10 Famous Instagram Dogs To Follow Now

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The 10 Cutest Dogs Of Instagram Have Millions Of Loyal Fans

Just as social media influencers have found their niche in fashion, travel, and fitness, pet influencers have become a popular subgroup online. The top dogs of Instagram have more followers than many humans and demonstrate a unique ability to reach animal lovers of all ages.

The most popular Instagram dogs are difficult not to love. They appear in calendars and are the stars of multiple New York Times’ best-selling books. Whether promoting pet adoption or just looking cute, these 10 dogs melt the hearts of viewers one post at a time.

The 10 Most Followed Dogs Of Instagram

Here we’ve compiled the top 10 most followed dogs on Instagram, who have a combined following of 29.3M people. Their influence is undeniable, showing that influencers come in many shapes, sizes, and species.

1. @JIFFPOM – 9.9 Million Followers

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Jiff Pom, a Pomeranian pup, is the most followed dog on all of Instagram with 9.9M followers. Jiff Pom has continued building his widespread online popularity as a top TikTok influencer with 20.8 million followers. In fact, he currently holds the title for the most-followed dog across all social media and was named Most Popular Dog in the World back in 2015.

His growth on Instagram specifically is unmatched to any other pet influencer. Jiff Pom doubled the size of his Instagram following in four years by gaining 3.3 million followers! He’s reached large-scale commercial success and in 2014 was featured in Katy Perry’s music video Dark Horse. A dog of many talents, Jiff Pom holds a world record for the fastest dog to run on two paws.

2. @ITSDOUGTHEPUG – 3.9 Million Followers

dogs of instagram itsdougthepug
Perhaps the most well-known pug in the world, Doug the Pug boasts 2.9M Instagram followers. The Nashville based dog’s Instagram success has led to several calendars, a New York Times best-selling book, and his own merchandise.

Similar to Jiff Pom, Doug has also starred in a music video and in 2015 appeared in Fall Out Boy’s Irresistible. His owner Leslie Mosier runs his Instagram full-time and is responsible for the endearing photos of him posted daily.

3. @TUCKERBUDZYN – 3.1 Million Followers

dogs of instagram tuckerbudzyn
Named 2021 Pet Influencer of the Year by the American Influencer Awards, Tucker’s video commentary and squishy face pictures have made him the most famous Golden Retriever on Instagram. With an engagement rate of 8.61%, he also has the highest engagement out of all the top dogs of Instagram. His lively posts regularly receive 273,000 likes and over 2,400 comments!

4. @MARUTARO – 2.5 Million Followers

marutaro instagram dog
Maruto, also known as Maru, is a Shiba Inu hailing from Tokyo. Though her fame started in Japan, Maru is now well-known globally and stars in several photo books.

His owner Shinjiro Ono originally started his Instagram to cheer people up following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country. Since then the pair hasn’t looked back and Maru continues to lift the spirits of millions online.

5. @TUNAMELTSMYHEART – 2 Million Followers

tuna melts my heart dog
Tuna of @tunameltsmyheart is a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix living in Los Angeles. His owner Courtney Dasher was endeared by his adorable overbite at a dog rescue event in 2010 and adopted him.

In 2011, Dasher started posting photos of Tuna on Instagram which quickly took off. Tuna has traveled on an American tour raising awareness for animal rescue and has been featured on the Disney Plus docuseries, The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

6. @MAYAPOLARBEAR – 2 Million Followers

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Maya the Samoyed spreads positivity to her two million followers with her adorable smile. Maya is incredibly popular on Instagram Reels with a 7.3% engagement rate! Her comedic narration and signature optimism make it nearly impossible not to share her Reels. In 2020, Maya received the Shorty Award for Best Animal.

7. @LOKI – 1.9 Million Followers

loki instagram dog
Loki the Wolf Dog is a stunning Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute mix residing just outside of Denver, Colorado. His owner Kelly Lund is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast, and as such many of Loki’s Instagram photos feature his outdoor adventures.

Loki appeals to a niche crowd of outdoor and animal lovers and has long-term partnerships with brands like Toyota, Chaco Footwear, and L.L. Bean. In 2015, Lund quit his job to manage Loki’s Instagram full-time. The jump looks to have paid off as Loki now has 1.6M followers.

8. @HARLOWANDSAGE – 1.7 Million Followers

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Harlow, Indiana, and Reese, Ezra and Mae of @harlowandsage are a family of dogs owned by Brittni Vega. Originally, the family consisted of Harlow, a Weimaraner, and Sage, a miniature Dachshund, but sadly Sage passed away in 2013.

Indiana and Reese, both miniature dachshunds, were added to the mix and then Ezra, an Australian Cattle Dog, and Mae, a miniature Dachshund soon completed the group. Vega posts photos of the 5 best friends daily and has used their online success to publish a New York Times best-selling book, create Harlow and Sage themed merchandise, and start a dog toy line.

9. @THISWILDIDEA – 1.3 Million Followers

this wild idea dog
Maddie is a Nashville-based Coonhound that stars in her owner Theron Humphrey’s Instagram @thiswildidea. Humphrey, a photographer, adopted her in Georgia as he was setting out on a photography project across all 50 U.S. states.

He quickly realized that Maddie had a great sense of balance and a knack for holding a pose, and she soon became the center of his photo series. Maddie now has her own photobook and has partnered with Discover Boating, Goose Island, and more.

10. @MANNY_THE_FRENCHIE – 1 Million Followers

dogs of instagram manny
Manny the Frenchie is a French bulldog from Chicago, Illinois with an impressive one million Instagram followers. In our interview with Manny, his owners Amber Chavez and Jon Huang revealed they initially posted photos of him as a puppy for friends to see, then quickly realized he had far reaching appeal.

Currently the most followed bulldog online, Manny boasts partnerships with State Farm, Turtle Wax, and more. He is also the face of Martha Stewart’s PetSmart line.

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

Becoming a dog influencer takes a little bit more than an adorable pup and plenty of treats. Here are some tricks and tips for owners looking to grow their dog’s following on Instagram:

  • Experiment throughout your journey. It is important to try different features, formats, and platforms to find where your dog’s talent (and your talent) truly shines.
  • Leverage trends. Incorporating top trends from Instagram or pop culture creates relatable and engaging content.
  • Create a voice. Share stories and build your dog’s personality through captions, narrations, and sounds.
  • Engage with your community. One of the most important methods to building a social media presence is to connect with others. While content creation is vital to success, it is difficult to grow your pet’s account if the only time you are active on Instagram is solely to post pet content.
  • Learn from your audience. With an Instagram business account, you can monitor your metrics and find optimal times to post for your audience.
  • Consistency. Becoming a dog influencer takes a lot of content and  experimenting to find your niche. It is important to evaluate which pieces of content do well and which pieces of content underperform so that you can create content your audience enjoys.