30+ Top Instagram Influencers Who Will Rise Above The Rest In 2022

top instagram influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Reach More Than 183M Followers

Instagram’s user base continues to climb, estimated to reach more than 1.2 billion users by 2023. Instagram sponsored posts are steadily rising, with 6.1 million total sponsored posts expected by the end of 2021. The Instagram influencer market continues to swell, surpassing $2.3 billion in 2020.

No doubt, Instagram presents marketers one of the ripest channels for influencer marketing. Many top brands are running Instagram influencer marketing campaigns 89% of marketers list Instagram as the most important influencer marketing channel. But who are they working with?

While it’s a challenge to pin down exact numbers, our study estimates that the total number of Instagram influencers falls between 2 and 37 million!

top instagram influencers

While factoring in the niche appropriate for your brand’s campaign is important, it’s worth knowing the top Instagram influencers across the board. These Instagram stars take the meaning of sensational to new heights, partnering with major brands to work on creative and impactful influencer marketing initiatives. The best influencers typically make use of as many platforms and features, like Instagram Stories and Reels, as possible. Our study of the top 1,000 most-followed Instagram influencers found that almost 10% of these influencers also ranked in the top 1,000 most-followed accounts for TikTok, YouTube, or all three! Despite the fact that many top influencers are successful on multiple platforms, we are honing in on top creators who have proven to be leaders in their category on Instagram.

Top Instagram Influencers: 30 Major-League Instagrammers Worth Following In 2022

Our list features top Instagram influencers in entertainment, comedy, pranks, beauty, fashion, travel, photography, fitness, cooking, gaming, DIY, family & lifestyle. Give these 30 top Instagram influencers a follow, and see if any of them are in your league:



top instagram influencers

If you’re on Instagram and haven’t heard of Zach King, are you even on Instagram? With 24.6 million followers on the platform, Zach King is indubitably one of the most popular top influencers. His captivating videos are made using mind-blowing digital magic tricks that are truly one of a kind. Brands have been after Zach from the start, and he has partnered with dozens of huge names including Chipotle, BMW, and Kind.



Bretman Rock is one of a kind. We listed him in the entertainment category because he’s so difficult to define; his posts rest somewhere between the fashion, lifestyle and travel categories. The Gen Zer’s hilarious narration and vibrant personality shines particularly in video, landing him cameos in video ads with Michael Kors, EA Sports, Klarna, Crocs, and many more notable brands. Bretman is also known for leveraging Story highlights to transform his many passions into different video series for his followers. His followers can follow his journey with plants, cereal, workouts, and more of his many hobbies. MTV gave the internet personality his own show in 2021, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock, and American Influencer Awards named him 2021’s Content Creator of the year.


top instagram influencers

Adam used his stellar sense of humor to create a massive following for himself, becoming a top TikTok influencer as well, with more than 7.5 million followers. Adams skits on average garner 3,400 comments from engaged users. Adam also appeared on Comedy Central’s spoof “Pitch Please,” and the talented goofball has teamed up with sponsors like Snickers, FTX Official, and Old Spice.



top instagram influencer comedy meme

Memezar is the most-followed meme page on Instagram with nearly 24 million followers. While many Instagram pages have shifted to featuring more Reels and videos, Memezar posts memes almost exclusively. Despite being a page revolving around images with silly captions, Memezar has shared sponsored posts from GG Poker and several lesser known beauty brands.


top instagram influencers

Claudia Oshry, AKA @girlwithnojob, is both an Internet born comedian and a New York Times Bestselling Author. On her Instagram page, three million followers are entranced and amused by her light and relatable comedic videos and memes, plus another 208,000 on her brand page, themorningtoast. There, she shares both her latest merchandise, plus sponsored posts by The Plaza Hotel.


top instagram influencers pet

Maya Polar Bear is one of the top Instagram influencers in the comedy category by a mile, and she’s not even human. Two million Instagram followers adore the pup’s wholesome videos and heart warming “narration”. After getting her start with unusual “dog ASMR” videos, the fluffy Samoyed has since gained a huge following on TikTok and Instagram as well. Maya even won the 2020 Short Award for Best Animal.



top instagram influencers

Lance Stewart’s Instagram page isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re put off by fake blood, eerily realistic poop, and inappropriate jokes, stay away. His raunchy sense of humor has been a boon for brands that can adapt to his unconventional style, considering his recent partnership with Beat Box Beverages.


