Top 10 Viners To Follow

Top 10 Viners To Follow

The Top 10 Viners To Follow

Launched in 2012, Vine spawned an entirely new form of content. The platform allows viewers to create short, 6-second videos that loop endlessly (“Vines”). The result is a mesmerizing, shareable bit of micro-content and its format allows for both creativity and customization. After being acquired by Twitter only a few months after its launch, it’s no surprise that the app has blown up in popularity with over 100 million active monthly users.

As with YouTube and Instagram, top creators have also emerged out of Vine. Once a niche platform, Vine stars or “Viners” are gaining mainstream status–with the best and brightest influencers signing deals with major talent agencies, representing huge companies, and notably collaborating with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Here are the top 10 Viners to follow:

1. Brittany Furlan – 9.7 million followers

The Philadelphia-born LA-based Vine star Brittany Furlan has a background in comedy, and her boisterous personality shows through in her Vines.  She posts at least one fresh new Vine a day which she described, in an interview with The Wrap, as “goofy.” (Her dogs frequently make cameo appearances.) Furlan’s audience of 9.7 million is massively valuable to brands and she has collaborated with companies like Strident, American Eagle, and most recently, Dickies. TIME named her one of the most influential people on the internet in 2015.

2. Cameron Dallas – 8.9 million followers

The 18-year-old from Southern California has amassed quite an impressive following. Cameron Dallas‘s Vines usually consist of pranks and funny hypotheticals. In 2014, Dallas was voted “Choice Viner” at the Teen Choice Awards. Dallas has also broken into traditional media as an actor, with a movie called “Expelled” and as a musician, with an album titled “She Bad.”

3. Christian Delgrosso – 7.2 million followers

Christian Delgrosso, a Canadian-born LA transplant, is closely associated with other LA-based Viners such as Jerry Purpdrank and Logan Paul, who frequently make guest appearances in his Vines. He has collaborated with major companies like McDonald’s and uses his Vine account to spread an anti-smoking message, in partnership with Truth. In addition, Delgrosso is also active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter where he also posts unique comedy content.

4. Jerry Purpdrank – 8.8 million followers

Top Viner, Jerry Purpdrank, also has an impressive following of 2.3 million on Instagram. The LA-based influencer’s channel is populated with comedy videos–many filmed with fellow Viners. Jerry Purpdrank was recently tapped to head up JBL, a cordless headphone company’s, Vine marketing campaign. As part of the campaign, he has created and posted unique content showcasing JBL’s product benefits to appeal to his audience.

5. Jérôme Jarre: 8.5 million followers

Originally from France, Jérôme Jarre has amassed a huge global following. With 8.5 million followers on Vine, he has also branched out to Snapchat where he posts similar micro-content. Jarre’s videos are usually comedic in tone, and often feature his interactions with regular people.

6. King Bach – 14.5 million followers

Boasting a whopping 5.4 billion loops, Andrew Bachelor – a.k.a. King Bach – is Vine’s most popular celebrity. A lot of work clearly goes into his clever 6-second comedy videos which frequently feature other Viners, like Klarity, Anwar Jibawi, and Cameron Dallas. In addition to his social media skills, Bach is also a mainstream comedian and actor, whose credits include roles on House of Lies and The Mindy Project.

7. Lele Pons – 10 million followers

Eleonora ‘Lele’ Pons‘ channel features funny videos in which she assumes her signature cartoonish personality and frequently pranks her friends and family. The 18-year-old Miami resident clearly has a talent for crafting engaging content since, to date, she is the most viewed Viner of all time — with an impressive 7.3 billion loops. Lele has collaborated with brands such as Ritz, and was nominated for “Choice Viner” at the Teen Choice Awards and for “Viner of the Year” at the influencer-centric Streamy Awards.

8. Logan Paul: 8.8 million followers

In a recent interview, Logan Paul told Buzzfeed, “I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world.” Paul’s Vine channel is already one of the most popular in the world. The 20-year-old influencer creates physical-comedy Vines from his LA homebase and his brand is what TechInsider dubbed “squeaky-clean, good-old American fun.” The already successful social media star is about to break into mainstream media, with a feature film called The Thinning in the works. Paul recently also made headlines by signing a representation deal with talent agency CAA.

9. Nash Grier – 12.3 million followers

Nash Grier posts on a regular basis and his content, while appearing silly and spontaneous, are actually carefully scripted and produced by the Viner. With a massive 12.3 million viewer audience, the 17-year-old North Carolina native has struck gold. Grier was selected to be a spokesperson for clothing retailer Aeropostale and, like his fellow Viner Logan Paul, was recently signed by talent agency CAA.

10. Rudy Mancuso – 9.8 million followers

Rudy Mancuso‘s Vines all have an absurdist streak, which is probably exactly why he’s so popular. His Vines – mostly comedy videos, with some music clips interspersed – have been looped 3.8 billion times. He likes to create videos around imagined scenarios like “when you drink too much coffee” (6.7 million views) and “life of a male model” (19.5 million views). Rudy has collaborated with large brands, such as Ford and Verizon.

Top 10 Viners aside, here are a few other notable Vine stars:

Destorm Power: 5.9 million followers
Jake Paul: 4.6 million followers
Liane V: 4.5 million followers
Amymarie Gaertner: 4.1 million followers
Page Kennedy: 3.4 million followers
Anwar Jibawi: 3.2 million followers

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