Body products specialize in beauty-focused content, but they’re not all strictly beauty influencers. Models, athletes, fitness bloggers, and travel Instagrammers were also posting photos with Frank Body products. By partnering with a wider variety of influencers, Frank Body brought product awareness to all-new audiences.

Sephora Gets An Instagram Makeover With Micro-Influencers

sephora micro-influencer

The makeup mecca Sephora flaunts its own line of beauty products, the Sephora Collection, with the help of influencers. In one recent campaign, it went all in on Instagram by engaging micro-influencers and macro-influencers with a beauty focus to promote its line. Sephora united its campaign under the idea that beauty doesn’t have to be complicated with the hashtag #beautyuncomplicated.

Our analysis found that the micro-influencers Sephora leveraged in this campaign averaged a 2.7% engagement rate. Notably, the macro-influencers involved in the campaign had over twice that engagement rate, at 6.0%.

In every caption, the influencer mentioned a link in their bio, driving their followers to the brand’s website. Sephora reached over 8.8M Instagram users during this campaign, raising awareness amongst an enormous audience.

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American Rag Helps Instagram Stay Warm For Fall

american rag micro-influencer

Holiday season captures massive dollars for clothing retailers, as shoppers look to layer up for the cooler weather and purchase gifts for their loved ones. During last years fall season, American Rag let consumers know where to stay warm with an Instagram campaign pointing to their exclusive line at Macy’s.

American Rag deployed fashion micro-influencers to capture and share images of their jackets, flannels and other layers with a seasonal vibe. The micro-influencers involved in the campaign earned a 5.7% engagement rate and over 30,000 likes. By teaming up with influencers during the Fall, American Rag was able to reach consumers in time for seasonal purchases.

A Smooth Promotion For Gillette

gillete micro-influencer

Gillette sponsored female beauty influencers to promote its shaving line, Gillette Venus. The influencers used Instagram to drive traffic to their personal vlogs, where they mentioned the product again for even more exposure. Their photos featured the shaving products being used in bathroom settings, or with product close-ups.

Gillette associated the line with the feeling of smooth skin with their campaign’s hashtag, #ChooseToSmooth. The influencers leveraged in this campaign reached over 476,000 followers and saw an engagement rate average of 2.2%.

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