top instagram influencers pranks

At first glance, Kristy Sarah’s Instagram page looks more like a home decor blog than a prank page. Watch a Reel or two and you’ll see why her 1.7 million followers stick around. Kristy loves to dress up in crazy disguises and scare her family members and innocent bystanders alike. It doesn’t hurt that she has a fabulous figure, a superb sense of style, and a beautiful home. Several brands have jumped at the chance to work with her, including IKEA, Dove, Potterybarn, and Gymshark.


top instagram influencers

Nina Marie Daniele is like a beauty influencer gone wild. The stunning young woman with fiery red hair is best known for her comedic Instagram skits and self-made memes, and she’s a prime example of how sticking to your personal brand is the most effective marketing tactic in today’s evolving digital landscape. Without straying from her signature style, she has successfully made ads for Ubisoft, Fenty Beauty, Hotwire, Jack in the Box, and more.



top instagram influencers

Nikkie de Jager, the mastermind behind the NikkieTutorials Instagram account, has over 15 million followers. Her fame on the platform has landed her in the limelight as the host of Eurovision 2021, and helped her to launch her own beauty brand called Nimya. The authenticity of her posts and exquisite makeup designs are two of her main selling points. Like most top beauty influencers, her bread and butter is her YouTube channel, which has over 13.8 million subscribers!


top instagram influencers beauty

Prior to the 2010s, men in the beauty and skincare industry were virtually nonexistent. As acceptance has grown, there’s a huge opportunity for people like Manny Gutierrez to share their passion for makeup and style with the world. Manny’s flawless makeup looks have landed him partnerships with Target, Sephora, Boxycharm, and She Glam, and we expect to see even more partnerships down the line.


top instagram influencers

Lena Bagrowska, a popular Instagram blogger reeled in 2.4 million Instagram followers thanks to her unique makeup looks. To set herself apart from the crowd, she capitalizes on the latest Gen Z trends, like makeup based on astrological signs and popular movie characters. So far, she’s shared sponsored posts by Keratase, Clinique, Revolution, Charlotte Tilbury and Loreal, just to name a few.



top instagram influencers fashion

Fashion icon Wisdom Kaye has 1.9M followers on Instagram and he’s only 19! In his videos, he breaks down his outfits piece by piece, including brand names and prices so followers can match his looks. Speaking of looks, his sense of style is so on point that Vogue called him the “Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok,” and he has since shared ads for H&M and Prada. At 19, he already has a spot in the Instagram hall of fame for creating one of the top 20 most-viewed Reels ever at 82 million views!


top instagram influencers fashion

Top fashion blogger, Gabby DeMartino, is the fashion model behind Instagram account Gabifresh, and she has made big waves with her body-positive Instagram posts. The self-professed “fat girl” proudly shows off her curves in bold, fashion-forward outfits, proving that rocking the latest trends has nothing to do with fitting in a size 2. Ulta even named Gabi a MUSE100. So far, the macro-influencer has posted sponsored content for Eloquii, Athleta, Walmart and Target.


top instagram influencers

While nearly half a million followers is small compared to the mega-influencers on this list, mid-tier influencer Alexa Jade rose to fame rapidly and has secured her spot as a top Instagram fashion influencer with her edgy street fashion and DIY looks. Her 11.42% average engagement rate has caught the attention of major brands like Mac Cosmetics, Hot Topic, ASOS, Reebok and many more. Often her Instagram Reels reach an engagement rate over 25%! Featured on the Ellen Show, she is popular on TikTok and YouTube as well.



top instagram influencers travel

The Bucket List Family is as authentic as it gets when it comes to the top Instagram influencers in the travel category. As a family of five traveling the world, their posts serve as a photographic journal, taking their 2.6 million followers on a journey to Africa, Manilla, Tonga, and dozens of other amazing destinations. They’ve posted several convincing ads for Go Pro in addition to a few for international hotels and excursions.


top instagram influencers

Jack Morris is one of the most followed Instagram top travel influencers with 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone. Despite being taken around the world, his photos share a unifying color scheme with warm tones and aqua blue accents. The effect is satisfying and works like a dream to promote high-end brands like Hilton, LG, Tiffany & Co., and tourist destinations themselves. Jack reveals some secrets to his sponsored content magic in our exclusive interview with the travel influencer.


