Top 5 Breakout Haul Videos of 2014

Top 5 Breakout Haul Videos of 2014

Haul videos are a phenomenon that started gaining traction on YouTube in 2007. This trending video genre has evolved into one of the top YouTube categories. Haul videos peaked in around 2010-2011, as YouTubers in the fashion and beauty space would post videos of what they bought on a recent shopping trip. They show each item of the trip, talk about what they liked about it and talk about trends and deals for their audience with links to the products. This became a quick hit with audiences and an obvious sponsorship opportunity for brands to capitalize on. Sponsored haul videos by endemic brands assimilate the brands naturally into the content and resonate well with audiences (see our post on Ways to Create Great Sponsored Content).

Though the haul format has evolved and the fashion and beauty YouTubers now mix in haul videos with medley of content, audiences and YouTubers still covet the format. Below are some of the top breakout haul YouTubers of 2014.

Kathleen Lights

Kathleen, the YouTuber behind Kathleen Lights, is a 22 year old beauty Youtuber who discusses everything from product reviews and comparisons to product hauls and collection videos. Her most recent haul (above) is from her trip to California. It’s 22 minutes long and covers over 25 different beauty products she recently purchased. Her channel has over 600k subscribers and over 30.4 million video views (also see our post on the top 5 breakout entertainment YouTubers).

The Alexandrea Garza

Alex Garza is a licensed cosmetologist and works as a makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics. Her channel features a cornucopia of reviews, tutorials, hauls, and even wedding advice (she’s getting married this year). Alex’s most recent haul is a home decor haul (above) where she tells her audience about her new favorite home decor pieces she recently purchased. Her channel has over 330k subscribers and over 13.5 million video views.



Aspyn Ovard, behind HauteBrilliance, is a YouTuber with an affinity for all things fashion and beauty. Her channel is broken up into categories where she covers her morning routine, lifestyle, tumblr inspired topics, DIY, fashion, night routines and more. In her most recent haul video (above) she shows her audience her newest winter purchases. Aspyn’s channel has over 1.1 million subscribers and over 64.5 million video views (also see our post on YouTube channels you should be working with).



Karissa Pukas, behind Saturdaynightsalrite is a Canadian, now living in Australia with a love for traveling, beauty, fashion, yoga, cooking, and she owns an eyelash company. Her channel is made up of styling videos, makeup tutorials, chatting videos, reviews, and Q&A’s. Her most recent haul video (above) is a lofty 22 minutes filled with an argosy of things from fashion to beauty products to accessories and everything in between. Karissa has over 641k subscribers and over 29.5 million video views.



Casey Holmes, behind itsblondie, is a hair and makeup obsessed Georgia girl who devotes her channel to a considerable amount of haul videos as well as hair and makeup tutorials and get ready with me videos. Her most recent haul (above) covers a variety of products from Ulta and goes for 14 minutes. She talks about deals and why she chose each item. Casey has over 856k subscribers and over 54.2 million video views (also see our post on top YouTube branded videos of 2014).