The Top 10 Australian Social Media Influencers Sweeping The Internet

Australian Social Media Influencers
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Meet The 10 Australian Social Media Influencers That Are Setting Trends Around The World

Social media influencers from around the world are sharing their knowledge and talent on social media, and Australian influencers are no exception. In fact, influencers from Australia are some of the most prominent creators on social media and represent a wide range of genres, including fitness, style, food, and comedy.

Australian influencers on Instagram and YouTube are making significant contributions to the online content creation community, and many have become household names. Below is the list of the top Australian social media influencers recognized by people worldwide.

1. Kayla Itsines

kayla itsines australian fitness social media influencer

Kayla Itsines is an Australian Instagram fitness guru known for her body-sculpting Bikini Body Guides workout programs. Her followers have been immensely successful in achieving the body of their dreams using her meal-planning and exercise app, Sweat with Kayla.

2. Emily Skye

australia FIT emily skye social media instagram

Emily Skye is passionate about helping her clients and social media followers reach their fitness, health, and confidence goals. She is best known for her F.I.T. program, which has resulted in several successful body-transformation stories on Instagram.

3. MyCupcakeAddiction

mycupcakeaddiction australian youtuber food network

Elise Strachan believes that “Life Is Sweet,” and could always be made sweeter with dessert. Her popular YouTube channel, MyCupcakeAddiction, was her gateway fame. Now, in addition to her channel, she hosts popular Food Network channel show Sweet Smarts.

4. Wengie

australian chinese wengie beauty lifestyle social media youtuber

Wendy Ayche is the Australian-Chinese woman behind popular YouTube beauty and lifestyle channel, Wengie. Her vlog channel, WengieVlogs, gives her audience an inside look into her life with challenges, tours, confessionals, Q&A’s and more.

5. Lauren Curtis

lauren curtis beauty makeup vlogger australian social media influencer

Australian YouTuber Lauren Curtis covers all things beauty, including makeup tutorials, hairstyle how-tos, and product reviews. Lauren also documents her life in her personal vlog videos and livestreams.

6. Ozzy Man Reviews

ozzy man reviews australian youtuber commentary

Ethan of Ozzy Man Reviews gives his viewers the most hilarious and candid takes on everything in popular culture, including film, TV, and YouTube. In addition to pop culture, Ethan comments on everyday life, nature, sports, and other random topics.

7. Chloe Morello

chloe morello australian youtube influencer fashion

Chloe Morello is a leading Australian beauty, lifestyle, and fashion YouTube influencer who aims to educate her audience on the hottest dramatic makeup looks. Chloe also frequently shares the latest styles in her lookbooks and haul videos.

8. RackaRacka

rackaracka australian twins danny michael philippou

Australian twins Danny and Michael Philippou created popular YouTube channel RackaRacka, featuring live action combat videos that reference popular media. Their content often features extreme dares and pranks, dark comedy, and graphic violence.

9. Jessica Stein

jessica stein tuulavintage instagrammer wanderlust

World wanderer Jessica Stein of travel and fashion Instagram account tuulavintage believes that seeing the world is the way to find what you love. “Tuula”, Finnish for “wind”, describes her journey perfectly, as she goes with the wind.

10. How To Cook That

how to cook that ann reardony social media profile

Ann Reardon’s YouTube channel How To Cook That is the ultimate destination for bakers and pastry cooks. Her colorful creations will often visualize figures from popular culture, incredible silhouettes, wacky objects, and fun concepts from sugary goods.

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