top instagram influencers

Chelsea Kauai was born and raised in Hawaii, and it shows. Her Instagram page centers around picturesque natural scenery and images of her living her best life in the great outdoors. With 1.1 million followers and counting, she’s landed several brand partnerships, including ones with Lusana Official, Notes to Self, Life Akua, Capital One, and Experience Alula.



top instagram influencers

This Barcelona-based photographer uses Instagram to show off his colorful outdoor snaps, along with TikTok and YouTube. Many of his videos serve as eye catching tutorials, giving his viewers fresh photoshoot ideas. With 5.7 million followers on Instagram, his account is the dream of advertisers including Nikon, Sony, Kit-Kat, Adobe, and Pepsi.


top instagram influencers

Chris Burkard, a travel photographer with a penchant for risky stunts, didn’t become a top Instagram influencer by accident. His willingness to go to extreme lengths to capture photos of the world’s most remote locations has earned him the loyalty of 3.6 million Instagram followers, plus paid partnerships with Capital One, Billabong, and Nissan.


top instagram influencers

Kyle Huber was born and raised in Missouri before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a photography career. Considering he now has 479,000 Instagram followers, we’d say that was a good call. To capture the unique aerial landscape imagery he’s famous for, Kyle uses the latest cameras and lenses, making him an ideal partner for brands like Sony, Carls Jr., and Insta360.

Health & Fitness


top instagram influencers

Ulisses Williams Jr. is an entrepreneur and online fitness trainer with 8.5 million followers on Instagram and more abs than we thought were possible. One of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, Ulisses has his very own clothing line and sells customized fitness programs and nutrition plans on his website. While his chiseled physque has helped him find tremendous success with his own merchandise, he has also partnered with Biotech USA, a nutritional supplement brand.


top instagram influencer

Fitness influencers are all over Instagram, but Cassey Ho has worked hard to make her page an inspiring place for ordinary people to rediscover a healthy lifestyle. She regularly receives over 6,000 avg comments per Instagram post (more than Justin Bieber) showing just how active and engaged her community is. She posts a mix of short workout tips, healthy recipes, and lifestyle photos, all in absolutely killer outfits. In addition to connecting with over two million followers, her Instagram page has become a platform for brands like Pop Flex and FitOn.


top instagram influencers

Brittne Jackson has named herself the Queen of Home Workouts, and who are we to disagree? While being skinny was once the predominant trend among women in the media, the trends have shifted in favor of health, strength, and natural figures. Brittne has capitalized on this, sharing workout tips and colorful workout apparel by Gym Shark and energy supplements from Women’s Best.



top instagram influencers

Tabitha Brown is one of those influencers with acclaim on more platforms than one. Auntie Tab has over 4 million followers on TikTok and 3.9 million on Instagram. Her social media venture began when she started sharing helpful vegan cooking tips easy enough for non-chefs to follow. Her endearing nature shines on Instagram Live where she often checks in with her followers to offer wise life advice and career updates. She’s been interviewed by the New York Times and partnered with Goli Nutrition and launched a restaurant in Los Angeles called Kale My Name.


top instagram infuencers

The remarkable confections crafted by Chelsey White are almost too adorable to eat. The master baker has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and even more on TikTok, sharing videos and photos of tiny cakes with faces on them, brownie recipes, and unbelievably gorgeous cakes. So far, she has partnered with Clabber Girl Baking, Butterfinger, and Domino Sugar.



Partnerships with Visible Mobile and Ooni HQ are just the beginning of Joshua Weissman’s success. He posts energetic, fast-paced cooking tutorials that are every bit as exciting as the food he makes. Viewers adored his enticing ASMR videos so much that Weissman wrote his own best-selling cookbook, “An Unapologetic Cookbook.” In our interview with the star, he reveals his top cooking tips, the start of his obsession with bread, and the number one food he cannot stand!



top instagram influencer gaming

While no top gaming influencer’s primary channel is Instagram, Pewdiepie is the most-followed gamer on the app. Better known as Pewdiepie, Felix Kjellberg is one of the most famous gamers to date. With a startling 21.8 million followers on Instagram, his posts are a mix of photos from his daily life and product endorsements, including brand partnerships with GFuel, Rhino Shield, Tsuki Market and Gelato Pique USA.



