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Top Instagram Accounts For Travel, Adventure, Fashion, Food, & More

Instagram is no longer simply a photo-sharing app; it’s now a cultural phenomenon. Today, over 400 million people regularly visit the Facebook-owed app to see aspirational, inspirational, entertaining, or informative images and/or videos published by Instagram’s most popular content creators (called “Instagrammers“). Because these top Instagram accounts attract the attention (and influence the purchasing decisions) of millions of engaged users, brands looking to market to the platform’s largely millennial consumer base are increasingly leveraging the reach and relationship Instagrammers have with their followers to develop influencer marketing campaign strategies that increase brand awareness, drive sales, and see great returns on marketing investments (ROIs).

The Rise Of Instagrammers & Top Instagram Accounts

As Instagram’s prevalence in mainstream culture has grown, the most popular Instagrammers and top Instagram accounts have become de facto celebrities by creating windows into their aspirational lifestyles, establishing themselves as trendsetters, and/or publishing content that inspires their followers.

Because social media stars’ photos and videos are seen by millions (and thus have the power to influence consumer purchasing decisions), many of the planet’s most powerful brands are now developing influencer marketing partnerships and creating brand-sponsored campaigns with top Instagrammers. In fact, Digiday found that almost 50% of brands surveyed say they currently invest or plan on investing in some form of Instagram marketing (including collaborating with Instagram influencers) in the next 12 months.

How Brands Market With Top Instagrammers

While creating a brand Instagram channel affords companies a beautiful way to display their products and gives brands access to a unique form of visual storytelling, partnering with the platform’s top Instagram accounts and Instagrammers is a more effective way to help businesses reach millions of new, engaged consumers, increase brand awareness, reinforce/cultivate brand identity, and maximize the impact of social media marketing campaigns.

Products placements in an Instagrammer’s content, asking a digital influencer to document an event or experience, and/or recruiting a top Instagram influencer to host or appear at a live event are just a few of the ways brands can collaborate with social media stars to reach marketing goals and achieve high-ROI influencer marketing campaigns.

Review our articles to see how brands partner with Instagrammers and top Instagram accounts to create engaging content that reaches millions:

Top Instagram Accounts For Travel & Adventure

Murad Osmann

Iconic for being lead by his wife, Murad Osmann explores the entire world—even if he is unwelcome in the locale—and captures vivid shots at some of the planet’s most breathtaking monuments, cities, and landscapes. With one of his photos gracing the cover of the most recent National Geographic Traveler, Osmann, without a doubt, earned every single one of his 4 million followers.

Alex Strohl

With over 1 million followers, Alex Strohl is a French photographer capturing the Earth’s greatest creation: nature. From snowy peaks to luscious forests to reflective waters, Strohl manages to never repeat a single shot.

Grounded || @travisrice || #TheFourthPhase || @brainfarm || @rbmhfilms #tbt

A photo posted by Jimmy Chin (@jimmy_chin) on

Jimmy Chin

National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin explores the outdoors while showing his athleticism in rock climbing, snowboarding, and skiing. Though many of his shots are in the mountains, each one adds to the beauty and awe of the snowy heights.

Top Instagram Accounts For Fashion & Beauty

Always in the mood for a floral frock! ? • Dress: @bardot • Photo: @bengunsuk

A photo posted by Jenn Im • 임도희 ? (@imjennim) on

Jenn Im

Popular Korean-American YouTuber Jenn Im puts her tomboyish-yet-feminine style on display for her 1.2 million followers. In covering fashion, skincare, and food, Jenn gives her audience a small glimpse into her not-so-normal life.

makeup for today ? @lorealmakeup #PFW ✨

A photo posted by Amanda Steele (@amandasteele) on

Amanda Steele

Amanda Steele, a new model in her own right, uses her ever-changing tresses and fashion collaborations with big brands like Adidas and Boohoo to excite her 2.6 million followers. Her fearless attitude and daring look has made her one of today’s top social media style icons.

Happy National Puppy Day from Piper and I ??

A photo posted by Meredith Foster (@meredithfoster) on

Meredith Foster

Quirky social media star Meredith Foster has not only become popular on YouTube for her fashion and beauty tips, but also has a strong following on Instagram. Through her social media channels, she wants to send the message of being confident in your own skin and loving yourself. Recently, Foster collaborated with iconic retailer Macy’s to create engaging, brand-sponsored content.

