The Top 20 Female YouTubers Dominating Online Video

top female youtubers

UPDATE June 17, 2019 — YouTube now has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Since its launch in 2005, the video sharing platform has grown at an astonishing pace, welcoming the rise of YouTube creators. Many top creators have utilized the platform to launch entrepreneurial ventures and have seen enormous paychecks as a result (the top ten YouTubers of 2017 made over $70 million combined). But female YouTubers are making waves, too.

The Top Female YouTubers Have More Than 252 Million Subscribers Combined

Females are some of the heaviest social media users and in many cases have shown greater interest in social media sites than men. In gaming alone, female gamers have swelled to account for a much larger share of total gamers than typically expected. As female YouTubers continue to thrive, they present a golden opportunity for marketers to reach the female consumer.

In total, the 20 leading female YouTubers reach more than 252 million subscribers. Here, we’ve gathered the top female YouTubers in descending order of subscribers.

20 Top Female YouTubers Forging A New Path In Online Video

1. Yuya — 23.7M Subscribers

Mexican YouTuber, Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, has the most subscribers of any female on YouTube, with 23.7 million. Best known for her beauty videos, Castañeda also frequently publishes challenge videos, travel vlogs, and fashion tutorials. Her online presence continues to grow and in 2017 she was selected to partner with the United Nations in an effort to empower female creators worldwide.

2. Jenna Marbles — 19.6M Subscribers

Jenna Mourey, known by the pseudonym Jenna Marbles, has long been one of YouTube’s most popular creators. She started on the platform in 2010 and quickly found her niche with humorous, refreshingly honest content. The “Marbles” portion of Mourey’s channel is a reference to her dog Marbles, who appears in a number of her videos. Outside of YouTube, Mourey has appeared on the television show, “Ridiculousness”, created a line of dog toys, and hosted a weekly SiriusXM music countdown.

3. Liza Koshy — 16.8M Subscribers

Liza Koshy is only 21-years-old, but since starting on YouTube in 2015, she has taken the platform by storm. Koshy specializes in comedy videos and posts one video a week, frequently presenting original characters. She shows little signs of slowing down and recently won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star.

4. SSSniperwolf — 15.5M Subscribers

Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, age 26, is a female YouTube gamer. Her current online pseudonym, SSSniperwolf, is a combo of her original YouTube channel, sexysexysniper, and a Metal Gear game boss called Sniper Wolf. While she started on Youtube as a gameplay channel, her current content focuses on reaction videos. Her channel has over 3.7 combined video views and 11.2 million subscribers, making her the 159th most followed on the site, and one of the most popular female gamers on social media.

5. IISuperwomanII — 14.7M Subscribers

Comedy YouTuber, Lily Singh, is best known for her humorous rants and ethnically-themed parody videos. In 2017 she released her first book, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life and was also cast in HBO’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. As YouTube’s third richest star she continues to reach new heights while continuing to create highly-viewed content for the platform where she got her start.

6. Lele Pons — 14.3M Subscribers

23-year-old American celebrity Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese has a long list of accomplishments. Her claims to fame include acting, singing, modeling, and hosting popular tv show La Voz…México. She first gained traction on Vine, becoming the most-followed entertainer on the site until it shut down. She moved on to YouTube comedy sketches and has continued to branch out, co-authoring a novel in 2016 and releasing her first song in English this year alongside Jake Owen.

7. RCLbeauty101 — 14.1M Subscribers

22-year-old Rachel Levin started her YouTube channel in 2010 and is famous for her comedy skits, beauty advice, and challenge videos. Impressively, Levin boasts collaborations with Google and Audible among other brands and has also been nominated for a Teen Choice Award and several Streamy Awards.

8. Wengie —13.6M Subscribers

Australian beauty YouTuber, Wen-Jie began her career in 2013. In just 4 years she has amassed more than 8.5 million subscribers and captured the attention of viewers through makeup tutorials, DIY hacks, and fitness content. Wen-Jie presents a unique Asian-Australian perspective and has also gone on to create a vlog channel with 1.5 million subscribers.

9. NikkieTutorials — 11.9M Subscribers

Hair and makeup artist Nikkie De Jager began her YouTube career in 2008. The beauty guru publishes new videos twice a week to her fan base of 7.4 million and continues to provide the makeup tutorials that made her famous. Recently, she collaborated with Kim Kardashian in a video where she applied Kardashian’s makeup.

