The Top 5 Breakout Tech YouTube Channels & YouTubers of 2014, Part 1

Top Tech YouTube Channels YouTubers

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Top 5 Breakout Tech YouTube Channels & YouTubers of 2014

With over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute (according to YouTube statistics), every category from Tech to Cooking to Beauty is saturated with countless videos on a myriad of topics. In short, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out as a remarkable channel and build an audience. YouTubers have their work cut out for them and use an assortment of techniques to distinguish themselves from the crowd. There are still rising stars among the stalwarts who are equally equipped with consistency, production quality, personality, charisma and an ability to connect with the audience. The best channels also tend to create the best branded and sponsored content. These online influencers know how to build a brand into their voice. As a result, they are able to protect the coherence and integrity of their channel and prevent audience alienation as a byproduct of disingenuous material. (Check out our posts on How to Make Branded Content and Picking the Right Influencers.)

But most consistently, the best channels and YouTubers engage their audiences. They capture and create trends, shoot creative and novel content. They educate their audiences, share their world with their loyal fans and most importantly connect with their fans. Here’s our list of top 5 breakout Tech YouTubers of 2014.

Top Tech YouTube Channel: Unbox Therapy

You’ve probably heard of #bendgate, the infamous video which demonstrates how easily an iPhone 6 can be bent and damaged. Well, meet the man who created the original #bendgate video and single-handedly eliminated nearly $30B of market capitalization the day after his video was released. That video has achieved over 64M views! Lewis Hilsenteger is the man behind Unbox Therapy, a YouTube channel dedicated to tech product-based video coverage, and the latest tech gear and gadget news. Lewis gives his audience his opinions, first looks at new products and an authentic view of what he’s testing. In Unbox Therapy’s most recent video (above) Lewis tests out the new Insane mode with Tesla to share with his audience. His channel has over 1.7 million subscribers and a total of over 200 million video views.

Top Tech & Gaming YouTuber Channel: Sssniperwolf

Lia, also known by her YouTube channel Sssniperwolf, is one of the fastest growing gaming YouTubers. Her channel is based around playing the latest games and giving her audience snippets into her life. She’s been gaming since she was 6 and shares her favorite games, montages, clips of her characters playing, and engages with her audience weekly through her Ask Wolf series (most recent video above). Sssniperwols uploads a new video daily and has over 1.1 million subscribers and almost 100 million video views. Sssniperwolf has received offers to model, and we’ll see her featured prominently in the gaming industry and their marketing in the future. She can be considered the female contemporary of the renowned and acclaimed, PewDiePie.

Top Tech YouTuber Channel: Marques Brown Lee

Marques Brown Lee, of his namesake YouTube channel, devotes his knowledge of technology to informing his audience about the latest reviews he does as well as technology explained, hauls of his the best electronics, his first impressions of products, and so much more. In Marques latest video (above) he reviews a new set of headphones, the Audio Technia ATH-M70X, which he also compares to the brands earlier version of headphones. Marques Brown Lee’s channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and over 218 million video views.

Top Tech YouTube Channel: Veritasium

Derek Muller, and his YouTube channel Veritasium, help educate viewers about science. His videos range from expert interviews to science experiments to interviews with the public to reveal scientific misconceptions. Derek describes Veritasium and it’s purpose in his science trailer video (above). This channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and over 130 million video views. (see our feature on Veritasium in the Top 5 YouTube Branded Advertising Videos of 2014)

Top Tech YouTuber Channel: Austin Evans

Austin Evans, behind the YouTube channel duncan33303, covers technology from PCs to smartphones and everything in between. In his videos, he talks about everything from the best web browsers to whether an inexpensive piece of technology is worth purchasing to technology comparison videos. Austin uploads videos weekly and in his most recent video he discusses if the iPhone and Xbox 360 are on par for game playing (above). His channel has almost 1 million subscribers and over 100 million video views.

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