More Top Female Gamers On YouTube


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More Top Female Gamers On YouTube — Popular Female YouTube Gamers

Mediakix compiled a list of the top female gamers on YouTube in 2016, but as gaming continues to explode in popularity, there are now additional top female gamers who deserve a spot on the list.

These women are reaching millions of subscribers through a wide variety of YouTube gaming video types: Let’s Plays, vlogs, speed runs, livestreams, and more. They play a wide variety of games, and, like their Twitch counterparts, include a wide variety of content on their channels. Cosplay, vacation updates, unboxings, and gaming setup tours are all par for the course with gamers. This list includes additional top female gamers on YouTube.

1.  GamingWithJen

Best known for her girly content, GamingWithJen offers a uniquely feminine perspective to the YouTube gaming community. Although famous for her Minecraft stories, her 4.1 million subscribers also love vlogs featuring her husband Pat and Q&A segments, which provide a glimpse into her life outside of gaming.

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2. Aphmau

Since starting her YouTube channel in 2012 Aphmau has posted a new video almost every day. She’s built a loyal following of 3.7 million through Minecraft storytelling and her work shows that she has no shortage of creativity. Her original Minecraft series include Mermaid Tales, MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High, and more.

3. Little Kelly Minecraft

Famous for her kid-friendly videos, Little Kelly Minecraft posts a new Minecraft story every day for her 2.5 million subscribers. As a part of the Irish Minecraft group, “The Little Club” she regularly collaborates with a variety of popular Minecraft creators, such as Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle. Her ultra-engaged following and consistent video creation has earned her a spot amongst the top female gamers on YouTube.

4. StacyPlays

StacyPlays is a Utah-based YouTuber who specializes in Minecraft Storymode, but also dabbles in animal-themed indie games. Her channel has more than 1.8 million subscribers, racking up 690k+ views on her family-friendly page. Stacy’s videos are incredibly popular, especially ones featuring her own Dogcraft mods “Copious Dogs” and “Doggy Talent.”

5. Little Carly Minecraft

Minecraft YouTuber Little Carly specializes in kid-friendly videos, and she always aims to go on new adventures and have tons of fun. She is a member of a Minecraft club and brings over 1,400,000 followers to “The Little Club”; she often collaborates with other club members such as Little Kelly, Little Allie, and Little RoPo & The MineVengers.

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6. LilyPichu

LilyPichu is popular YouTuber who shares her engaging League of Legends (LoL) gameplay alongside bright, anime-focused sketches with over 1.5 million followers almost daily. She also streams on Twitch (playing LoL, primarily), but on YouTube, she blends her gaming content with her hand-drawn sketches, which are frequently viewed over 250,000 times each.

7. Amy Lee33

Amy has built a following of more than 1 million on YouTube through her raunchy and drama-centric channel. This channel’s awesome content encompasses the over-the-top drama in Sims 4 while also bringing brisk combat in Minecraft.

8. Squaishy Quack

Squaishy Quack’s YouTube channel has quickly gained a large and loyal following that turns up regularly to tune into her daily narrative gameplay videos. These entertaining videos explore elaborate Minecraft worlds with full-blown stories behind them and include plenty of fun watching gregarious Club Penguin characters interact.

9. Yogscast Kim

Yogscast Kim (or simply “Kim” for short) delivers a diverse lineup of monthly gameplay videos that have reached an engaged audience and helped her cultivate a large following of loyal fans. Her unique content keeps her fans coming back to see what she’ll get up to next, whether it’s her spine-chilling Little Nightmares gameplay or fast-paced fighting videos.

10. iJustine

Famous for her tech-centric iJustine main channel, Justine branched out into gaming in 2011 with her iJustineGaming channel. Though she has since stopped updating iJustineGaming channel, which still has more than 600k subscribers, she’s still a major player amongst female gamers on YouTube. She’s engaged an enormous following through her lively and action-packed gaming videos on the gaming channel, and her gaming library includes everything from Call of Duty and Titanfall 2 to Minecraft and Mario Kart.