10. Zoella — 11.7M Subscribers

British YouTuber Zoe Sugg started her online career in the blogging space, but quickly grew in popularity and transitioned over to YouTube. Not only is she known for clothing hauls and makeup reviews, but Sugg has also created her own line of beauty products, a book series, and a vlogging channel with 4.7 million subscribers. Her fans tune in several times a week to keep up with the latest fashion trends and to get a glimpse of her daily life.

11. Rosanna Pansino — 11.2M Subscribers

Rosanna Pansino made a name for herself on YouTube through baking, and continually surprises viewers with charming recipes ranging from unicorn macaroons to Lego-themed marshmallow pops. Pansino posted her first video in 2011 and has since published her own cookbook. Her YouTube series, Nerdy Nummies, is one of the most popular baking series on the platform.

12. Dani Russo Tv — 11.1M Subscribers

Daniella Russo hails from Brazil and started posting YouTube videos in 2015. She injects humor into everyday activities like eating lunch and entertains her 7.4 million viewers with constant energy and excitement. Russo has also ventured into the music business and has recorded several original tracks that can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

13. Bethany Mota — 10.6M Subscribers

Hailing from California, Bethany Mota posted her first haul video in 2009. The lifestyle YouTuber reached mainstream success in 2015 when she partnered with Aeropostale to create her own clothing, accessories, and beauty line and has also ventured into music and television. Mota posts twice a month and frequently collaborates with family and friends.

14. Miranda Sings — 10.3M Subscribers

Best known as her comedic alter ego Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger started creating YouTube videos in 2008. Ballinger boasts more than 8 million subscribers on the platform and has utilized her comedic skills to achieve mainstream success. She has performed her one-woman comedy act worldwide and starred in her own Netflix series, Haters Back Off, proving that YouTube can serve as a springboard to wider opportunities.

15. Tati Westbrook — 10.1M Subscribers

Tati Westbrook is no stranger to beauty vlogging. A makeup artist by trade, she first launched her “GlamLifeGuru” channel on YouTube in 2010, later renaming it “Tati.” Her beauty hauls, tutorials, and honest product reviews have earned her an impressive following on every social platform. She was voted the runner-up of 2013’s Allure beauty blogger of the year award and more recently launched a beauty brand of her own which she named “Halo Beauty.”

16. MyLifeAsEva — 9.8M Subscribers

Eva Gutowski’s YouTube channel MyLifeAsEva has gained an impressive 8.1 million subscribers in just five years. Born and raised in California, the lifestyle creator shares makeup tutorials, vlogs, and fashion tutorials with fans regularly. Gutowski has also starred in her own YouTube Red series Me and My Grandma and published a book.

17. LaurDIY — 9M Subscribers

As her channel name suggests, Lauren Riihimaki creates helpful DIY videos for her audience of 6.5 million. Riihimaki published her first video in 2012, a hair tutorial video, and has since stuck to the formula that first attracted viewers. She has also created a second channel, comprised of vlogs that allow viewers a more personal look into her everyday life.

18. Grav3yardgirl — 8.6M Subscribers

Bunny Meyer started her YouTube career in 2010 by making videos that recounted her paranormal experiences and visits to graveyards. Today her channel includes a wide range of content, including vlogs, fashion hauls, and unboxing videos. As her channel has evolved Meyer’s fans have stayed loyal. To date, she maintains 8 million subscribers.

19. Safiya Nygaard — 7.8M Subscribers

Safiya Jaffer Nygaard, age 26, is a creative fashion and beauty YouTuber. After a two-year stint at a famed online media company, Buzzfeed, she moved on to producing a series called “Ladylike” in 2015. After leaving the company in 2017, she began uploading videos on YouTube several days a week. Her channel is best known for intriguing makeup experiments- or as she calls them “Frankenstein makeup”, in which she mixes all of her makeup to create a signature style.

20. Emma Chamberlain — 7.9M Subscribers

Emma Frances Chamberlain is barely 18, but she’s already a famous YouTuber and Louis Vuitton rep. She’s well known for both her comedy vlogs on YouTube and role as the host of the podcast “Stupid Genius.” She’s currently an influencer for major brand names, including Hollister and Dote Just this year, she was also sponsored by both Louis Vuitton and Penthouse to attend Paris Fashion Week.