Top Instagram Accounts For Food

Friday morning fuel (before ✈️): smoked salmon + avocado with red pepper on toasted rye bread + soft boiled egg + red grapefruit. And yeah, I took a bite before snapping the pic ? – I was hungry. Lol This #breakfast is higher calorie with healthy fats because I’m traveling today and want the extra energy and feeling of being satiated. Share your breakfast below to give others ideas! Boom. (traducción abajo) —– Desayuno de hoy (antes de mi vuelo ✈️): salmón ahumado + aguacate con pimienta roja en pan centeno tostado + huevo casi hervido + pomelo. Y sí, tomé una foto después de comer un poco ? porque tuve mucha hambre jaja. Este desayuno tiene muchas calorías con las grasas saludables porque quiero sentir más satisfecho ya que estoy viajando hoy. Comparte tu desayuno abajo en los comentarios para ideas a los demás! Bum.

A photo posted by Kevin [ FitMenCook™ ] (@fitmencook) on

Kevin (Fit Men Cook)

Kevin is a proponent of living an active lifestyle based on healthy eating and working out at the gym. His budget-friendly recipes are his secret to building his body without using fad diets or “magic” supplements.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” ~Julia Child ??

A photo posted by Rosanna Pansino (@rosannapansino) on

Rosanna Pansino

New York Times Best-Selling Author Rosanna Pansino can add top food Instagrammer to her list of achievements. Her profile consists primarily of themed how-to videos of adorable baked goods and the occasional spin on comfort foods.

My Nguyen

Bay Area chef My Nguyen spends her time going back to the basics of eating and cooking less processed foods. From popular Vietnamese noodle soups to homemade smoothies to traditional American breakfasts, My provides a variety of dishes for her 1 million followers to try.

Top Instagram Accounts For Fitness

Rachel Brathen

From Vail, Colorado, Rachel Brathen is not your typical yoga instructor. In her Instagram profile, she also highlights her involvement in social missions such as helping the children of Playa Gigante.

I just wanted to say that every single one of u is amazing. Anything u want to do or be is possible. Don’t let anyone tell u it’s not. I’ve been told many times that I can’t do something and I have done every single one of them and proved them wrong. Something I’ve learnt is; the more good u do and the more success u have the more hate and negativity u attract..but u also attract amazing people as well. U just have to be selective with who u choose to listen to and surround yourself with. Choose to surround yourself with people who are supportive of u and distance yourself from anyone else. Always choose to do what makes u happy – whatever that is, as long as it’s not directly hurting anyone go for it. Everyone has a right to do what makes them happy AND everyone has a right to be proud of themselves. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from u. You deserve to be happy and u are WORTH it. U can’t control what others do but u can control what u do. Love yourself and be proud of yourself. ? . . ________________________________________ ?? My Meals & Exercise Programs – Click the link in my profile! . ? My FREE Daily Workouts app??search “Emily Skye” in the App Store. .? Workout vids: @emilyskyefitness . ? Snap chat: emilyskyefit . ?? Be sure to turn on “Post Notifications” at the top right hand corner of my profile under: ” • • • ” so you don’t miss my posts. ??☺️ . . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #fit #fitness #fitfam #exercise #fitspo #fitlife #healthy #fitbody #beyourbest #inspiration #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation

A photo posted by E M I L Y S K Y E (@emilyskyefit) on

Emily Skye

Founder of the FIT program, Emily Skye encourages her 1.5 million followers to get into active and fit lifestyle. With 4 WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) awards under her belt, the cardio girl turned strength training advocate knows what she’s doing.

Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers is originally from North Pole, Alaska, but moved to San Antonio, Texas for better opportunities. After being on both the extreme ends of the health spectrum, Heidi is a huge proponent of having a healthy lifestyle. As seen by her workout routines and her selfies, Heidi describes herself as a fitness coach, fitness model, and bikini competitor.

Top Instagram Accounts For Photography

The tree pirate. @finnharries on a walk today in Ibiza ????   A photo posted by Jackson Harries (@jackharries) on

Jackson Harries

Jackson Harries is a filmmaker and photographer who wants to inspire others through his love of travelling and telling a good story. The composition of his Instagram profile suggests that he enjoys simple, clean, scenic shots.

Sunset fishing at Inle Lake, Myanmar A photo posted by VuTheara Kham (@vutheara) on

VuTheara Kham

From Paris, France, VuThéara travels the world capturing each city’s culture in a few shots. Although he features countries like Myanmar and Japan, he primarily focuses on France’s beauty.

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