Top 5 Best Branded YouTube Videos: Part 2

Best Branded YouTube Videos

The best YouTubers and YouTube influencers are as good at captivating their audiences through branded content as they are with their standard channel content. A priority of all YouTube creators is to maintain and entertain their audience through authentic means. So, anything with the potential to obstruct or impede that relationship interferes with the YouTubers ability to connect with their audience and grow. Audiences are an exceptional litmus test for branded content. Anytime they sense content being overly branded or branded content done in a clumsy way, they are quick to dislike and comment on the video with their vitriol.  The best branded YouTube videos come from an unequivocal match between the brand, the content, and the creator. If the creator is already a fan of the brand or a realistic potential user, branded videos will find more success with the creator’s audience (see our post on three ways to create great sponsored content).

The best branded content comes from when the brand and advertiser relinquish control of the content, forgoing a script to allow the creator to captivates audiences in their own unique way. Scripts can leave a video feeling dry and out of place amongst countless other videos. Just a few “whistle blowers” can call a creator out on inorganic, or overly sponsored content, and create a major stir. When the influencer has control and a strong say, the content will feel more organic and accepted by their audience (all see our post on three things to remember when making branded content for YouTube). The goal is to create content the YouTuber’s audience will enjoy and want to share. This drives shares, likes, views and comments and builds a wholly unencumbered connection with the brand.

Listed below are our picks of the top best branded content YouTube videos and brand sponsorships.

 Andreas Choice

Andrea, behind AndreasChoice, is a DIY, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber with over 3.1 million subscribers. For this branded YouTube video, she collaborated with her YouTube friend Blaire, behind JuicyStar07 (with over 1.7 million subscribers herself) to give fun tips on ways to accentuate your smile. This video is sponsored by Colgate to promote their optic white tooth paste and the fun teeth whitening tips, integrating Colgate, was the perfect way to organically bring the toothpaste to her audience.


The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists is made up of four hosts, MatPat, Gaijin Goomba, Ronny, and Drake, with the host of their Game Theory segment being MatPat. In Game Theory, Mat delves into popular theories of video games as well as decodes video game’s true realism. The Game Theorists partnered with video game, War Thunder for a segment where Mat was asked to compare how realistic the tanks in the game were to the same tanks in real life. He was flown to Texas by War Thunder to compare real life tanks to the game tanks.

Mat states in the video that the experience “made me want to be more critical just to keep my integrity intact.” In the end, he found no discrepancies and commended War Thunder. Mat’s ability to be real with his audience in addition to giving a thorough and in depth review is what allowed him to organically create this sponsored content.



Heart, behind ThatsHeart, is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber with over 1.2 million subscribers. She’s known for doing Get Ready With Me Videos as well as Haul Videos, favorites videos, and so much more. For this branded video, Heart integrated the fashion selling app, Vinted, into her Haul video. She began by talking about her new Hunter boots which she got, discounted, from Vinted. She then continues her haul video, easily allowing people to believe Vinted was an app Heart just happened to find and love. Because Vinted facilitates the process of girls selling their fashion peer to peer, it fits naturally with the constituent topics of Heart’s channel.



Sssniperwolf, aka Lia, is a gaming YouTuber who does weekly videos of her playing games, doing Q&A’s and more. In a recent Ask Wolf video, Lia was “asked” to recreate a scene from one of her favorite movies. She re-created a scene from Dumb and Dumber; in this way she integrated promoting their second movie. This question was 2nd in a 5 minute video filled with questions her audience wanted to hear answers to so it was well integrated into the theme of the video. Lia has almost 1.2 million subscribers.



Karissa Pukas is the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber behind the channel SaturdayNightsAlrite. She’s known for beauty tutorials, get ready with me videos and lookbook videos so working with with HauteLook to add accessories to her look was a perfect integration. Karissa also chose to be transparent with her audience and start the video by letting them know that HauteLook is a sponsor. This is one way many influencers use to create a strong and honest relationship with their subscribers.