Unlike PewDiePie, Marques Brownlee focuses more on sharing games and products than on lifestyle. He routinely reviews tech products, including the latest Google Pixel model, the Z Fold 3, the latest Apple Watch, and the latest iPad. While his feed is attractive, his 3.1 million followers mainly tune in to watch his detailed and helpful review videos.



As one of just a few female tech gurus in the male-dominated tech industry, iJustine has carved out a niche of her own. Her review of the Oura Ring fitness tracker has over 21,000 likes, and one of her sponsored posts for Best Buy has 8,750 and counting. She has also partnered with Aero Garden and Fisher-Price.



top instagram influencers

You know those people who can create something epic out of thin air? Lou Flores is one of them. This dramatic makeup artist can turn cheap finds from Dollar Tree into amazing craft projects and beauty hacks without breaking the bank. Lou’s charm and creativity extend beyond his 1.1 million Instagram followers, earning him a sizeable following on TikTok as well. His partnerships include Dollar Tree and Walmart so far.


top instagram influencers

A duo of two sisters with a passion for crafting, Elsie and Emma are masters of transforming ordinary objects into aesthetic works of art. As OG top lifestyle bloggers, everything from their kitchens to their Halloween decorations are enviable, and over 670,000 people follow them for fresh DIY ideas. Thus far, they’ve partnered with Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Spoonflower, and Penguin Randomhouse, just to name a few.


top instagram influencers DIY

Sam Ushiro, better known by her Instagram handle aww.sam, is the queen of bright and colorful home renovation ideas. While minimalism has been a common theme of late, Sam made a name for herself with vibrant color schemes and tasteful, retro decor. So far, she’s teamed up with Find Your Happy Place, Michael’s, LG Electronics, Home Goods, Huffy Bicycles and several other big name brands.



top instagram influencers

Savannah LaBrant is the queen of Instagram influencer moms with 6.7 million followers. The Instagram mom also has one of the highest engagement rates for top Instagram influencers at 11.11%! Her page revolves around aesthetically pleasing photos of her with her growing family. Often, the photogenic fam rocks matching outfits, and their followers eat it up. Their cute looks and gorgeous blue eyes have earned the family many partnerships with companies like King’s Hawaiian, Pink Lily Style and Dollar Shave Club.


top instagram influencers

Christine is the mom we’d love to be best friends with. The relatable mom of four shares authentic photos of herself and her family wherever they go, from snuggling up at home to scenic hikes together. Christine is half-Columbian and got her start early in fashion founding the “Hello Fashion Blog”. The Andrew family’s style can be summed up by “out of one loungewear look and into the next.” The family always looks picture perfect, earning Christine sponsorships from Amazon, Shopbop, Nickelodeon, and a notable long-term partnership with Kohl’s.


top instagram influencers

The brilliant photographer behind the Instagram account Kweilz, Kate Weiland gained a following of 295,000 on Instagram with a combination of a killer fashion sense and an eye for great photo ops. She posts creative, gravity-defying photos of her kids hanging from chandeliers, dressed up like Christmas trees, and pretending to be superheroes, all with the clever use of Photoshop. Kate has partnered with Afterpay, Carter’s, Lazy One, Vista Print, and Canon so far, reflecting the creative family photography niche she dominates.



top instagram influencer lifestyle

Chriselle Lim’s Instagram page revolves around everything luxury, fashion, beauty & skincare. While her 1.4 million followers mostly follow her for her edgy style and endless outfits, the fashionista also founded her own co-working business with on-site childcare. As an experienced top influencer, she has landed a ton of recent marketing campaigns with brands like Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, Swarovski, and Saks.


top instagram influencers lifestyle

Caitlin Covington’s Instagram page strikes a happy medium between style inspiration and parenting. She’s what most moms aspire to be, sharing photos of herself strutting around town in cozy sweaters and trendy mini skirts with fall leaves raining down for ambiance. So far, she has formed partnerships with fashion brand LTK, Zulily, Fabletics and Nordstrom. American Influencer Awards named her 2021’s Fashion Blogger/Vlogger of the year!


top instagram influencers

Named the NYC Color Queen, Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney is all about living life with the saturation turned up. Her 730,000 Instagram followers are obsessed with her bold, vibrant clothing choices, and her bubbly personality has earned her partnerships with Walmart and Minted.